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help needed for a 4-2-4 tactic

Started on 21 February 2013 by Caelis
Latest Reply on 21 February 2013 by JasonRM
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Caelis's avatar Group Caelis
11 yearsEdited
Hi all got my formation sorted out but now i need help with the team instructions and eventualy shouts. also i want to now if i need to apoint a playmaker and target man
i will let the set piece settings at default just need to figure out the players who will take them

my formation is as follow:

gk: sweeper keeper defend duty
dl and dr: full back support duty
2 x dc: central defender defend duty
mcl: deep lying playmaker defend duty
mcr: advanced playmaker attack duty
aml and amr: winger attack duty
fcl: complete forward support duty
fcr: complete forward attack duty

all advice is welcome.
even on my formation.

I want to play attacking, attractive football and dominated my matches.
I don't post players from the team because i want to first have a tactic and buy/loan players to fit that tactic.


The Chosen Ones Chosen Tactic - 4-2-3-1

(Sorry it's not 4-2-4) Works well with Manchester United, beat Manchester City 4-0!

Extra Tips and Hints

  • Easily predicable by opponents, change tactic now and then to avoid your opponent countering it.
  • Make sure both your Wingers can play on both sides, if not, change the player instructions so they don't swap wings.
  • Keep on Fluid, don't switch to Very Fluid, or some instructions tend to contradict that.

  • Shouts

  • Play out of Defence (If you don't select this and choose another it will contradict the player instructions)
  • Push up Higher (Would also contradict)
  • Stay on Feet
  • Pass to Feet
  • Play Wider
  • Play Through Defense
  • Work ball into box
  • Get ball forward
  • Hassle Opponents
  • Exploit Flanks

  • Hope I helped :D
    I'm not very good with tactics like some of the people here, but I think that this tactic is a little to attacking and that you will concede to many goals. I would have the Advanced Playmaker stay in the support role or have one of your midfielders try to be a ball winning midfielder so that the counter does not hurt your team to much. ALso, I think the strikers would work better together if 1 of them is not a complete forward. Just my suggestions. Good Luck :)

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