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Finding players for your team.

Started on 31 October 2008 by RedArmy20
Latest Reply on 26 October 2009 by RedArmy20
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go for andrea mazzarani from udinesse excellent rb
Okay so I'm in my second season with Man CIty and I've always had problems sticking at a game for longer than 2-3 seasons occasionaly less than that. Last season was great I was scoring loads and hardley conceeding a goal, this year on the otherhand is slightly different, I struggle to score and usually only win 1-0 or 2-0 though I hardley conceed I dont know whats going wrong with my team.

- Igor Akinfeev
- Francisco Guillermo Ochoa
- Sergio Asenjo (Currently on loan to Deportivo)

- Micah Richards
- Cristián Zapata
- Cristian Chivu
- Tore Reginiussen (Currently on loan to Racgin)
- Wayne Bridge (Plan to sell, Seeking Replacement)
- Jéróme Boateng
- Phillipp Lahm

- Migiel Veloso
- Moussa Sissoko
- Joáo Moutinho
- Marek Hamsik
- Mauricio Isla (Veloso is out for 6 months, so brought Isla in to rotate in)
- Fernandinho
- Yury Zhirkov
- Cristian Rodríguez
- Alexis Sánchez
- Gabriel Obertan

- Robinho
- Mario Balotelli
- Sergio Agúero
- Vagner Love
- Adrián (Currently on loan to Everton)

Money with Man City is never a problem though I dont really like spending much on a player, Agúero the exception and he's not lived up to what I had expected of him.

I play a standard 4-4-2 formation and would rather not change it. Any tips/advice woudl be welcome.

~Thanks Kyle

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Bloody hell! No wonder you don't concede. Akinfeev, Richards, Lahm, Boateng, Chivu. Look for another stiker, or play attacking wingers.

Would like a new left back, thinking Mattock. Recently brought in Bradley to shore up my midfield and he is performing well. I am unsure whether I should Kerrison and bring in loads of money or not, he was my top scorer and league top scorer by miles, if I should sell him, any suggestions to a replacement?
Chivu is getting on and so is Bridge so I'll be looking for another CB and an additional LB to strengthen my defence next January.

As for attacking wingers, I dont see how I could play them more attacking, They have attacking Player Instructions and my Team Instructions are more on the attacking side though I play more like Arsene Wenger more than anything.

I don't have a very tall team I dont know if that's taken into consideration in this game but most of my team are 5"7 or 5"9 with the odd 6"4 (Boateng) and 6"2 (Balotelli). I've been considering to set both my strikers to target men and set "Target Man Supply" to "Run Onto Ball" though I havent because I'm unsure whether my team woudl utilize my striklers pace and off teh ball attributes.

Something else thats bothering me is last season my wingers each had 10+ goals and 20+ assists, this year neither of my wingers have scored unless I've brought one on upfront which happens rarely, there player instructions are the same, there still assisting a tonne of goals but not scoring.

Im not so great on left back signings im struggling myself though for a striker I would recomend Artem Milevskyi, he wasnt so great for me but since Lyon bought him off me he hasnt stopped.

~Thanks Kyle
Are you playing a 4-4-2? If you are move the wingers up one more, should maybe look at a talll striker to especially in the EPL, it's a big league, with big defenders, maybe you need someone to hold the ball up. if you want goal scoring wingers look at McGeady and Diego Buonanotte. As for a big striker Edin Dzeko, in real life he scored loads and is probably going to Arsenal.
Only problem with Buonanotte is he's 5"3, I looked into the possibility of buying him but Zhirkov is just immense probably the best winger I've had on the game has everything that a winger needs and last year he scored 17 but nothing this year as of yet.

I'm looking into signing Mario Gómez he's huge and he's prolific but lacks pace, then theres Karim Benzema though he's only 6"0. Was going to see if I coudl attract Zlatan but he's a too old and he's going to be over priced.

I'll take yrou advice on moving my wingers up to AML and AMR see what happens.

I like Gomez, he always scores a lot in Germany. I had one save where I was Valencia and I took over when they were dead bottom and played 4-1-3-2 and we finished 4th I think. But it was 3 attacking midfielders 2 out wide and one behind the strikers. What about Van Persie? Quick and tall, can score from distance to, but don't know if you'll be able to attract him... big wage lol

Kerrison, not tall but very good with his head, all he can do is score.
Hmmm.... Van Persie I hadn't thought about him I'll look into the possibility of signing him, his wage shouldn't be an issue I have a stupidly huge wage budget and im somewhat 800k under it, the only issue that may arrise with Van Persie is club rivalry, I also like the 4-1-3-2 idea, though it would make Moutinho redundant as he's a CM not a AMC or DMC.

I tried the attacking wingers for a couple of games and it didnt seem to make much of an impact I had less possession and left oppurtunities to score. I dont know why but all of my strikers seem to hit the ball right at the goal keeper nowadays.

Did you ever find a LB and ST

I decided not to sell kerrison and I am trying to get mattock, for some reason in the second season he's still valued at £200,000. I have Lee Wallace there now and he's immense, really good attacker, which is my style of play. I just need some form of back up.
cool good on ye mate
Check out Zozulya, he could be a good addition to your squad, only problem with him is he's quite injury prone but when I had him for Wigan he was always scoring.

I have a few ideas for a left back for you, Cristian Ansaldi if you can get him cheap he's worth every penny, I woudlnt go above £3.2m for him though, the other is Ivan Fatic, he plays in the Inter Reserves or their youth team but his stats are insane and I'd sign him if I didnt have Lahm.
I will look into them isn't Zozulya really old?
Niknar : I will look into them isn't Zozulya really old?

no hehe, he is very young actually, and with good training and such he will get stronger which means less injury prone as he gets older.

but he isstill very injury prone and even though becomes a good player, you will always need a backup to him because of his injury proness
Well I scouted out the guy at Inter, he wouldn't sign because he is first team. The other guy is going to cost £6m and Mattock £475,000. Might look into that other guy now
Mattock is coming in Jan and so is Saivet. Thinking possibly a centre back. Have O'Dea, McManus, Rusol and Caldwell but O'Dea will probably be going.

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