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Manchester United FC - Moyes' Boys

Started on 11 May 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 20 June 2013 by k1rups
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Will follow mate! Honestly the biggest regret of my FMScout life is not reading much of your Rubin story! I only started about 3/4 of the way thorugh! :(
k1rups: Lets go!

Chris: Cheers pal. I have a few players in mind, and you've made some good suggestions - some are definite targets.

Louis O.: I know, total shock right! :O

BeanyUnited: Woah, thats means so much to me, seriously, thank you. I'll try to make this better for you!
So is the story line edited to that Ferguson retired after losing out to City, then Moyes takes over for the season we have just been through IRL?
TCO: Exactly that. So now Moyes is out to get number 20!

The Press Conference

After the club had announced David Moyes as their new manager, he decided to call a press conference the following day, to avoid any confusion about him leaving his beloved Everton and joining Manchester United in a shock move.

J - Journalist
DM - David Moyes

J - Hi David, Steven from BBC Sport here. Firstly, welcome to Manchester. Why did you decide to leave Everton for a club of a similar level in the Premier League.

DM - Thanks Steven. I decided to leave because it was an offer I couldn't turn down. Although I have to disagree, United are at a much higher level than Everton, just look at the trophies and league positioning compared to Everton. I was at Everton for a long time, but couldn't go much further, so this offer came at a perfect time.

J - So, does this mean you disapprove of Everton and the way they are run?

DM - No, no, not at all. Everton are a wonderful club, and without them I wouldn't be where I am today. However, they just don't have the ability, in terms of football and finance to be able to compete with Manchester United. Nevertheless, Everton will always have a place in my heart.

J - Mike, Sky Sports News. What will you be looking for regarding transfers, and what are your targets for the season?

DM - As Everton are an excellent club, I will be certainly trying to bring some of the players with me. I know Ferguson was a fan of Baines and Fellaini, and this could be a good chance to fulfill his wish and bring them over. I don't plan to change the squad too much though, they have done brilliantly as they are. Maybe that little boost that is needed to get the twentieth title though. My target. Win the league. I want that for then anything, as do the fans.

J - Hello David. ESPN News here. How do you feel about the staff set-up here. Do you plan to bring in any of your staff from Everton? And will you be using the same style of tactics?

DM - The staff set-up here is one of the best in the world. Although I may bring in some new faces, possibly some from Everton, I don't feel the need to change much. Manchester United are a totally different side to Everton, so new tatics will be needed, which we will try out during pre-season.

J - Okay, thanks for your time today. Good luck with Manchester United, we wish you the very best.
Left my final comment on your Rubin Kazan story. Shame about the corruption but hopefully this story will be even greater.

A great update.

J - Will you be leaving Manchester United after 5-6 years or will you be doing a Fergie?
A great start Devil and cheers for clearing up about removing Moyes issue :) Good luck with the league campaign!
Those are some stubborn, and stupid, journalists :P
Very nice interview there! Although I am in shock that a the journalist said Everton are a similar level to United ;)
Good luck Moyes.
Great start Devil! This story will be great :P
Glenn T: Thanks, and I hope this will be better too!

DM - Well, I plan to do a Fergie, and stay for as long as I can. Then again, in 25 years, I'll be 75, and have passed the Fergie age. I'll try to do a Fergie, but may do a few years left. I rate Roberto Martinez highly, and with him taking over at Wigan, I see him doing a Moyes, so my route to Everton again is unlikely. Where else do I go?

Jamesg237: Thanks for the support, and no problem.

Louis O: Haha, I know, wanted to see how people would bring that up. ;)

BeanyUnited: Beany, we are all in shock over that. :P

Toon: Aye, hope to get oot and aboot do well with my haggis.

PaukerJ: Cheers buddy, I hope so!
I just can't picture David Moyes saying 'doing a Moyes' :))
Q: Will you chew lots of gum and have 'Moyes time' for your team when you are trailing at the end of the game?
Glenn T: Well you should, it does exist. :P


DM - I plan to start a new generation. Instead of gum I will have mints... maybe toffees in important games. And if we trail, well, we wont, but yes, I will have Moyes time. We may even have Squeaky Bum Time a lot..

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