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Manchester United FC - Moyes' Boys

Started on 11 May 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 20 June 2013 by k1rups
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Kane's avatar Group Kane
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Why Manchester United?

I grew very close to Rubin Kazan with my last save, and there is only one team I like more. The team I have always supported, Manchester United. After managing Rubin Kazan, it wouldn't feel right going to just a random team I didn't care about. I've supported Manchester United ever since I got into football, all thanks to watching Ruud van Nistelrooy in action. After the bond I created in my last save, I simply couldn't choose another team.

Also, with the recent drama in the news with Sir Alex Ferguson, his retirement, and the reactions from staff and players, now is a perfect time to take over the Red Devils with a new manager, similar to real life, so you can follow both the story and real life to see how they compare, and which manager is better.

Who Am I?

For this, I will David Moyes. The soon to be Manchester United manager, and Everton legend. Moyes has also previously managed Preston North End after a successful playing career there. David Moyes had a very successful managerial spell with Everton, but couldn't manage to win a trophy, so his move to Manchester could be key in Moyes getting the trophy he deserves.

NOTE: I will be altering the story line of the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson in order for the story to match the dates within the game save.

Index - Manchester United

I was waiting for someone to start this after the announcement :p let's see if you can beat the simmed result of Moyes in charge of United haha
good luck mate :) shall be interesting to see you actually playing the role of Moyes and not a random unknown :)
Will always follow a Devil story.
k1rups : I was surprised no one had tried it yet, so I thought I'd get in there quick to be the first! That article gave me inspiration to take on this role too, so it would be brilliant to be the simmed Moyes!

MarkKolatowicz: Thanks buddy, and you shall see within the next few posts!

Toon: Aww Toon, you little cutie. Will always follow a Toon story too.
How does this work then? Do you remove Moyes from the game? Good luck for the story!
Well, it's about time someone did another story using the actual team manager (the only other one I know is Inquisition's Tottenham one :) )
Great idea Kane, but what will happen to Rubin and Kanchelskis?

Will surely follow. :)
Kane's avatar Group Kane
11 yearsEdited

Sir Alex Ferguson Retires

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has today announced his retirement after over 25 fabulous years at the club. Sir Alex Ferguson decided to retire due to stress from the job, saying that his age and health were gradually becoming issues for him and the club. All Manchester United fans knew this day would come eventually, but many never wanted to see this devastating news.

Sir Alex took over the Red Devils in 1986, and led the team to unimaginable success, most notably the treble in 1999, making Manchester United the first British team to do so. Fergie also led Manchester United to 12 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, 10 Community Shields and numerous other trophies. During his time at United, he also won many Manager awards, including LMA Manager of the Decade, 10 Premier League Manager of the Season awards, as well as the Premier League 10 and 20 seasons awards.

Sir Alex later stated the details behind the reasons of the retirement and the stress. Ferguson called a press conference soon after Manchester United has announced the retirement. Sir Alex faced hundreds of journalists from all around the world, desperate to be the first to find out the reasoning of the retirement at such a strange time. Ferguson then went on to say:

'Calling it a day would never be easy. My health hasn't been brilliant lately, and could take a turn for the worst at any day. However, the main reason is stress. Football isn't an old man's game, and it's finally taken it's toll on me. I will still be staying with the club as a director, and I have had a brilliant run as manager. My only regret? Not managing to get United's 20th Premier League title. So boys, next year, I want you to go out and knock City off their perch. Thank you everyone, it's been an honour.'

It is expected that Manchester United will announce the new manager within the next week or so, after finalising the decision with Sir Alex, and the contract with the new manager.
2013-05-11 12:19#99637 Glenn T : Great idea Kane, but what will happen to Rubin and Kanchelskis?

Will surely follow. :)

The file corrupted, and we were all sad :(
Jamesg237: Yeah, I've used the editor to remove Moyes from the game, and to make SAF a director at United.

Louis O: I'm surprised there aren't more, but here's another for you! :P

Glenn T: Yeah, what Louis said. I've made a final update on that story now. :/
Good update now the stage is all set for the new manager to come back and win back the title!
Looking forward to this - who are you thinking of signing?

I reckon you'll try to get Baines, Fellaini and Bale.

Moyes Announced As Manager

Manchester United have announced David Moyes as the new manager following the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson. This news has shocked many, with Moyes approaching his 10th season as manager of Everton FC. Manchester United managing director Oliver Gill announced that David had been given a one year contract in a £2 million deal, although the contract could be extended at the end of the year.

David Moyes, who previously managed Everton FC, stated he was delighted that he was given the opportunity to manage at such a prestigious club. He told the Manchester United website that he was on the verge of signing a 5 year extension of his contract with Everton, with just 1 year remaining with his current deal. However, the offer from Manchester United was too good to turn down from the scot.

Ferguson and the board agreed that Moyes would be the perfect candidate for the job. Moyes and Ferguson have both been known to use similar styles of play, favouring the youth systems, and trying to build up squads. Ferguson was excited of the improvements Moyes made at Everton with little money, and the possibilities he could have with a larger budget at Old Trafford.

David Moyes managed to fight off possible candidates including Jose Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Jurgen Klopp for the role as manager.
Well I didn't expect him to get the job! :P

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