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Manchester United FC - Moyes' Boys

Started on 11 May 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 20 June 2013 by k1rups
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Manchester United Club Awards 2013

The season was a very successful one for the club, but what individuals stuck up from the rest throughout the year, being awarded for their games, goals, and saves? Let's take a look.

Managers Player of the Year - Nemanja Vidic

Fans Player of the Year - Marouane Fellaini

Players Player of the Year - Nemanja Vidic

Golden Glove - David De Gea

Golden Boot - W. Rooney and R. Lewandowski (24 goals)

Golden Shoe - Robert Lewandowski (16 assists)

Young Player of the Year - Chris Smalling

Signing of the Season - Robert Lewandowski

Reserves Player of the Year - Michele Fornasier

Under 18s Player of the Year - Patrick McNair

Lewandowski got quite a few awards :p
Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited

Contract Offer For Moyes

David Moyes walked into his office today, and as soon as he sat down, his phone rang. It was only 9:00am, but someone wanted him. He was curious, but after taking the last sip of his coffee and throwing his banana peel in the bin, he answered the phone.

"Hello" he heard in a mysterious, unknown voice. "I am Mr Rauball, the chairman of Borussia Dortmund. We've have seen about the delayed contract with Manchester United involving yourself, and following our, shaky season, we would like to offer you a deal, as manager of our club here in Germany." Silence.

David Moyes didn't know what to say, and Mr Rauball waited for a reaction. He continued, "So, Mr Moyes, we would be delighted to have you here. Our iniital offer would be a two year contract. You would recieve £65,000 per week. How does that sound?

So many thoughts ran through the head of Moyes. Should he take it? He's won so much in Manchester, how can he top it? As he was about to mutter something to the chairman, he interrupted. "I understand it may be a shock, and an offer you want to think about.

This time tomorrow, at 9:00am sharp, I will be at my phone. I will ring you. If you want to accept my offer, you pick up and we negotiate some more. Transfer budget, bonuses, that sort of thing. If not, I understand, just leave the phone, and we can leave it at this. Your choice Mr Moyes, thank you.

David didn't know what to think. It was a great offer, but should he take it. He didn't think about it much, deciding he would decide overnight. Moyes went off to meet the staff at the training ground regarding contracts, and left it at that.

Does he take it, or does he stay in Manchester?
Go, no Dortmund stories at the moment, and you'd be awesome at it :)
Take it
501st reply :D

I would prefer it if you stayed at United and won more, to be honest! But then again, Dortmund would make for an interesting story to tell :) Your choice!
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10 yearsEdited

Moyes Reaction To Contract Offer

Moyes walked into the office as he did everyday. Although today he had a coffee and an orange, a twist thanks to his wife. He sat down, next to his computer, and his phone. He looked at the club, 9:03am. Nothing yet. And then, the phone rang. David turned round and looked at it. So much went through his mind, but how much was about the football.

The phone continued to ring. Moyes quickly logged onto his computer, and then, the phone stopped. He ignored the phone, and instead, opened Safari, and went onto the Manchester United website. Then he began to type:

To the fans of Manchester United,

Many of you are aware of my possible departure after just one season. We had a successful season together, one I will never forget. Many rumours spread around the internet, including some that Borussia Dortmund had offered me a contract. It was true, they did. In fact, it was very recently. The success has been brilliant, and I have come close to everyone at Old Trafford.

And that is why I am staying. I never thought about leaving the club at all. The media twisted a lot of things said, by myself, players and representatives of the club said. However, the only issue I found with this, with the Glazers. I trust them, so decides to listen to their advice, and not hit back at the media. So although many of you felt I was un loyal, I promise you, I will be staying for as long as I can. I love Manchester United, and by no means want to leave yet.

Now the season has ended, I feel this is good time to thank you. Thank you for your help, thank you for your support. Without the fans, we are nothing. The fans are the ones who put the United in Manchester. Manchester City are just a city, but we, we are united. United as one, in red.It has been a phenomenal season, and I hope it continues next season.

So, we shall go on and fight for victory. Manchester United are the team I love, and Manchester is now my home.



So David would stay as manager. He in fact had no interest in leaving. Moyes has shown his loyalty at Everton, and it seems will show it again. But will the fans fall in love with David again, as he guides them to victory. It was an exceptional season for Moyes and the squad, and it looks as if Manchester United will be going strong again, as the Reds go marching on, on, on!
Booo ;)
Damn you! Damn you to hell! :P
Maybe Moyes isn't so bad after all. Just don't sign Strootman and we're cool.
Brilliant piece.
All: There are too many comments to reply too, but Moyes is nice, remember that. :P

This post will end the updates from myself for the season. It's been a brilliant season, and the story has gone really well. Thanks to you all for commenting, or even viewing my story, it's helped so much! Someone will be writing a special Season Review for the club, and once that post has been made, Season 2 will continue. Thanks :P
Good to see you staying. However, the "onky issue" I had was you spelling of only :P
*David Moyes lies and actually leaves*

*United hire me as United Boss*

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