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[FM13]The Adriatic Adventure [Hajduk Split]

FM 13
Started on 12 May 2013 by tbendis
Latest Reply on 10 August 2015 by tbendis
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A leerjet flanked by two fighter jets passed over the Velebit range, the very same mountains that the coastal brigades guarded to this day. The tunnels, in the depths of winter, were being guarded by the military, the mountains being too difficult to negotiate passage over with a record snowfall season. Marko Balić, sitting in the leer jet, sipping a vodka martini, mulled over the difficult decision that the mayor of Split had presented him with.

It was only a thirty minute flight between Zagreb and Split. Then another Croatian fighter jet, a sparkling new MiG prototype with no tailsign, a 41, pulled alongside the two Soviet era 21s and radioed the jet in between.

"This is restricted airspace, identify yourselves."

-"This is HR 001, HR 002 and HR 003, we are carrying the Prime Minister to Split."

"This is restricted airspace. We cannot, unfortunately, allow military operations to be carried over the range. I will guide you to an airport in Split, however, your companions will not be allowed to accompany us, and will be terminated."

Radio silence followed, until, almost simultaneously, the pilots screamed.

The Prime minister rushed to a side window, running away from the piercing screams. HR 003, on the left, had burst into flames, its engine, housed in the front of the plane, had exploded, as had the rudder and the control panel. The pilot, Vanja Krštević, arguably one of the greatest of his generation, pressed the eject button frantically, but in vain, as the burning shell of his cockpit plummeted to the ground, roasting him alive.

His twin-brother, Ilija, endured a similar fate, and was only spared when his cockpit exploded into the mountainside, leaving nothing but ashes.

Mišo Širić, the greatest pilot, listened to his radio, where the screaming continued, not from the fighter jets, who had long stopped, but of the Prime Minister and his flight crew. The ground crew had complete control of the aircraft, just as they had of the two fighter jets only moments ago, and, as promised, were guiding them into the airport in Split.

Nothing, however, terrifies a politician or a pilot more than the absence of control.
2014-10-21 17:22#196682 tbendis : Mišo Širić, the greatest pilot,

Is this Tomi Kis's long lost pilot cousin? Cause it seems like that family could only be awesome at everything. Unless Tomi is just a freak that is...
The last line was the perfect way to end the update. Very well written!
tbendis's avatar Group tbendis
9 yearsEdited
The Prime Minister of Croatia stepped off of the plane, that had just endured a remote controlled landing that was far from smooth. It was okay and all, but when Bendiš nudged the pilot holding the controls next to him, smiled, and winked, it was clear that the landing was not meant to be the cleanest job in the world.

Shaken, he continued, shouting at Bendiš, accusing him of high treason. This was not the Prime Minister that Croatia as a country had once had. This was a broken man. Terrified, and desperate, he shouted one thing that would change the world,


Bendiš jumped behind one of the cars, as one of the two secret service men pulled out a revolver and fired. It bounced harmlessly off the bulletproof wheels, before a red dot appeared on the man's face. The next second, his forehead was blasted open, and his body was ravaged by a second sniper bullet. Armor piercing rounds left even the vest he had on no chance.

The second bodyguard managed to only leave the plane for a second before three shots downed his massive frame. The glass on the leer jet shattered as the cockpit spattered with the blood of the two pilots, both air force, both armed.

Bendiš got up again and, grabbing a pipe from the trunk of the Mercedes, swung at the Prime Minister, catching him squarely in the face. The steel rod rung crisply in the morning air, as Marko Balić, so recently uttering death threats, clutched his face, screaming, before Bendiš cracked his ribs with a vicious upswing.

Balić gasped for air... struggling, his lung crushed beneath his ribcage. Bendiš kneeled down to listen to the fat man try to talk.

His voice crackled with fear and pain, "T-t-treas-on"

Bendiš whispered, softly, but audibly, "When I want your opinion Mr. Balić, I will ask of it. But right now, insulting me will only get you to the bottom of the ocean. I know your wife does not love you, as do you, which is why she's not here right now. I know your daughter does not love you, as do you, which is why I don't have her at gunpoint in Neuchâtel.

"You are all alone, and right now, I am the closest thing you have to someone who cares."

He rifled through the Prime minister's coat pockets until he found what he was looking for. "Cubans... hmmm, I'm sure you wouldn't mind", before he took out a match and lit the cigar. He considered standing for a moment before he turned around and sat on the dejected man's back, crushing his ribs even further. His breathing became even more strained, as Bendiš puffed on the cigar.

One minute passed. Then five. Then ten, before Bendiš decided he was done with the games. Standing, he flipped the man over and extinguished the massive cigar on his forehead, leaving a grizzly burning mark that sizzled as the man screamed.

"Unfortunately, Mr. Balić, I don't give a fuck."

He took one more swing and the man, catching him in the stomach, before turning away, and waving his hand in the air briefly, muttering under his breath, "take him away"
Matko Kardum ran rampant against his former club, as Stade Vélodrome was silenced by the former France manager. Timmy Bendiš, who entered the stadium to rampant applause, was a legend in Marseille, regardless of club affiliations, and commanded immediate respect from the legendary stadium, and the OM manager, Laurent Blanc.

Blanc, however, wasn't going to roll over. He had taken the 20 million euros that Bendiš had paid for the 17 year old Matko Kardum and invested wisely, picking up James Rodriguez on his slower, but more intelligent golden years of his career, and used the budget to raise salaries across the board.

Unfortunately, Bendiš had used 20 million euros to buy Matko Kardum... and then sat and watched.

The first goal was a simple toe poke from Kiš. Veloso - in goal - was nowhere near the level of neither Hašib Ramić, in goal for Hajduk, or Fred, sitting on their bench, which was probably the reason that OM was in the market for both of them.

The game, realistically, and scorewise, was over at the first half. Matko Kardum ran rampant all game long, laying OM to shreds with his insightful passes for a forward, before curling one in himself on the half hour mark. It was a signature performance from Hajduk's youth academy...

Except Kardum was Dinamo's product. Poached six months before his 18th birthday from Olympique de Marseille so that he would maintain home grown eligibility in Split. Bendiš, naturally, had to comment:

"When I took this club over, ten years ago, we relied on our youth academy, and, if we were lucky, the occasional youth product from nearby academies that we decided we had enough money to gamble with.

"We didn't have enough money to gamble with often.

"But, as Hajduk became financially... ehrm... stable, we could afford to go around, picking players we liked off of other teams: Hrvoje Ždilar, Pero Bašić, Trifković, Janža... all great players. All of them played magnificently today. Janža, is entering the wane of his fantastic career, and even today, he and Maloča paired up in the back like the heroes they are today..

"Matko Kardum is the gamble we lost. He's the one that left the country to ply his trade somewhere else. Marseille is a great fucking club, don't get me wrong, but we lost him.

"If he was two, three years older, we'd have never seen him at Hajduk. He'd be lining up next to Alex Schneider and scoring a goal against us. Wearing that magnificent kit...

"But, he's not. We put the numbers down. Matko Kardum became the mistake we could afford to make. The gamble. At 20 million euros, we were putting a fair bit on the line, not to mention the salary of the best 17 year old France had to offer at the time.

"20 fucking million euros... The gamble of our careers.

"... what a payout though..."

Sounds like a Churchill speech, great headline tho
Awesome set of updates, i think you are one of the most gifted writers i have ever came across to do with football writing
"Here we are at the great Maksimir, which has just failed, for the 10th year in a row, to have a sellout to the greatest team in the world. Never mind that Old Trafford sells all 100 000 seats to watch the Dalmatians play, or that Barcelona does the same with it's 98 000 seats at Camp Nou.

"In any case, it's going to be a great day of football here. Timmy Bendiš is in Zagreb for the first time since being elected Mayor, as the Prime Minister extends his sojourn in Split through next week. With in-depth investigations of the dysfunctional aircraft that crashed in the Velebit range last week coming to no immediate results, the Prime Minister's Press Secretary in Split released a printed statement saying that he would remain there - where the investigation is centered - until 'serious results were achieved.'

"And here is Dinamo's lineup. Quite standard. Borko Gorgiev, the only striker able to give Tomi Kiš a run for his money in Croatia, lines up in front of Sunday Lucas and Ovidiu Neacsu. Hector Torres, 22, of Paraguay, stands between the sticks on the other end.

"Hajduk lines up with...

"... wait...

"... hold up a minute."

Timmy Bendiš smiled as his starting lineup was posted on the board. The U19 league had a bye week. There were no matches for the U19 Champions League winners... so he figured he might use them. The Dinamo stands came to a stunning realization of what Bendiš was about to pull, and booed, jeered, and screeched.

The scoreboard at the end of the ageing Maksimir flashed

31. FRED (BRA) (20)
33. A. HUGON (FRA) (17)
27. C CHELLOUF (TUN) (18)
25. GILCIMAR (BRA) (18)
29. F. PICARD (FRA) (18)
31. D. PERIĆ (SRB) (18)
34. D. BOŠNJAK (CRO) (16)
26. J. KAPOVIĆ (CRO) (18)
32. T. S. HEINTZ (FRA) (18) (C)
37. T. FERNÁNDEZ (ESP) (17)
30. G. VUKČEVIĆ (CRO) (16)

SUB.: A. MüLLER (DEU, 18), S. ŠARE (CRO, 19), A. BODIROŽA (SLO, 17), J. ČAKTAŠ (CRO, 18), V. ALIĆ (SRB, 18), A. KOŽINA (CRO, 18), R. DIXON (ENG, 18)

The jeering continued. Loudly.

Bendiš, who has one of the best squads in the world available to him, and then a substitute bench that could grace many of the world's greatest stages, had the gall, the audacity to field his U19 squad against his greatest rivals.

And the rivals were not pleased. The fans were promised a night of football. Not a day where Dinamo would drub their rivals. Sure, it was a win, but it's a hollow win. It doesn't really count at that point. The players began arguing with the referee saying that "this kind of thing isn't allowed". But Bendiš had fielded enough Home grown players. They were there. This wasn't a setup. He had it down.

And then, the referee lost patience, "IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PLAY AGAINST HIM, THEN FORFEIT!"

Bendiš just sat on his bench. His assistant was pacing, before Timmy beckoned him to sit down next to him. "Benevan, don't worry. What could possibly go wrong? They'll be fine." The diminutive Brazilian was not placated, but acquiesced and sat next to his towering boss.

Ten minutes late, Dalibor Bošnjak kicked off to Gordon Vukčević, before an inspired Dinamo stole the ball off of the nervous Hajduk team. Many of these players were getting their first team débuts. And, despite playing through all sorts of hell together on the U19s, This was the real thing. Dinamo's average age was some 7, 8 years higher than Hajduk's, and the experience showed.

But Bendiš sat back, utterly relaxed. And, after ten minutes, then fifteen, then twenty without a goal, Hajduk relaxed with him. Bošnjak, 16, who pulled so many strings in all of their previous games, began nailing the long passes. Heintz, Fernández, and Vukčević played circles around the Dinamo defense.

They were gaining confidence, and, with each passing minute, Dinamo fell further and further back. Desperate moves followed. A long, deep sliding tackle here, a late header there. Torres was forced to turn the ball away twice, thrice in a row, before the inevitable happened.

Bošnjak, perhaps Croatia's next big thing, received a ball from Dalibor Perić, and turned, spotting Heintz on the right flank, and giving him a through ball worthy of Andrea Pirlo. Heintz calmed it expertly, and, rifled it into the box, for Tomaš Fernandez to shoot, only for Torres to parry. The ball, however bounced neatly outside the box, perfectly placed for the rushing Kapović, who smashed it from thirty yards into the top right corner of the net, Hector Torres be damned, right in front of the Dinamo faithful's North Stand.

The jeering stopped. It wasn't an issue that Hajduk was playing with their U19s. The issue very quickly became that Dinamo might lose.

And, at the hour mark, they did. Torres, exhausted by the lack of defenders, let Vukčević's shot slip right in between his legs. By the time Dinamo scored their first, byway of Borko Gorgiev, incidentally, it was far too late. Maksimir, crushed so many times by the senior team, had just been trampled by a group of teenagers.

Bendiš, shook Kozlović's hand at the whistle, before winking at the camera and heading out of the stadium, but not without giving the North stand a wave goodbye.
that is fucking awesome dude you have some nerve i tell you! great update
incredible! its an amazing place to be when you've got the talent and balls to pull off a move like that!

plus, another fantastic update!
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Why don't you play your league games with the u19 and play the champions league with the 1st team you still will win the league
An absolutely BRILLIANT series of updates I've somehow missed. Firstly, I'd like to say that yes, I'm back following properly, and I'll be religiously checking for updates daily once again. Secondly...looks like all of Croatia is falling to you. Forget the pitch, the country is at your whim. Also, your U19 team isn't too bad, is it ;)
The Hajduk U19s became only the second team in the U19 Champions League history to win the championship more than once, following Real Madrid, who have won it three times in the last decade. It is not the amount of championships that is notable, however, but rather the way Hajduk wins these championships.

In 2016, the last time Hajduk won the tournament, they showed absolutely no mercy, crushing Villareal away, 8-0 in the quarterfinal, before smashing both Juventus and AC Milan to win the tournament, and this year was absolutely no exception.

Crafted with the loving hands of one of the greatest football managers of all time, Timmy Bendiš personally scoured the earth looking for the greatest youngsters in the world, sparing little expense, and no time. He assembled the Galacticos of the U19 world, and when they showed up at HSV's Imtech arena, Warren Joyce, who had coached Manchester United's youngsters for the last twenty years, looked at the team-sheet, looked at his team-sheet, and tore up his notes.

They held on for the first half. Barely. Heintz hit the post twice, Vukčević missed a clear chance. But, as soon as Bendiš sent them out from half-time, it was over.

Vukčević scored twice within the first 5 minutes of the second half, and Split cheered back at home. They were winning it again. And they were cleaning up the treble, like the heroes they were. It wasn't long before the Split boys scored two more, and crushed the hopes and dreams of United.

Bendiš slowly clapped at the final whistle. It was his second title this season, after the CWC win earlier. But, with an easy matchup in the Croatian U19 cup, and the U19 First Division and the HNL 1. tied up, it was one of the last difficult matches of the season.

The beginning of Hajduk's greatest ever season
I mean... not that it was a surprise.

Hajduk Split finished up a phenomenal domestic season with what was probably a victory, as the manager, and writer hasn't the slightest clue what happened before his sabbatical...

But, just to be a good sport, here's a screenshot:
It has been less than a month since Bendiš went to Hamburg, to appear in front of a far less than packed Imtech Arena, to face a far less than adequate Manchester United youth team and to crush them.

Less than a month ago, Roy Keane watched as Bendiš's youth team, which can only be described as the greatest youth team ever to grace the continental stage, tear apart Dinamo's first team. He had not meant to scout his youth team - he had gone to Zagreb to scout what would probably become his finalist pair - but watching it scared him all the same.

A fortnight ago, Bendiš finished off the U19 treble, with only one loss throughout the season, and then, last week, he dismantled his rivals in the Croatian Cup final. 6-1 in front of Šibenik's home fans.

With his second string.

So, when Keane saw Admir Lotinac next to Matko Kardum, next to Teo Pešić... and then saw the towering David De Gea slightly nervously standing next to 19 year old goalkeeping sensation, Hašib Ramić... and then saw 19 year old goalkeeping sensation Fred, he was not thrilled about his propects.

Because, for all the Golden Balls that Neymar had received, Tomislav Kiš was eager to prove that the Brazilian would not let him lift the Champions League Trophy. Just as he had refused him 6 years ago in Paris.

Schulze blew the whistle, and 95 000 eager supporters roared, as Hajduk kicked off the ball, hungry for their third consecutive championship. Hungry for that patch on their shoulder.

It took only two minutes for Manchester to fall apart. Two very short minutes, before Lucas Weatherby slid in on Matko Kardum just outside the box, with one foot too many in the air. It took two minutes before Roy Keane, who had been so eagerly prepared for something resembling a match to throw his notes in the air and forget that they had even made it to the final. Schulze showed a red, and for 90 more minutes, Hajduk showed no mercy.

The direct passes destroyed them. Teo Pešić, so accustomed to the beautiful long range passes that he had learned from watching hours of Andrea Pirlo, put the United defense to work, Kiš missed an easy shot, before Matko Kardum got it right. A simple tap in was more than enough to put Hajduk in the lead. And then, with Pešić at the heart of it all, Admir Lotinac dashed up the right flank and managed to trick De Gea with a simple flick, making it two.

Less than a minute later, Igor wrapped it up.

For all of the glory Manchester United represented, they have not won a Champions League title since the late Sir Alex Ferguson took them to glory over Chelsea in Moscow all those years ago. Back, when Wayne Rooney was a household name, and John Terry slipped on a blade of grass.

Hajduk, looks forward to another year where not a single member of the Champions League winning squad receives a nomination for the Ballon D'Or, for the fifth time in six years.

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