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[FM13]The Adriatic Adventure [Hajduk Split]

FM 13
Started on 12 May 2013 by tbendis
Latest Reply on 10 August 2015 by tbendis
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Hahaha, excellent pair of updates and a great victory over Basel! Basically means that you're better than Manchester United since they lost to them in the Group Stages a few years ago :P

Burst out laughing when I read this part.
Bendiš paid a huge amount by his standards. An absolutely freakin' colossal 650 000 € to secure the player's transfer... But after having so many negotiations thwarted when he came to the player and his agent *shiver*, Pero Bašić threw Bendiš a curveball, and asked for 7 500 € a year.
And Bendiš gave him that so fast that Bašić nearly wondered "should I have asked for more", just as the clock chimed midnight on September 1st, as the jazz flowed freely below, while Bendiš took a break from the piano.
A disastrous two weeks for Hajduk saw Bendiš give up the top in two terrible home games, where Hajduk went from a bad position, to a worse position, to an even worse position. It just isn't getting better for normally brilliant manager, Timmy Bendiš.

It all started against Dinamo, where Zagreb's new signing dominated proceedings at the famous Poljud stadium. Brahian Alemán, much too expensive for the meagre Hajduk salary budget (clocking in at 500K/annum) dominated proceedings on the left wing, and, as a statement of intent more than anything, scored a hat trick against the defending double champions.

Visibly dejected, the press noticed, and, out of respect, didn't ask him too many questions. Bendiš made his way home, suffering one of the largest defeats as a manager.

The next week, he faced Cibalia, and just scraped out a win against the newly promoted Easterners. Not that they were very strong, but Bendiš had insisted that his squad win the match by a huge margin. The team entered very aggressively, and after 50 minutes were down to 9 men. Even severely weakened, Hajduk still managed to grab the third goal, before Cibalia pushed back for two at the death. An away win, but not a good one. Not even acceptable.

Bendiš's café was opening earlier and earlier, and closing later and later, as the Hajduk manager stayed on the balcony, working, for longer periods of time. At 25, he was the hardest working of his graduate class, and it showed on his face, as he trained with his team every morning at 11. He was the most exhausted of the them all, frequently falling to his knees just out of view from his players, and once in the privacy of his office, collapsing to a heap in the floor.

His assistants noticed though...

And then, another defeat came. Ivan Džoni scored the opener within the first 5 minutes, but Osijek preyed on Bendiš's exhaustion, as he was unable to cope with the changing tactics. Osijek scored three, and with every goal, Bendiš got more and more desperate.

Bendiš didn't speak to the press for the first time in 6 months. Still shaken from his interaction with the agent who-isn't-called-by-name-in-Split-anymore, he walked out of the stadium, and headed nowhere in particular. It wasn't until Bendiš's best friend came to a locked café at 8 in the morning that anyone realized that he hadn't come home last night. He called the club, and the police. Training was cancelled, and the club looked everywhere for him. Then, a call from Makarska, a city 65 kilometers south, where they said they found Bendiš sitting on a street by the sea, quietly sobbing.

Half an hour later (an impossibly quick drive, by any standards) a still crying Bendiš was lifted by his very concerned friend, before he took him home.
HAHA Its nice to have a friend that cares :P
tbendis's avatar Group tbendis
10 yearsEdited
AJAX 4-1 HAJDUK - ATTD: 51 917 - T. KIŠ
Bendiš's sometimes roommate/good friend spent three hours looking for the manager after the match, before finding him sitting on the bank of a canal. For the first time though, Bendiš gave him a tired smile, before the pair went to Schipol

Ajax scored 4 goals, as Ryan Babel dismantled Hajduk's defense, simply using his speed. The former Liverpool winger teamed up with (what especially hurt Bendiš) Josip Radoševi? to play around the strongest bit of the Hajduk defense, before Franko Andrijaševi?, Mijo ?aktaš, and Mario Malo?a all had to leave the field, injured throughout the game.

The only consolation was Hajduk's late goal from Tomi Kiš. The 20 year old is playing very well, but today, simply because of Antonio Mili?'s recent absence, just didn't have the help he needed.

Bendiš, on arrival in Split, reassured the press.

"I am fine. We've just had a few bad weeks in a row... and... we're losing important pieces of our team... but we can turn this around. The league will be ours for the taking soon. We just need a bit of time to rest. And Real Madrid? PAH! On Poljud, we are equal to all, and everyone know that Real get cocky in Madrid."

Whether the press believes Bendiš or not, Hajduk has recently hired a former classmate from the Civil Engineering school for consultations on the stadium. She has moved down to Split.


Bendiš's good friend stopped by after training was done, and the players went down to physical therapy. The manager didn't really believe in all of that "extra massages" and whatnot. But his physio team said they would prevent injuries, and he didn't want his exceptionally young team hurt. Best to listen to the doctors... So, instead of going for another round of the weight room with his attackers, as he normally did, Bendiš got into his car and drove down to his shop.

He had been thinking about getting a Ferrari, but his salary was much to low for the one he wanted. Magnum P.I. had just started playing on TV again, and Bendiš was considering going for a mustache. But the Ferrari was much to far out of reach. A decent 308 would set him back 30, 40 000 €. His Fiat would have to do...

They arrived at the café, and walked upstairs. His waitress, a gorgeous local teenager, wanted to hand him the mail, but he waved her off... The mail was a morning piece of business. He didn't have the time to deal with kids dropping off letters all day.

Bendiš barely got up the stairs before his friend smacked him across the face.

"Pull. Yourself. Together"

"We both know you could do to me what you did to that agent 3 months ago. But we also both know that you're not going to.

"Now is not the time to be falling into an emotional wreck. We dealt with this at the beginning of last season. Istra ran away with the game, while you were busy losing in Europe. I understand it is fucking difficult to travel to London, or Madrid, or Milan, or wherever the hell you're going, and have your ass handed to you. I understand that it's probably worse when you have it handed to you here. But you. Can't. Let. That. STICK. Get up the next morning and figure out what went wrong.

"You don't have Radošević anymore. He went to Ajax. And he slaughtered you last week. SLAUGHTERED. Do you even know how embarrassing that is? You trained him. He may be good, but you were his coach and mentor, and you know every single one of his weaknesses. Every. Single. One. And you let one player tear apart your entire game.

"You are not Real Madrid. You are not Milan, no matter how much you want to be. You are not Chelsea, or PSG, or Monaco, or any single club on this list. You are not going to be able to keep your players for their entire careers. Amen. I know you'd like to, and I know that the club would become great if you could, but you can't. And that's that...

"And that's why you're here. Because, despite what you may think of yourself, you are among the best in the world at doing what you do: Bringing the new kid in, and making him so great that he wants to leave.

"I'm here for you mate... but you've got to keep it together. Either let someone else have a go, or calm down, and try to figure out how to bring everything back under control."

"And we both know you're not going to leave. You didn't even leave for CSKA"

To which Bendiš finally responded, after being silent for nearly an hour while his friend ranted, "How do you know about that" (for the CSKA story had never been published in Croatia)

"If you think that I sit around here and drink coffee all day, then you've got another thing coming"
Bendiš pulled off a stunning display, as 4 different players scored, including the young Mario Ljubi?i?, in the 92nd minute, making his league debut for the club

The former Slaven Belupo man was brought on for free at the end of his youth contract, and is said to be the third striker in Bendiš's giant jigsaw. Ljubi?i?, Kiš, and Džoni to tear up the leagues then, while Pero Baši? fights off 18 year old Ton?i Mujan and Mijo ?aktaš.

In any case, Hajduk opened early, with Antonio Mili? on a close header. Tomi Kiš scored on his second chance in the 17th minute, before Erik Janža continued with his impressive performances, assisting a goal from a throw in (?!) to Goran Milovi? for the third goal. But it was Mario Ljubi?i?'s goal that finished it off, and the massive win looks to have given Hajduk some confidence, going into that dreaded Madrid fixture.

Bendiš, after his rumoured pep talk, looks much more commanding on the pitch, and is finally getting his groove back.
Nice few updates :)
Nice last few updates bendis! Great Story!
Ljubičić looks great! :)
In a bid to show the Galacticos what's what, Bendiš had his team slaughter the local rivals, RNK Split. And, with José Mourinho seeing exactly what Hajduk are capable of, it perhaps worried the Portuguese manager, just a smidge.

But, to be fair... it is Real Madrid... Bendiš will need a small massive miracle to even play in the zip code as the Spainiards.

Fortunately... Tomi Kiš is on form, scoring a massive 22 goals in 20 appearances so far this season, including a magnificent hat trick against Split.

Also, Mario Ljubi?i? continues his fine debut, scoring two goals in two appearances so far in the league.
I'm going to be honest, I didn't really follow this story until the SotM nomination, and now I see why it was nominated! Really brilliant writing, top notch story. Madrid's going down! ;)
The first fans have already begun arriving at the stunning Poljud, as Hajduk looks to host their first sell-out crowd of the season. Naturally, it wouldn't be an event in Split without an equally fantastic host, and who better to host than José Mourinho's Real Madrid.

In fact... Real Madrid has been so good that, in 2014, Lionel Messi didn't even make the Spanish Team of the Year, with Angel Di Maria and Cristiano Ronaldo taking away the wing positions, while Cristiano Ronaldo took the "Best Player in Europe" award last season, and looks set to take the Golden Ball this year.

Not to mention that they are the UEFA Champions League defending Champions (#10, for those counting), and have won La Liga for the past 3 seasons... AND, this season Los Galacticos look to be doing even better than the last...

Hajduk, on the other hand, seem to finally be getting back on form, with massive performances against last year's Croatian runner's up, Istra, and against their local rivals, RNK Split to set up the Real clash. The biggest matchup looks to be Hajduk's Tomislav Kiš against Raphael Varane, or Sergio Ramos... not to mention Spain's captain, Iker Casillas... Then there is Cristiano Ronaldo against... well... 18 year old Josip Baši?... Or even a fantastic Luka Modri? (2nd highest rating in BBVA) versus... Antonio Mili?... *sigh*

No. We're not going to do this. JutarnjiList is not going to start comparing Hajduk's players to Real's, because if we start doing that, then we'll kill off all hope of Hajduk even coming close to Real. Bendiš knows that he can't play Real like any other opponent. He's not an idiot. We all just have to hope that he knows what he's doing and comes up with something...

"Hey, you know how the newspaper gets professionals to show what kind of tactics a team should use to win?"


"Why the hell couldn't they have done that now? Like I have any idea what I'm doing..."
Hahaha brilliant update, I'm sure the great Bendis will come up with something!
I'm sure you'll be fineeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)
Nice preview post you have there. Sssshame if anything were to happen to it Good luck.

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