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Juventus F.C. - The Return Of Nedved

Started on 18 May 2013 by Jer
Latest Reply on 17 October 2013 by Walter
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Zidane and Del Piero reject talks with Juventus

Both Zidane and Del Piero have decided to reject contract talks over the vacant role at Juventus. Zinedine Zidane, rejected the contract that Juventus had offered because 'he wants to work with Mourinho at Real Madrid'. Del Piero in the other hand, was extremely close to sign with their forer employers, according to reports on the Corriero dello Sport.

The current Sydney F.C. player said," I'd like to politely decline the contract Juventus has offered me. Nevertheless, I'll be a Juventus fan for the day until I die and hopefully they will appoint someone that can lead them to our desperate Champions League success and official 30th championship."When he was questioned on who would he prefer to see as the new manager he said," All of the favourites are great. Baggio, Cannavaro, Thuram and Nedved. They were all great players. I've heard that Roberto Di Matteo is close to join Juve as well." The former Juve player left the club this summer after Agnelli didn't offer him a new contract and he said that no hard feelings were left.

In the other hand, the former world record signing Zinedine Zidane, has decided to stay with his current role at Real Madrid. The former France international said," I want to stay at Real Madrid. I have been here for over a decade. I've seen great players play here and I believe that Real Madrid will remain the biggest European force and best team in the world for years to come."

This seems to anger a lot of Juventus fans, as many believed that Del Piero, their former captain and current legend would lead them to glory. With time ticking away, Juventus will need to appoint someone soon, as the players are to return in a week for their pre-season tour around Italy, England and the Italian Super Cup in China against Walter Mazzarri's Napoli.
Great update Jeremy. Wonder who it is ;)
I think it will be Platini.
Great start Jeremy :) I will be following.
I had thought Del Piero would be making a return to Juve! Obviously been proved wrong. I'm looking forward to finding out who it is.

La Furia Ceca unveiled as manager

La Furia Ceca, or most commonly known as Pavel Nedved, has joined Juventus as a manager, not like the position he held before as an important part of the board of directors. The Czech born former player, has been delighted to take the reigns of his former club. He took his personal twitter account to announce the news.

He said,"
I'm glad that I will take the reigns at the club! The players are great and it will be good to be back! I would like to thank my new employers for giving me this chance! Thank you all and let's hope for more glory ahead! Forza Juve!
The Juventus board seem to be happy with Nedved's appointment, and have said that one of the main reasons why was because former manager Antonio Conte, referred him as one of his personal favourites. Nevertheless, the board will be happy that they signed Nedved, as he already knows how the club operate internally. To add, a source close to chairman Andrea Agnelli, has said that Nedved's and Agnelli's relationship is brother like. The recent Juventus manager and chairman were seen celebrating in an expensive restaurant in Turin.

The reaction of fans has been ecstatic, as many of them didn't expect for the Furia Ceca to return into the football world after he rejected a contract offer for a coach last year by Conte. Nevertheless, all of Juventus fans will be loving the recent appointment by the board. A fan at Turin said," Nedved is great! It will be interesting how the Furia Ceca will hold this season!" However, current Milan boss Massimiliano Allegri has said," This year we'll beat Juve. Having Conte was a block, but Nedved will ease our way through." Many Milan fans are outside demanding for Allegri's head, as the Furia Ceca is an Italian gem to Italians throughout the country.

Pavel Nedved
I think you should change the title of your story now :P

Pavel Nedved was my first ever signing on FIFA. Welcome back to Juve!
Excellent choice. Everyone likes Nedved.

Now, the question is, how are you going to build. You should have a decent defense, because Chiellini is still there, and you still have Barzagli and Bonucci. A definite signing prospect would seem to be Bocchetti (Spartak).

With Juventus, I definitely recommend going with the counter-attacking force that Milan used to play, centering the game around Pirlo.

I still like the attack though, because you have Pogba, Marchisio, Matri, Vučinić and Giovinco.

Perhaps an interesting signing would be Andrea Poli, to train him under Pirlo. What would seem to be one of the best tutor/tutee combinations in football...

ANYway, best of luck

First Day at the Job

After a few warm days at Turin, I arrived at the club's training ground and I already saw the paparazzi's outside my Audi Q6. Damn. Those paparazzi's. I hummed Paparazzi by Lady Gaga before speeding up. I quickly ran into the facilities where my good and close friend, Andrea Agnelli, expected me.

We spoke some words together until we arrived at his humongous office. I suspiciously asked Andrea," What's this all about?" He chuckled and said," Were here to discuss the targets we have in our competitions and of course, the budget." I let out a sigh, but I knew it wasn't over. I knew that the club just came out of an unbeaten season and as champions. But, I also knew that the economic difficulty the country had. I didn't expect much. Andrea shuffled through a stack of folders and handed me a folder. He firmly said," I expect this for the 2012-2013 season. The budget's there as well." I nodded and left the office quickly before something else happened.

I rushed out to my assistant manager's office, Angelo Alessio to show him the budgets. A total of 13.5 million and a 187k p/w wage budget. It was by far, the biggest budget of the league. With some sales of some players, we could throw some extra 20 million pounds there. We both smiled and I told him to put on a team report, a team meeting and staff meeting. It was going to be a loong day.

It was 8:30 a.m. The boys were changing for today's practice, before Alessio interrupted them and told them about the team meeting in 15 minutes. Pirlo and Buffon agreed and they continued to change themselves. Giacherrini arrived shortly after and I called him to my office. He might be the first player I was going to sell on my whole managerial career. I said," You joined from Cesena 2 years ago. Right?" He nodded. I cleared my throat and said," Well, here's the deal. There is a very strong possibility of you leaving this season. Your market value is on the top of the roof and this will be the time that the club will want to sell you." I looked back at him and he let a tear out. He cleaned it out and I came closer. I continued," You are a great player. I'd like to have you for another season, but many of your team-mates disagree. I have to do this for you, the club and your team-mates. Do you understand?" He let a soft reply by saying," Yes sir."

The fifteen minutes had passed and almost the whole squad was there. Damn it, even the Danish sensation Nicklas Bendtner. I cleared my throat and saw Giacherini in the back, weeping. I closed my eyes.

PN - Pavel Nedved
GB - Gianluigi Buffon
AP - Andrea Pirlo
RS - Rest of Squad

PN: Well guys, I am your new manager. I have a past experience at the club and I want to tell all of you that we might just continue our unbeaten season. Gigi, anything you want to say?

GB: God damn it Pavel, it's nice to have you back! You should've seen him play! Anyways, we all miss Conte, but I think that we can manage to do better with Pavel, he knows a lot about football. Anyone want to say something?

AP: Yeah, I want to have a few words. We all want to welcome you here at Juventus and we all hope that you bring this club to the 30th Scudetto.

RS: Yeah! Forza Juve

PN: You're dismissed! I'll meet you in the training ground.

It had passed two hours and I set up a match between the first team. I saw Leo Bonatini, an 18 year old score a goal to none other but Gianluigi Buffon. How many times do you see an 18 year old scoring against a goalkeeper, who saved some thundering shots to me? I did see some laziness in Barzagli. He was 31, and declining already and I had to do something. I called out to Alessio and told him to communicate with Barzagli that I was having some thoughts of selling him. He woke up immediately and started defending well. Oh yeah.

After a long and exhausting day, I grab my pillow and kissed my wife Ivana. It was one of my best days of my life. I anxiously awaited, for another day at Juventus Football Club.
Glenn: Thanks mate :)! I'll change it as soon as a mod comes on :P! What FIFA?

TBendis: Thanks for your comment mate! I was looking at Bocchetti, but he had recently moved to Spartak Moscow in the update. Pirlo is currently tutoring Pogba and I have most of the tactics tweaked out! The transfers will be amazing, I can guarantee that myself!
Nedved's a Lady Gaga fan? :P
Nedved! :o I kind of expected him before I saw all those other names actually :P

Good luck, great update!(sad to see Giacherrini go :( )
Some quality updates there mate! Glad to see Nedved back (I always knew it was him :P haha) Giacherrini was listed as soon as I joined Lyon so not just you whos trying to get rid of him. Will be interesting to see who you bring in
Nedved :) What a beast. Good luck with this, will be following!

Giacherinni swaps Serie A for Ligue 1

Emanuele Giacherini, has decided to swap the Italian champions medal, for a potential one, at Paris Saint Germain. The player was expected to change clubs this summer, as Conte had as well put him in the transfer list. Nevertheless, no hard feeling were left between Giacherini and the new manager, Pavel Nedved. The transfer fee remains unknown, but a rumours around the internet have been informing it's along the 15 million mark.

The new PSG signing said," The boss talked to me before he transfer listed me, so that shows good signs of him. I want to wish him all the luck in the world. Today, I embark to PSG's challenge to get another Ligue 1 trophy." The manager, has quickly responded to Giacherini's comments by saying," Emanuele is a great player, but unfortunately, he wouldn't be in my plans. I wish him the best at PSG."

The fans will be expecting some new transfers at Juventus, after making a whopping 9 million profit. The Juventus fans are calling for some strikers such as Stevan Jovetic, Falcao, Robert Lewandowski and Edinson Cavani. All of these transfers will cost some money, but it's what they need.

Emanuele Giacherini

Giaccherini scoring one of Juve's goals last season

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