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England / Boreham Wood - Morris is back!

Started on 18 May 2013 by or.dabool
Latest Reply on 3 June 2013 by The Czech
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or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited

2022 FIFA World Cup Final

England - Czech Republic
2022 FIFA World Cup Final

'79 "And now the ball is with Solly Stowell from England. OH, WHAT A SHOT! STOWEEELLLLL! ENGLAND FINALLY TAKES THE LEAD! 1-0!"

'90 "THAT'S IT! ENGLAND HAVE WON THE WORLD CUP! Another title for Morris' outstanding resume! Now we just can't wait to see how will Boreham Wood be like in the next season under Morris' guidance."

A note from me

Well guys, I just can't stop playing my Wood save, and after wining the World Cup I decided to write about my save once more. For those who haven't read my original story, it's right here so catch up. Really looking forward to this :)

Next update: Meet the Woods (aka Euorpe's Finest.)
Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
11 yearsEdited
Well done Or! It's hard enough getting England to even win a game :P

EDIT: Loving the Comic Sans banner :P
I agree with Louis! So glad to see this back on!
Thought it was the best story on FM scout! Great for it to be back! :D
Wow weclome back or. You inspired my Eastleigh save and your story was the best on here. Good luck again.
loved this story! So glad its back :D
He's coming home!
He's coming home!
He's coming!
Morris is coming home!
Welcome back. Long may your success continue!
Great to see it back :D good luck
Back to the Wood :D
or.dabool's avatar Group or.dabool
11 yearsEdited

Meet the Woods (aka Euorpe's Finest.)

OK. Time to get started. 2022/2023 is coming near and this is the squad at the moment:


24, GK, £14M (Vice Captain)

24, D(C), £25M (Captain)

23, D(C) / DMC / D(R), £28.5M

24, D(C), £22M

22, D(R), £12M

27, D(R) / D(L), £18.75M

25, DM(C) / M(C), £19M

21, AM(R/C), £36M

25, M(C) / AM(C), £33M

24, AM(C), £29.5M

26, M/AM(R/L), £31.5M

27, M/AM(R), £29.5M

23, ST, £22M

27, ST, £23M

24, ST, £33.5M


21, GK, £5.25M

25, ST, £17.25M

25, D(R), £14.75M

24, D(L), £12.25M

26, D(C), £19.25M

22, D(C) / SW, £13.25M

24, DM/M/D(C), £13.75M

24, M(C) / DM/M(R), £13.75M

26, M(C), £20M

23, M(C) / DM/M(L), £14.75M


24, ST / AM(R/L), £15M, Southampton

19, ST / AM(C), £3.7M, Dortmund

23, DM/M(C), £12.25M, Valencia

20, AM(C), £8.75M, Porto


29, M/AM(C), £5.25M

As you can see, I got a HUGE list of players. A lot of teams are interested in buying some of them (Edgar, Matt Lucas, Alexey Kalashnikov, Francisco Lima) but honestly, I don't want to sell.
Next update, after you have got to know my team, I will finally start the season.

Last update: 2022 FIFA World Cup Final
Next update: Morris to Camp Nou?
A very interesting team.
What a great squad! Extremely strong there mate

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