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FM Scout F.C. - The Family Story

Started on 1 June 2013 by STFCDan
Latest Reply on 5 August 2013 by Stocke
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"First game of the season to prove himself"

No pressure then!!! Lol. I love a bit of dressing room unrest myself. Makes my saves more exciting.
Nice update. I'm bad guy. :D
lol you naughty boy i'm older and wiser so why should i not deserve captaincy? :-p btw listen to your gaffer he knows it better than you.
The youth of these days no respect for their elders and a couple of good games and they think they are Messi or ronaldo and deserve to be starting every game. you need to earn your place if you wanne play.
I would fine him gaffer let us say 1 week pay to start maybe he will think twice after that.
Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight Fight
first rule about fight club you do not talk about fight club

The Make Or Break Game (Already)

FT Score

"Not entirely sure how the Board will take this." I tried not to ponder on this too much, and just move onto the press conference. Trying to think of the positives, i take my position at the table.

Reporter - So, your first competitive game under your belt, how do you think it went?

"Say something positive, don't give them something to feed off"

Me - I think overall it was a good result, naturally i would have preferred all 3 points and i think we could have done that, but the late equaliser cost us dearly and we paid the price.
Reporter - What do you think went wrong for you that lead to the goal?
Me - A defence mix-up from a corner if anything. We'll go over it on the training field and work on way to improve that.
Reporter - You chose to field Vasil even after your previous bust up, why is this?

I knew it wouldn't be long before this came up.

Me - Well, he's a good player and he proved that today. Besides, i wouldn't rally call it a "bust up", more of a misunderstanding.
Reporter - What is your relationship with Vasil.
Me - I'm here to talk about the match, nothing else.
Reporter - Fair enough, Jorge Alejandro got man of the match today for his goal, how would you rate his performance?
Me - He was simply wonderful today, and he proved that with his goal.
Reporter - With the press claiming that today could have been your last day, how do you feel the result has affected this?
Me - I have heard no such report...

That was a lie, they were every i turn. I've been pondering it all week.

Me - But even if it were true, i feel that the Chairman will see today's result as a good one.
Reporter - Okay, thanks for your time.

"Is this really the end of me? Surely not, this was a good result. Better hope i don't hear from Peter this week"
Nice result for first game. FM Scout champions!
Oh, so unlucky lost points at 84'.
But well is our first point of many others surely.
Let's go FM Scout :D

Nice presentation :)
2013-06-04 13:27#108791 Caelis : first rule about fight club you do not talk about fight club
shhhhhh, i never mentioned the club!

August Round Up

Unbeaten, good start. It all looks good for the rest of the season. Pfft, like i'd get sacked.

League Table

Game Of The Month

For the wrong reasons, this game stood out. Going 3-0 up, and still coming away 3-3. We really need to work on our defending of set pieces.
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Unlucky with conceding, especially V Colwyn Bay but at least the goals are flying in for FM Scout
Undefeated so far, not bad for a team finding it's feet... can i just point out that the 3 goals i conceded against colwyn were not my fault, the sun was reflecting awkwardly off my captains armband and blinding me!!
lol you should not look at it than. Beside how can the sun blinds you it was cloudy and raining
what tactic are you using?
2013-06-05 15:37#109190 Caelis : lol you should not look at it than. Beside how can the sun blinds you it was cloudy and raining
Must have been a damn colwyn bay fan/manager using a laser pointer then :P

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