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FM Scout F.C. - The Family Story

Started on 1 June 2013 by STFCDan
Latest Reply on 5 August 2013 by Stocke
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Its couragesand not sad :P
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at least spell my name right:/

Edit: Sorry mate, read this comment over again and it came across as quite arsey:p, Just on the first page it Sleightholm not Sleighton;)
Couragesand - Noted and changed :)

TCO - What did i say?
2013-06-03 11:02#108279 Caelis : Hello gaffer,

I hope i'm not to late but i forgot to go over some tactict that might be interesting to use. The first is my personal favorit: (i do not have the screens so i can not post them)

its a tactic if we use it wise its a 433 in attack and 451 in defence this give us a lot goals without conceding to much. You can make the poacher a complete forward but i would only recommend that if you find someone fit for it
for the rest you might wanne put the focus passing to mixed instead of one flank or center so we can keep them confused (the oppostion i mean)

also is it up to you to decide if you want to use a target man and or playmaker i personaly recommand you do not use.

The 2nd tactic is bit the same but other roles on the midfield

I do not realy have a third tactic because im more someone with an attacking mentality.

I hope this info get's to u in time.

Kind regards

your assitant manager/captain (i hope i'm still it).

Paul Bolsens

Your tactical advice has been noted, but i feel i need something with more upfront as we currently have 4+ strikers. I shall give it a go originally, but if it don't work we need something else.

Oh and good news, i spoke to the Chairman and he has promised to make more wages available for staff!
I figure that i need to go and pay the Chairman, Peter Risdale (JL00) a visit, this club really needs to grow in every direction, and i have just the way to do that. I reach the big mahogany door and give a firm rasp.

Risdale - Come on in!

For some reason i'm slightly nervous as i push the door open to enter, i've spoken to important people before. But i guess that he casts such an opposing figure over this club, what ever he says goes.

Risdale - Ah, Daniel! What can i do you for?
Me - Well i realise that this club needs to grow in every direction...
Risdale - Ah yes indeed!!

"I wish he wouldn't interrupt me, pompous ass". For someone unknown reason, this relaxed me slightly.

Me - Anyway, i really feel like this club needs a parent club, a team like Swindon would be seen as a massive boost to club like this. We can also loan in players at lower wages.
Risdale - We here at FM Scout would rather not waste time with loan transfers, either you sign the bloke or you don't.

"Technically i'm still signing them"

Me - But with such a low budget, how am i supposed to bring anyone in at all?
Risdale - Work with what you have got, if you're not capable with that, i can bring someone else in!
Me - The financial benefits from a parent club can really boost this club's money worries!
Risdale - We don't feel the financial rewards are worth implementing this request.

"You have to be kidding me right? Does he not care about the club" I choose not the ask this, i've only just got the job, i don't want to lose it.

Me - You're making a big mistake here Mr. Risdale.
Risdale - That's Mr. Chairman to you, and maybe it was a mistake to hire you after all. I run this fucking club not you! Now good day, and don't bring this subject to my attention again!

"You still need a fucking manager though, i was the only one to apply for this job." I nod my head as i prepare to leave.

Risdale - Oh and Daniel? Don't go over my head with this.
Me - Right.

"Well i thought that went well." Shutting the door behind me i wonder what to do now.

Abbott Adds To Backroom

Manager of the unknown club FM Scout F.c, Daniel Abbott, has today added Kenny Blackburn to his small group of backroom staff. Blackburn, who was contracted as Gloucester's coach, got the call Wednesday morning to join FM Scout as the reserve team manager.

Many Scout fans have been scratching their heads at this bizarre signing, with most fans thinking that they don't really need a Reserves Manager and that it's wasted money.

When asked to comment on the matter, Abbott said; "That's ludicrous, Kenny wasn't asking for much money he just wanted to opportunity to actually manage a team instead of being in the background. We have a large Reserves team and each one of them will try to prove a point to make it to the first team, so Kenny has a big purpose in their future careers. I believe it's an important hiring, and one that will move this club on"

FM Scout chairman, Peter Risdale JR, was reportedly angry at Abbott for hiring a staff member with the club currently in financial troubles. "It's a stupid decision, he went way over my head with. This can't help the financial troubles, and i shall be having words with him about."

Potential jobs will be at stake this week at the Bull Pit, more news as it comes.
"Phew it's been a long day." I shut the door to my office and slump in my chair. "Who knew it would be so much trouble to manage a football team." As i sit thinking about if this day will get any longer, i hear a knock at the door.

Me - It's open!

I called out. The door only opens a tiny bit, but my assistant pops his head around it.

Assistant - Mr. Risdale would like to see you as soon as possible.

Jesus! What had i done now? As far as I was aware he was all for moving the club on.I sigh and pick myself up.

Me - Okay, i'm on my way.

Wondering if my job was at stake here, i stepped out of the room and into the hall way. Everything about this club was awful, the windows were wooden about to break, the staircase was old and the floor looked like it had never seen water before. As i climb the many stairs to the Chairman's office, his words started ringing in my ear. "Maybe it was a mistake to hire you."
"Well" i thought as i reached his door, "guess i'll be packing my things after".
The door was already open, and i could see him looking out of the window, cigar in one hand, the other in his pocket. I knocked anyway, he turned around.

Risdale - Sit down.

I could tell he was mad, this wasn't going to be good.

Risdale - So. This Blackburn any good eh? Thought he was good enough to go over my head eh? Good enough to put this club in more financial needs?

Yep, i could see exactly where this was going.

Risdale - You're treading a fine line Abbott. When i hired you i expected you to make every decision with the club's best interest at heart...

I couldn't hold it any longer, it just came out.

Me - And that's exactly what i have done. I think it's about time someone questioned your authority and interest.
Risdale - You think my interests are at question here?

He had put down his cigar, things have gotten serious.

Me - Well i certainly haven't seen you make a good decision yet. You won't let this club get a parent club to boost the financial income, you repeatedly moan about the financial worries and you hit the roof when i added a Reserves manager for next to no wage!

"Well put." I figured i had better complement myself, no one else will.

Risdale - I started this club, i funded this club, and i will keeping funding it until we get as high as possible.
Me - Right now is as high as you will get, if you keep rejecting ways to move on! I'm prepared to work for you Mr. Risdale, but sometimes my choices are better than yours.

He face was purple now.

Risdale - How fucking dare you! You've only been here a few days, you know nothing of this club!
Me - That may be true, but i know enough about football to know how to move on!
Risdale - Let me tell you something about football that you may not know, i'm at the fucking top here. Not you, not your assistant, me!

"That ignorant Wanker." Still i wasn't prepared to lose my job, so i'll let it slide.I'll just remain silent.

Risdale - Now get out of my office, and don't expect paying this week!

"That's it? No pay for a week.He will not be happy with me in the next few days then."
the first tactic is a very attacking one so maybe we can try to retrain some strikers to amr aml position with the right footed on aml and left footed on amr. this make the winger cut inside making it more or less 3 strikers up front


"Well it could have gone better, it could have gone worse"Mulling over the friendlies i realise that there is still a lot of work to do before we start the competitive campaign. Need to set finishing training for a few strikers, namely Amod.
You beat Worksop :( that's where my family is from! Banned :P
2013-06-03 20:38#108535 Blue : You beat Worksop :( that's where my family is from! Banned :P

Haha, i never even heard of them :P
Haha. Matt Ashton scored against Ashton United. :D
Strolling along the training pitch, overlooking today's training i see a face running towards me, it was Vasil.

Vasil - Gaffer, can i have a word?
Me - Yeah sure.

We walk over to one side, my mind currently trying to work out what Vasil could possibly want me for.

Vasil - I'm not very happy with your decision to give my captaincy away to Paul, and not even consider me as Vice - Captain. I've let me feeling be known around the squad.
Me - First of all, you're only 18. You will get your shot, but i feel now isn't your time. Secondly, Paul is the Assistant manager as well, and the more experience, it only makes sense.

I thought i made a vaild point, but Vasil didn't appear to be taking this lying down.

Vasil - See, that's another example of you not treating me right.

"What have i done wrong here?"

Me - Look, i'm sorry i didn't mean to cause offence, but i just don't think you're ready to be captain yet, and if you carry on with that attitude, i may never be.

This apparently touched a nerve as Vasil appeared to rise above me.

Vasil - I'm not dropping this easily, it's an important matter to me.

"Fucking hell" i muttered under my breath.

Me - Look, Vasil, you're 18 years old! You have a huge career ahead of you, worry about your football more than trying to boss about others.
Vasil - I'm not backing down here, i don't think i can work with you after this treatment. I'm not happy at all at how you've treated this!

By this time, Vasil's voice was so loud the entire squad was watching. He turned away and stormed to the changing room. I turned to the rest of the squad.

Me - You see that? That's how not to become a professional footballer!

Unrest At The FM Dressing Room

With the relationship between the manager and the Chairman already in jeopardy, Daniel Abbott as reportedly upset another member of the FM Scout team today. 18 year old Vasil Nedialkov from Bulgaria stormed away from a training session at the Manchester club after manager Daniel Abbott took his captaincy away.

Reports claim that the midfielder was extremely upset the decision to hand the captaincy to Player/Assistant Paul Bolsens, and can now no longer work under Abbott.

When asked to comment on the matter, Abbott refused. Speculations as to how whether he will get sacked in the next week are already growing, with some saying he will be given the first game of the season to prove his worth.
If you hit the season with a good start they are going to turn around even vasil

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