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Once in a lifetime; Road to Dream

What was but a fantastical dream yesterday, can become the beautiful vision of tomorrow.
Started on 2 June 2013 by Okikos
Latest Reply on 2 July 2013 by Okikos
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Okikos's avatar Group Okikos
7 yearsEdited

Second guessing and clouds of doubt.

I been playing very good football but we have not play well as a team. Mr. Hayford is silent, always giving instructions and making changes but he never happy because we have been very very disappointing. We are one of top team in Ghana but only bottom half of the Glo Premier League. We all try very hard. A lot of teammates are fed up with the way things are going and I fear that the team fall apart. We need to stay together as Mr. Owusu said. If we are not united we never get anywhere.

Last week I have big fight with man called David Ashong. David Ashong be at Ashanti Gold his whole career so he was important part of the team and good player. But David and me play same defence midfield position on the pitch. When I was playing well, Boss had to demote David to the bench so that I could play. David argue with boss but he did not listen. He only say that the best player play, the hardest worker succeed. I am sad because I do not want to make bad friends with anybody. I am here to play and enjoy football and earn money for my family but I am causing distress. I don't know if maybe I want to leave Ashanti Gold for everybody sake.

Today David Ashong left the team on free transfer to Feyenoord Fetteh. They are good team that have been playing well and they are 7th in the Glo Premier League. We are below them but Boss says that David left because he was lazy and he did not want a fight for his position. I think professional football is cruel and harsh..

He left because he knew Obed is better.
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7 yearsEdited

The first horror of fame: The media.

The season is coming to an end and I have been very happy with my performance so far in the season. I had two 'Player of the Match' awards and I have score some goals to win us games. We are 4th now, much better than last time and we are on top of Feyenoord Fetteh which is David's team.

I am really happy and enjoying my football and everything seems good and great back home as well. I cannot wait to start earn big money so that I can pay for a trip for my family to see Obuasi. It is a very nice area. If we can buy a big house here it will maybe be good for the whole family.

Yesterday I was called with Boss to do a press conference. It is the first one I have ever done because Boss in the past told the media to stay away. Mr. Owusu said that because I am young I need protection from the media but I told Boss that I do not want to be treated like a child. I thought I say something bad because Boss looked very angry at me but he agreed to the press conference.

They said lots of things and ask lots of things to me. I was surprised because I am sure Boss could have told me a lot of the things they did. They tell me I break record for youngest player to ever play in Glo Premier League and that there were big teams abroad that want me to play for them. I was very surprised because it means I could have been getting more money for my family. They even explain that my contract was one of the lowest at the club even though I was best player. They also tell me that because I am young player with big potential, I help the club make money- sell shirts and become more popular. But if I help the club make more money, why do they not give me more money for my family? A promise was not kept.

I did not say anything, Boss did not say anything. If I can do better for myself and my family, then maybe.. Maybe Ashanti Gold is no good for me.

I have made good friends here, Dauda and Owusu have helped me a lot since I came. Before I make any decision I talk to them, to good friends. But I tell Boss that I want to make decision over my future football career. Decision for club sake and my sake. I make that decision after the last game of the season next week.

I have a funny feeling the future lies abroad. :D
Nice read so far, this is a very interesting and entertaining story :)
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7 yearsEdited
@Toon: He can't handle the truth.

@Rablador: NAAAH. I think he'll stay right where he is :D

@Justice: Much appreciated! I try to keep it interesting :)
To Europe he goes...? :D
Awesome updates Oki! On the road to bigger and better things!
Love this story, breath of fresh air :D Keep it up mate!!
Deleted's avatar Deleted
A good read. Nice & original story
Fantastic story :D Keep it up!
@Glenn T: We'll just have to wait and see!

@k1rups: I hope so too! ;)

@neal09: Thanks! I will :)

@KingPadster: Thank you. :)

@OnTheBallCityNCFC: Much appreciated!

Your comments keep me going guys, :D
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7 yearsEdited

Tragedy, the career crossroad.

There are times in life where you wonder why God lets bad things happen. If God is such a wonderful God, a loving God. If we are all his children, why does he allow bad things to happen to his children? What father will do that? Today when we were on our way to our last match of the season at Accra Hearts of Oak, a group of armed robbers attacked our bus. They crossed our bus with a big lorry and came out with black cloth over their faces and carry guns. The driver tried to drive away and Boss phoned the police. They break the bus door and come in and make all of us put our hands on our heads. There were only five or so of them, and 27 of us but we were all very scared. Me and a lot of the teammates were crying. I have never been so scared in my life.

It is not common for something like that to happen. Boss say it is an 'isolated incident' but I feel like there was no protection otherwise. I cannot endanger my own life anymore because I only come to play football and not to be prey for arm robbery. They take the boots that I worked hard all season to buy. They will definitely sell it for more money to more criminals. Here in the City people are scared because the criminals have guns. If it was in my village, the village men will chase them out with cutlasses.

They asked us whether we have call the police. We were all silent. So one of them shot his gun and then they asked again. My head was down and I was crying, so at the time I did not know what they shot. Soon the police were nearby and they come quickly to sort out the problem. When the robbers saw the police they started running away. There were gun shootings outside and I think the police catch two of the robbers. But when I raise my head everybody was in shock. Ibrahim Fatih-Abdulla, our reserve goalkeeper, was killed.

They cancel our match today and organise a 90 minute memorial service for Ibrahim. I hope he rest in peace because he did not deserve to die. Maybe if we had police escort then this would not have happened. But if I had never come to this club I would never experience a tragedy like this. I don't want this drama in my life. I am scared, and I am by myself with no family around me. I want to go back home.

I am only 15 years old. I still have a very long life ahead of me. Why should I put myself in danger to play for a club that lies to me? Tonight I write letter back home to my family. When I get their reply I will decide whether to go back home or to leave Ashanti Gold forever. The decision cannot wait.

Now that update was :( worthy.
Dat update :(

RIP Ibrahim. Gone, but never forgotten.


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