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Once in a lifetime; Road to Dream

What was but a fantastical dream yesterday, can become the beautiful vision of tomorrow.
Started on 2 June 2013 by Okikos
Latest Reply on 2 July 2013 by Okikos
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11 yearsEdited

I suppose I better start by saying: "Hello all!" I've only been around for about two-three days but I really like the place. This is my first official post too and it will be the project I intent to do for hopefully a very long and satisfying time. There are a lot of great stories around, and I know my one won't be one of them. But I thought I could give it a go! Special thanks to people on the General Chat who have encouraged me to do a story! I don't know anyone here so it was nice to see that people were friendly and helpful :)

This will be a 'Be a Pro'-esque story which will then develop into a managerial career. I will follow the career of Obed Acquah from humble beginnings- hopefully to greatness and take you every step of the way. It may take a bit longer to do posts because it will be in first person. Please read, enjoy and feel free to offer constructive criticism whenever you can! This story cannot be any good without your help :)


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11 yearsEdited

Gloom looms, desperate beginnings.

My name is Obed Fifi Asare Acquah. I am 14 years old now and I live in Adenta in Accra in Ghana. I live with my Mama and my Papa but I do not have brotha or sista. I go to a school close to my house called King of Glory School. It is a good school. I have some good friends there and here in my area. This is also a nice area. Since the day I was born I live in Adenta.

Mama bot this diary for me to so that I can write my memory down. This is the first time that I rite in the diary because I got it yesterday. Mama says memories are very important. Memories is what makes me and you good pepol. Old and grey pepol have lots of memories and that is why they can use to teach us. Old pepol are very wise. I wish I can write down happy memories here but I cannot do that. I cannot do that because Papa is very very sick.

Everyone in the family is very very sad. Mama has stop going to village meeting and party in the church hall because she is too sad. Grandma is also very very sad but she smiles everyday and tell everybody to stay strong. Papa sleeps all day long and coughs all night long. Mama is always by his side because sometimes he cannot eat his food his self and he cannot move out of the bed. I share the other bed with my grandma.

This weekend there are important pepol coming to the local pitch. My friends say that they are scouting for Glo Premier teams in Ghana. I believe this is the only way I can help my Papa. My friends invited me to come because I play very good football for the school. My Mama sed that if the scout notice my talent I can go and earn a lot of money. I want money. I want a lot of money so I can pay for a very very good doctor for my Papa.
Good start and best of luck and you never know your story could become one of the best just stick by it. :)
Nice writing style, very original. Keep up the good work I guess! :)
A very promising start, i look forward to seeing how this progresses, oh and welcome :)
Wow mate, this is really original and captivating. I'll definitely be following and it'll be interested how this boy will fare in the footballing world! :)
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11 yearsEdited

A glimmer of hope, the dream.

Sister Joyce took me in a taxi to the pitch today. She sed I should not waste my energy. It is the third time I have drive in a taxi. My friends and I tried very hard and played very good match of football. We play so well that many pepol gathered around to watch. The important men came and came to talk to me and two of my friends after the match. They said that we were very talentful and that they wanted us to try out at the teams.

I was offered a place at Kotoko, Hearts and Ashanti Gold . They are top three football clubs in Africa and Sister Joyce was very very happy. I am also very very happy, because now I can get money to pay for my Papas health. In the end I choose Ashanti Gold, even though I support Kotoko. I choose Ashanti Gold because they offer more money and they promised to help my Papa. I could not refuse them.

My mother spent her money on nice big bag for me to pack my clothes and things. Because today I am moving to Obuasi to play for Ashanti Gold. I am very very excited but I am also very sad, Mama and Grandma cried when I sed goodbye. It is for the best. I will send them back money for Papa and work hard to become a good player.

When Papa is healthy again I want him to be proud of me.

@FM King: Thanks! And I'll try to stay as motivated with it as possible.

@Rablador: Thanks, I was hoping to do something a little different!

@ziechael: Hope you stay interested! And thanks, it's good to be here.

@The Madridista: That was the effect I was aiming for, so it's nice to know it was a good read! Stay tuned.
Great start Okikos. Very interesting idea. I can't wait to see where Obed Acquah career takes him.
This is a great start to a great story mate! Keep it up definitely got my attention
Nice idea to develop it into a manager career, will you be managing as him, or will he just become a manager and see what happens?
Wow, weird, I was gonna write a story about a Ghanian footballer from Accra... crazy. Good luck with this mate, good start!
Wow mate great start. Have you wrote stories before cuz this one is just ace.
Okikos's avatar Group Okikos
11 yearsEdited

Settling in, calm before the storm.

When I got to Obuasi they showed me the dormitries for the bording school that I had to attend. The rooms were nice and more clean than at home. The other boys also seemed very friendly and they asked a lot of questions about playing for Ashanti Gold. I told them everything I know. My friends sometimes talked about this back home in Adenta. When you play for a big club you become really popular to young people. I understand what is happening now.

Right now I am payed £9 a week for my youth contract. The director said that when I am 17 years old I will be payed £650 a week on a proper contract. That is a lot of money. Even with £9 I can send some back home to my family at home. £650 is too much!

I trained with the first team today. We did a lot of fitness training and excercises and then we play football in small groups of pepol. I do not think I did very well because I was very slow in the sprints. I did very much better in the training with the ball because that is what I like. The coaches says I am a very good player. They told me about John Mensah, who come through this club when he was young and played for Lyon. The coaches say Lyon is a very very big club in France. But I find French difficult in school and not a very nice language- so I told the coaches I will never go to France. The coach laugh and say maybe I will go there for holidays when I am big big player.

I never think about going abroad into foreign country like France. But I miss Mama and Papa back home. So I write letter to ask how are they doing.

@edu1878: Cheers. I can't wait either :P

@k1rups: Great to know you're aboard! Will try to keep things going.

@Louis O.: I'll be managing as him. I've intentionally made it so that he retires straight after playing so I can take up the reigns.

@Toon: Of course you were :P Thanks!

@wellsy1498: Nope! This is my first couple of posts and my first ever story, appreciate the comments! Thanks!

From now onward I'll be dropping a screenie of Obed's progression in stats on the end of every diary entry. Be sure to click it! Thanks for all the comments too guys.

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