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Once in a lifetime; Road to Dream

What was but a fantastical dream yesterday, can become the beautiful vision of tomorrow.
Started on 2 June 2013 by Okikos
Latest Reply on 2 July 2013 by Okikos
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:'( A twist. A very very sad twist. :(
@Louis O.: :(

@Glenn T: :( RIP Ibrahim.

@Rablador: Life is cruel :(
Okikos's avatar Group Okikos
7 yearsEdited

A new beginning, the decision.

Considering everything that has passed and will come from now, my decision was very very clear. There was no way I could carry on in a place like this. No logical reason to play for a team thatwas not even honest with me. I even hear from some of my good frieds like Bright, Kwaku and Mustpha that some of the team want me to leave anyway. They do not like that I play good football and they think I am over-confident and big headed. I have not even ever done anything to hurt anybody, so why are they like this? Ever since I come to the club I have try to be respectful and dignified. I know I am youngest player here, that I have much to learn than all of them.

But my friends also mention something else. They say that I have brought new life to the team. Everybody work harder because they know their position is no longer safe, and we manage to really turn our bad season form around to have respectable finish. The players enjoy play with me because I enjoy play with them, and most of them enjoy football as more than a job. A lot of the young players in the youth my age have also be inspired by me, and they work very hard now to realise their talent. I am proud to have made a good impact on the club. I didn't know that I had done any good for them at all.

Boss today pull me out of training and we have a long chat. But he do all the talking. He made very long and heartfelt apology for everything that happen since I arrive and entrusted me with the decision of whether I leave. He explain the reason behind his actions and how the Chairman is controlling what he do or he lose his job.He also tell me about offers from Berekum Chelsea and Asante Kotoko for a move away from the club. He also tell me about a possible exciting move to abroad.

In the last letter I recieved from my family, my Mama say that my Papa say that what has not killed me will make me stronger. He want me to take full opportunity given to me and have no regrets because I am following a dream. He tell me of his dream to see me play at the World Cup.. and I cry when I read his words. If I do not pull through this difficult time and show courage and commitment to follow my dream then I will shame my Papa and insult his dream. I have decided that I will stay at the club. But in three years when I come of age, I will leave for bigger things outside. I believe this is the best plan for me, because I want to make Papa proud.

Do if for Pops!
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So Sad :'(
Great updates mate awesome writing and a very sad twist :( #RIPIbrahim

Every cloud has a silver lining.

It has been a few months since Ibrahim passed away, and we will be have a memorial testimonial match in his honour. A lot has happened in that time and I have managed to play a lot of football, good football. Mr. Hayford has been kind to me and brought me into the team gradually and now I regular start in defense midfield for Ashanti Gold. I know I am only 15 years old, but I have worked on my body strength and now I feel confident showing my play.

Today the newspeople asked me whether I had ever considered representing Ghana internationally, and I was very very surprised. Although I play very well for Ashanti Gold and I recieve a lot of praise and recognising I did not think I will ever be good enough to play for Ghana. Only the best get choose to represent their country on the world stage. The biggest stage of all. I am only a young player trying to make some money for my family.

Yesterday we attented the annual awards ceremony for the season's close. I only play for Ashanti Gold for half the season so I thought it was obvious I would not be considered for any award, but I won one! I was named the 2012/13 Breakthrough Player of the Year. It is a great honour for me because it mean that I have done well. I know I still must improve but it looks as though I have a bright future if I work hard. I don't want to let this award to go to waste and I want to fulfill the potential that Mr. Owusu say I have. For myself and for Papa who believed in me. Also for my family.

Fantastic. Congratulations to Obed! :)
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One award of many hopefully :)
@Glenn: It's great! :)

@Deleted: Yeah, no doubt. :)

The road to better things.

Since winning my first award for the club, a lot has largely stayed the same. I have completed another season at the club and been named young player of the year once again at the annual awards ceremony. Things are going well, going smoothly and I can only look forward to the future. There are even reports of a media campaign to get me included in the U20 Squad for Ghana. I believe it would be an absolute honour for me to play for my country.

As a player and a person I believe I have improved and matured. I like to play now in a midfield pair or in defensive midfield. It gives me time and space on the ball, and allows me to best use my hard work and strength. I have filled in in defence on occasion and I am comfortable playing there as well. I think the most enjoyable thing about playing in this kind of position is how much you can help your team. When I was younger I only cared about goals and dribbling. But now, I appreciate the tactical side of the game as well as my role.

Tomorrow I make a long time return to my home village, to visit my parents and grandmother. I have been excited for months now about the visit, and I cannot wait to show them how much I have grown. I will also be able to pay for re-doing the house and making it a safer place to live. But most of all I cannot wait to see my father. Without him I do not think I would even be close to where I am now, and I owe all my commitment to him. His dream is what drives me on and has become my own dream.

great update Oki, hope his parents recognise him ;)
Awesome to see this back on Oki. One of my favorite stories on the site!

P.S. Is that Al-Ahly I see? ;)
Glad to see this return :D
Some great updates mate keep it up.

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