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The Winning Potion

Started on 3 June 2013 by KingPadster
Latest Reply on 14 June 2013 by OnTheBallCityNCFC
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Thierry Henry has described Per Mertesacker’s recent form as “perfect” as the Arsenal defender carried his team once again through a difficult month.

The German has arguably been Arsenal’s best defender and one of the league’s leading centre backs this season with 8 goals in 9 games.

His form has placed him 3rd in the top goalscorers list and helped Arsenal to a 6th place position after a poor start to the season, prompting Henry to praise him.

“He’s coming out of his shell and it’s visible for everyone to see. As he gets older he gets better and better and we are very lucky he’s in such form.

“He’s been perfect for us and I’m sure we will look back at his performances this season and thank him for it. Mertesacker is a heroic player.

“Per is also scoring goals I would be proud to score. 8 goals so far already is a massive boost for us.”
Per will overtake Henry's goalscoring record! Fantastic few updates mate
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Important Announcement

Writing stories has been a great experience for me and one I’m certainly looking to back up my journalistic credentials with in the future. I’ve done two stories in my time here on FMScout and have enjoyed producing them for you guys.

But as I’m finding out, story writing isn’t for everyone and it is for that very reason why I have decided to end my story writing days here. I have got what I wanted out of it which was the experience and I’m glad I did, it is certainly a memorable one.

I thank you all for the support you have given to me in making this some sort of success. It’s been truly overwhelming at times and has made this experience worth it. I’ll still be checking out people’s stories and lurking around the chat as I do but as far as story writing is concerned, I’ve reached the end of the tunnel.

Thank you once again to all the guys that commented and helped me improve my story as a whole. I’ll see you guys around!
This was a pretty damn good story, one I enjoyed reading. Sad to see it go, but happy to have been able to read it :)
It's unfortunate you aren't carrying on this story. I really enjoyed reading it, and like Neal said, happy to have done so. :)
It really bummed me out reading that last update! I hope, that if you write a story back again, you will top this one, which was great! So much success with Arsenal! Good luck Padster.
Nooo!!! It's a pity you're not going on with your story... But I enjoyed it very much meate! You did a good job here... :)
Ah was really enjoying this! As the others have said happy to have been able to read it!
Oh no man! - so gutted this has ended - one of the best stories I've read - hope you make a new one soon
This was a fantastic story, as was your last one. Thanks for writing them Padster! Good job
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Important Announcement

Once again I would like to thank you guys for all the support you have shown in my stories and it is for that very reason that I have had a rethink.

Yesterday when I decided to pack it in. I just felt as though what I had done was a cool experience and something I could say I have done. One of the main purposes was to create something that would actually be part of my journalism unit, which thanks to your kind comments, I have been able to use.

Writing stories was always something I fancied after just simply reading stories such as Blue’s, Glenn’s and Justice’s. I never had the courage but there come the day when I said, “Let me just give it a shot”!. And so I did.

But there come to a stage where I thought, “right I’ve given this a go and got some valuable experience, I think I’m done here.”

However, as some of you may know, story writing is very addictive and something I enjoy a lot. Combine that with the support I have received and it makes it very difficult for me to walk away from this.

Therefore I am tempted to start a new story. I won’t be continuing this story but the option for a new one is open and I’d like to know what you guys think and what team I should be if I am to return?

Thank You once again!
WOOO! Another Padster story! I don't care what team it is. If its anything like the last 2 stories, it will be great ;)

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