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Marty McFly: Future Football

Started on 12 June 2013 by JayZambo
Latest Reply on 23 June 2013 by 93:20
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2013-06-12 12:49#111574 Okikos : Boo! I want to hear about the real best player in the world! :)

Joey Barton?
Joey Barton :))

Great write up on Messi, Jay!
Pre-Season / August Review

It's been a funny old few months as an Arsenal fan. First, we get the shock appointment of an unknown American as manager. Then we get to see our star strikers trade angry words with the manager...and now, three games in to the season we realise it's all a bit....meh.

This is where we hoped for the best. It was reported that McFly had been given a 40m war chest to spend on strengthening the squad this season. That meant we could hope for at least one marquee signing...instead we've got, well...I don't know. They're all fairly young, so I'm hoping that McFly has seen some potential in them, but we need players that can also deliver right now and I'm not entirely convinced these new faces can.

OUT to West Brom (Loan)

IN from Juventus (P/Ex 6m + Wu Jianmin)

OUT to Inverness Caledonian Thistle (Loan)

IN from Ajax (15m)

IN from Liverpool (6m)

OUT to Chelsea (20m)

IN from Cardiff (24.5m)

OUT to Colchester (Loan)

OUT to Southampton (7.5m)

IN from Cardiff (6m)

I'm hoping there will be more to come. But even with my GCSE maths, I can figure out there's not much left in the kitty to spend. I'd like to see another winger or two and a better keeper, but you can't have it all I suppose! (Unless you're a Man. City fan!)

Pre-Season 2040-2041

Well, the pre-season didn't go too badly, although there weren't really any challenging matches for our boys in red. We picked up five wins in five and although there really isn't such a thing as a 'competitive friendly', some of the matchups did end up being pretty close to call! 0 - 2 Arsenal
Storgaard (71), Alejandro (76) 0 - 1 Arsenal
Williams (63) 2 - 3 Arsenal
Woodford (13), Cole (pen 58) - Hercules (9), Dresler (37, 41) 0 - 3 Arsenal
Yusuf (22), Gautier (27, 30) 1 - 2 Arsenal
Mosakeng (30) - Guidotti (10), Williams (74)

The worst result is kind of a tie between the Portland game and the Charlton game...we should have expected to win both of those games with ease, but in the end we managed just to scrape a win...let's hope the winning (by whatever means necessary) is a sign of things to come.

Premier League - August 2040

So here we are, the kick off of the English Premier League and an opportunity to see what our new man in charge, Marty McFly, can really do. He's been busy on the training pitch and busy in the transfer we should be looking at a completely different brand of football on the field! 0 - 0 Newcastle

A typical bore draw. This is something my Dad was used to watching Arsenal do in the early 90's, not the Arsenal style of today! There was no fluid movement, no tiki taka passing, no...well, anything really. Newcastle probably had the best of the chances at the end of the day...this was definitely one to forget! 3 - 7 Arsenal
Rekecki (7, 36, 80) - David (22), Yusuf (28, 39, 51), Storgaard (33), Roca (41), Cirovic (54)

Now this was more like it! An emphatic win...albeit against vastly inferior opposition. In Rekecki, Hull have one of the most prolific goalscorers in the League. Thankfully, the rest of his team are well below par and didn't really cause us any threat. Our finishing was clinical today and it really did play out like a game of Attack vs Defense. Yusuf snagged a hat trick on his full Arsenal debut...not a bad way to introduce yourself to the Gunners faithful! Keep it up lad! 1 - 3 Cardiff
Yusuf (64) - Daniel (28, 38), Stamou (42)

I don't even....What the hell happened here? At the Emirates, with a much better team on paper, we should have walked this one...yet we found ourselves on the end of a hammring, 0-3 down by half time!
If you watched this at home like me (I'm not forking out for a ridiculously priced match day ticket!) I hope you were screaming at the manager like I was. When Cardiff played the ball around our defence like a merry dance, it was obvious they wouldn't be able to cope and some re-shuffling was going to be needed. Ryan Bertrand, the Cardiff manager had McFly's number all game and he played his tactics to perfection. Yusuf salvaged a bit of face for us in the second half, but it was too little too late.

After a very inconsistent first few matches and some shocking results where we should have been picking up a full nine points for this run in....I'm already starting to hope that the new manager Marty McFly will make like his name and McFly back to America and leave our club alone!

Heh things are very interesting!
could u post like history of the major leagues past winners and ladders of each league in england to see where teams are in the year 2040!
Deleted's avatar Deleted
great idea, good start

Just a quick one to say that (sadly) I will not be continuing this story.

I recently got a new laptop and gave my old one to my missus. Before I could think to transfer my game saves across to the new machine, she had already started re-formatting and installing a new Windows!

I do plan on doing a new story, but I think I'll leave the 'Future Football' idea for FM14!

I hope to do something similar to the San Marino Challenge in my new story...stay tuned for updates!
Nice, love the story idea. Will follow!
*sigh* 93:20, read what he's posted before commenting -__-
2013-06-23 15:46#115105 Arvind : *sigh* 93:20, read what he's posted before commenting -__-
I know he copied it, but he still implemented it well. Who cares if it was off another site, it's a site not a war..

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