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GNK Dinamo 2012/2013

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Started on 27 June 2013 by Diazepamll
Latest Reply on 26 March 2019 by Diazepamll
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In the deep hurt , shocked and terribly sad wish to express my sincere condolences to the family of Davor Sever , all friends and HNK Rijeka .

It made us very touched by this terrible news of the sudden interruption of the young man's life in which we are a society , as well as countless times in recent years , enjoyed a few days before the derby Dinamo - Rijeka . Davor was always in a good mood , he had an answer to every question or solution to a problem . And all with a smile on his face.

He was much more than " just " a professional. He loved his job , the club where he worked , and it showed ; at every turn , every second . It can not play ... I will miss just because everyone who knew him and had the good fortune to work with him .

GNK Dinamo wants once again to express my sincere condolences to the family of tragically killed Davor , as well as all the friends and the whole club . We did , and we are all the others , we will never forget . Athlete , colleagues , sports rival , friend ...

Rest in peace !
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Player of the Match - Mislav Leko


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How long have u been doing this story?! Will you ever stop.
2015-08-14 03:16#218476 Ta31_a : How long have u been doing this story?! Will you ever stop.

Simply put, i dont know buddy...
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Today Lokomotiva standing on seventh place table against Slaven Belupo on fourth place after last round they 0:0 against RNK Split which puts in fron Rijeka which is now third with two point in front them but play next hard match against hard Dinamo not knowing for lose after season break and are in chance to secure leauge first position on if Hajduk continue with bad form, on other side Rijeka win would put them on same amount of points like Hajduk and hold third place no matter if Slaven Belupo today win. In all that chaos of first four going into chance for outside competition are Zadar and Osijek with 44 points and Zadar having 40 but both team with 31 matches played while Slaven Belupo and Rijeka 30.

Last match Rijeka win over last Cibalia with 5:1 away where Agdon and whole team showed what they can do from any position. Slaven Belupo went to Split where they could not find goal and NK Split saved one point.

Dinamo was playing on closed ground and fans where not allowed to get onto west part of stadium because of rude words to boardroom and bench. Also one Dinamo player showed fans with finger what he thinks about it.

Dinamo boss reply on that with... we are winning, showing what quality we have when its most hard and when you go into match which is also hard with concetrated players giving all to get us points which can provide us title even before we expected and when you are proud on that and see player coming out of pitch totaly out of breath and then after match is over all without breath even i sayed them few times to stop and take breather no matter are we only one goal in front or not... and than instead of we get feedback from stands we are drowned with that rude words coming from peoples we expected to play for. Its just something i will probably never understeand. I was working in France before and i do not remember bullshit like that. Maybe they have something against me because i take cocaine or some other stuffs, maybe they have something against me because i didnt pay taxes for my truck even tho i am still on trial for that and other things not merged with that, but when i am working i am concetrated, i am every day coming to my job, every day i am thinking about next match, going on other towns to watch our next opposition and we needed to something. This most stop sometimes. Do you think i was asking my players in any match to do it for fans? What fans? If someone thinks this is fans he is out of mind... they are fantoms who wants destroy Dinamo and when that day comes granades will fall and no normal man want to see that scenario.

After that we asked him about his next two match against Rijeka...

Well its obvious Rijeka is one of team which is best in HNL for this two season, they had great players and i am not sure how Matjaž Kek was not able to sustain and hold position which were everyone expected on the end of last season it was just shocking to see Rijeka destroyed from start till end but i was commented that and i think Zoran Vulić showed his manager skills and looks he was the one needed to get all merge together in one piece and if you ask me, he did a pretty fckin good job.

You will have two match against them, first in Rijeka on Kantrida than on Maksimir. What do you think about chances?

Well i know many managers saying that they are in better form overall than we are and i agree to some degree but looking on their players in first eleven and our than i come to conclusion that i cannot say to myself and players we cannot win or watch for any of those guys there... i cannot and reason is that aprox same to Hajduk they were not in outside competition, they fallen in first match of Croatian Cup and then saying Kek went off, Vulic came and now they are best, i think its not fair to say that because we had tighter fixtures and we needed to rotate them, also all knows that Mamič made great youth addons on stadium for youths, we also buy a three youth players from which we expect a lot and on top of that when i talk about who is better i think that our team has youths in first eleven on at least two places and even tho they are working great and showing what they can do or sometimes made mistake which is of course nothing strange since they are playing with seniors its to be expected to be one of best players when they grow up. Board room and me for sure wants to ensure that Dinamo became a better and more quality team than before.

Who would you state like a most tough player in Rijeka eleven?

For me its Boras and Neretljak in collaboration with Sluga on goalkeeping position... I was thinking when Mance went off that they will have problems but this youth is really something to expect for in future. Also Agdon and Marcone who is here from start of the season, both fuckers know how to get trough any defense and score, its hard to stop them but also looking and point only them us danger would be big mistake. Their whole team is like one and we also would like that but since this is HNL and not some other competition where is normal to play without not so much rotation outside and inside we are and will be some time to just do that.

So do you belive Rijeka could stop you and get closer to you?

I think hard. We are not scared, you also know that we are working on our attack and mostly we are training that because players are getting jaded and i will want every part of pitch and every player in team to work inside their zone and with direct balls so that we stay fresh for other fixtures. Also we know if we take both matches and take 6 points from it, we are title winners.

You are have finally come to a day where you can rest a little from HNL and other... How is that infect the players?

Well its obvious few players are jaded so i would say it was just in time but also i was impressed with few players asking me to give them more so i did and thats very nice because its showing their talent and how hard they want to work which will add us more confidence in club for next seasons.

Will you based on that going on Kantrida for three points?

Yes, we will look three points because i think after all this with fans and because of few day rest we will not be able to show more we could on Kantrida but i am absolutely sure we would ensure there not to get back without no points.


Well i was talking about them mostly and here is what happened and i think problem came after they were had two points in had of us and Vahid knowing about fixtures no matter they had games in front of us was bad... not only that he sayed to nation how they are already winers but also talking about that he would rather fight for some jewerly ... i think that was point which was wrong because players going into match thinking all is setup and they just need to play how they did to ensure first place they were holding with more matches than us and some other teams can push them in most worst scenario. They are far away from us to talk right now about first place, they are now somewhere where we playing matches to ensure them that second place since we are playing two times with Rijeka but on the other side there is Slaven Belupo and even Mršić and their team were stop with point in Split it was like that also last year which means Hajduk will be in big problems if they dont start to play at bigger level and Vahid is the one who now needs to slow down and get sure they dont fall more down and from my look, that is big posibility now.

Do you belive Osijek and Zadar could make this four places even more messed up?

I think there its possible even its hard to say it right now and i would not add Osijek even tho i know i was last season and this expect more its just looks they are not that level, in Zadar, i didnt expect they will play so good and have points how much they have now and i think they could made some mess, yes.

Will you go watch Lokomotiva verus Slaven Belupo?

Yes i will, we will play with Lokomotiva three more matches and also one against Slaven Belupo, after that i am same day coming back to train so that we can be prepared for Rijeka, we know they can put us in not too good position and we need to avoid that, not because of Hajduk but because of them. They are team which could provide us problem, thats how good they are.

There are also manager of month and it looks you or Vulic are in so from look on your and his team is that maybe why you go for positive result and not thinking about losing any points?

I dont think about it but i am pretty sure players do.

About Croatian Cup?

Well, my opinion, we are better and we will do everything to lift that trophy, we deserved it and we are better than Lokomotiva. Thank you.

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