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The 11:11 Challenge ~ Pentagon Variation

A variation from the Pentagon Challenge
Started on 5 July 2013 by jpms666
Latest Reply on 23 April 2014 by jpms666
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Hey again !!

Louis O. had a good guess but ... It just wasn't quite right :P
I leave you with the reasons that lead Louis to think that Persepar was the right team (Good ones by the way)!

They use red on their kits indeed, and they sure have a "?" on them too ! ahah Good one Sir Louis O. ;)

NEW HINT: As you may notice, teams in Indonesian First Division have similar names and Logos, I can assure you mine is quite unique on both ;)

Who's going to take the next guess ?!
Persatuan Sepakbola Tulungagung, just because of the name :P

Seriously, Persiku Kudus? Their kit is hideous.
jpms666's avatar Group jpms666
9 yearsEdited
We had another try !!

AlexTHFC It is indeed a hard name to spell but ... It's not the right one :P Neither Persatuan Sepakbola Tulungagung or Persiku Kudus!!

As promised I'm going to leave you with a FUN FACT:

There is an Indonesian Premier Division team with the following name, Semen Padang F.C. !! Yeah you heard me, there is a city with this funny name! Not that hard to pronounce, right AlexTHFC ? :P Not as hard as Persatuan Sepak bola Lhokseumawe (told you there were more difficult names), for example. Here, take the images ;)

NEW HINT: The team I'm talking about doesn't play at the same division as "Semen" despite using the same color, ingame, as them ( RED ) they use another color in real life !!

I'll leave you guys another hint as soon as someone take an educated guess!! ;)
Could it be Pro Duta F.C.? :))

hmm. Wikipedia troll right there.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Just read this, looks exciting! good luck
2013-07-07 05:25#118508 Louis O. : Could it be Pro Duta F.C.? :))

If I had that team I wouldn't have any problems getting promoted and winning Asian Champions League :P Now seriously, it isn't Pro Duta F.C . But I'll leave you one last hint before I reveal the correct team.

LAST HINT: My team plays at the same division and group as Pro Duta F.C and they have one of the easiest names to spell on that same division. They have a horse as logo ;)
Any clue? WHO IS IT? Now it becomes easy! ;)
Damn, stil can't find it!
I think i've cracked it:
Persikaba Blora... red kits in game and:

In real life??

Also your clue about looking for an Indonesian Van 'Persi'e was a good one too
2013-07-09 16:02#118965 ziechael : I think i've cracked it:
Persikaba Blora... red kits in game and:

In real life??

Also your clue about looking for an Indonesian Van 'Persi'e was a good one too

We have a winner at last !!! It is indeed PERSIKABA BLORA !!
They have red kits in game but they wear green ones in real life! The Van "Persi"e reference was a hard hint, didn't expect anyone to notice it, well done Ziechael ;)

That's why my logo and banner are green and that's why I always used the green to Highlight some key words !!

Now that the team is found, I'll start to post my progress since I'm already at season 4.

I would like to thank all the people who tried to guess, specially to Ziechael, who guessed right, and Louis O., as the most interactive person in this "search" !!

Thank you all, I will keep posting about Blora ;)
2013-07-09 12:20#118967 jpms666 : Thank you all, I will keep posting about Blora ;)

And this thread was never updated again. The end.
This post is being updated but I will be moving it to the Football Manager 2014 Challenges ;) Keep in track!

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