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FM Scout United - Here We Go Again!

The attempted revival of FM Scout United
Started on 10 July 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 19 July 2013 by Kane
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Nice start

The Meeting

“I’d like a Big Mac and Diet Coke please. Cheers.” The voice of a man arose from behind a large hat, sunglasses that covered the face, and an expensive jacket. It was unknown, but it looked expensive. The mysterious man took his food, handed over a £20 note, and swiftly turned, briskly walking until he reached the stairs. However, the only things upstairs in McDonalds were the toilets. Why was the man walking up there? Nevertheless, he climbed the staircase, and just before reaching the cubicle, took out a key, and unlocked a large door. He put his food down, and then took off his hat and glasses. It was Sir Bobby Charlton. A footballing great. But what was he doing in McDonalds? Bobby sat down and waited, completing the crossword on the paper he previously took out of his jacket.

Then another mysterious man, also dressed in a large hat and glasses placed his banana milkshake down with a polite “Hello” to Sir Bobby. Bobby looked up and down, followed by a sincere tut. A banana milkshake, what was he thinking? “Hello Zinedine, thank you for coming all this way, I am very grateful.” Zinedine Zidane, another footballing great had joined Sir Bobby in McDonalds. Why? The rest of his guests then filed in. Eusebio, the Portuguese wonder, Zico, and Di Stefano all soon joined him. “Excellent,” said Bobby, with a little smirk. “Just the one left now then. Thank you for waiting.” Finally, entered one of the greatest footballers who has ever lived. Carrying three large Big Macs, two bags of doughnuts, twenty chicken nuggets, a coffee and an extra-large Coca Cola, was Diego Maradona. “Great of you to… join us” exclaimed Bobby, looking at Diego with some disgust.

“So, Bobby, why are we here?” asked Maradona. Everyone was thinking it. “Firstly, I would like to apologize for having to hold the meeting here. My office is being steam cleaned, and well, I was craving a McDonalds this morning. But anyway, my proposal. I assume you have all heard about the Chesterfield Saga. There is now one spot available. This is an incredibly ambitious idea, but one I feel that can work, if we go into this together. My proposal is that we start up a football team. We work our work up, and become the best team in England, the best team in Europe, and even the world!”

After much deliberation, Eusebio and Di Stefano felt it was an excellent idea. Zidane and Zico were well up for the challenge, and Diego thought it was a crazy idea. So he loved it. However, Eusebio was unsure about something.

He spoke, in no more than a whisper, towards Sir Bobby. “Who are we going to have in the team? What will the team even be named?”

“I had an idea someone would ask this.” Sir Bobby spoken in a firm, but kind voice. “I have found one of the greatest communities to ever surf the interweb. They are some of the biggest football fans across the world, and many are willing to put themselves forward as players, to help us out. I have seen them in action and they are a quality team, no star individuals, but a team of workhorses who will get the job done effectively and efficiently. Oh, and your other question. They are on a site known as FM Scout, so there name shall be FM Scout United. A community united, what could be a better name?” The guests suddenly sat up in their seat, all smiling, realise this could work for sure.

"One last thing before you go. You must keep this quiet. I want everything perfect before anyone finds out. I will contact you soon with more details, but gentlemen, I think this is the start of something wonderful.” Players left, thanking Sir Bobby for the opportunity, full of joy and eagerness. Once everyone had left, Bobby sat back to think for a moment. A tear glistened in his eye, and a little burp arose. “Oops, too much caffeine!” He picked up his crossword to complete the final word. He read the question, and smiled.

It was an answer he knew he would get. Six across. Success.
2013-07-10 21:09#119248 Kane : Carrying three large Big Macs, two bags of doughnuts, twenty chicken nuggets, a coffee and an extra-large Coca Cola, was Diego Maradona.
Jesus, Maradona, I knew you were fat but wow. Does he have four pairs of arms or something? :O
Nice update, FMSU is coming, better than anyone in England. :)
i can eat more then maradona :P but i have to stay fit so i keep it with 1 big mac
sick eating by maradona haha glad to see FMSU is alive,we must thank you alot kane :), Long live to FMSU!
Kane, this is liquid gold! You took my average post and made it insanely good! You have to get a career in journalism!
2013-07-10 23:58#119263 Nathaniel : Kane, this is liquid gold! You took my average post and made it insanely good! You have to get a career in journalism!

Oh please! I hope you don't mind me taking the storyline and posts, but they were great, can't go to waste! I'm changing it slightly though, I promise! ;)
Kane's avatar Group Kane
10 yearsEdited

The Unveiling

Sir Bobby had been in numerous interviews, facing all types of questions. As a player, a manager and a director, Bobby Charlton had done it all. But none of that could prepare him for the next interview. The old timer was nervous, and had every right to be. Now into his seventies, he would have to stand up and face millions of people to unveil his new team. The room may have only been filled with a couple of hundreds of people, but millions would be watching on the television, online and listening over the radio. What if he stuttered or mispronounced something? It would make him even more nervous, like a goalkeeper in a penalty shootout. No, he wouldn’t. He has done it before, and can do it perfectly again. After all, he is Sir Bobby Charlton. One thing was getting to him even before though. For Bobby, Memory Lane was the darkest avenue in the world, and he had wished to never go down it again. No, it wouldn’t happen. He decided to create the team in memory and honour of the Busby Babes, but he could never re-create them. The thought bought a tear to his eye. But this team would be better, even stronger. He wiped away the memories, and the salty tear rolling down his cheek, and looked at the clock. 3 o’clock. Let’s roll.

Bobby stepped into the room to rapturous applause, greeted by many adoring fans, of football and of Bobby, the achievements he accomplished, and his phenomenal playing style back in the day. The journalists rose to their feet, like a standing ovation. A standing ovation like Bobby would receive on the pitch, when being subbed off after an excellent game. Bobby beamed with delight, and noticed several familiar faces. Suddenly, all the nerves disappeared. Most of the journalists knew him, and he knew many too, besides the odd young photographer snapping away. He sat down in a reasonable chair. Not leather like he was used to, but not wooden either. Suddenly, a backroom staff member suddenly bought along a new chair. A much nicer, comfier chair. After all, Bobby is a legend. He was prepared mentally, physically and emotionally, despite knowing a barrage was on the horizon, and it was coming his way!

BC - Bobby Charlton
AB – Andy Brown (Journalist)
PS – Pete Sampson (Journalist)

AB – Bobby, congratulations on being given this opportunity. You beat over 300 other applications for the League Two position. That must feel great?

BC – I am ecstatic, this is a wonderful opportunity and I will thrive off of it. I love football, it is my passion, and it is my life. That is why I will not let the PFA down. They have allowed us to go straight into the Football League, rather than starting as an amateur side. It is evident they can see that this team is too strong for an amateur level, and we would breeze the leagues. Nevertheless, I, and the board of directors are very thankful for being allowed to play at a much better standard. Also, on the topic of the team, I think FM Scout United is destined for success. The squad as you know is a community of football fanatics. One individual is known for his exceptional talent. Mike Hunt. Watch out for him, because boy he can finish! But every single player can become a Premier League legend. After all, we are a team, not individuals. I assure you in 10 years time I will be standing right here with a Premier League trophy at the very least, if not even European accolades as well.

AB – The question on everyone’s lips is… Who will be the manager? Rumours are flying fast, but do you have anything to say related to this topic?

BC – Sorry Andy, I don’t want to delve into too much detail just yet. I still have meetings to go to, McDonalds to visit. *Maradona laughs in the background, and then slurps his Coca Cola while chomping on yet another Big Mac* However, I promise you he will be an exceptional manager, and I hope they will stay with this club for years and years to come. Some of you may even know him.

PS – Sir Bobby! Throughout the process of creating this team, did the Munich air disaster, and the death of some of the most promising footballers in the world, help you come to your decision? Has it made you want this even more, or back away in case something similar was to happen again.

BC – I’m not going to lie to you; it’s always in my mind. I think about it every day, the crash, the victims, and the aftermath. But I am not trying to recreate the Busby Babes. Not a chance! What I am trying to do is breathe life into a football team instead of the deaths that they cruelly suffered. This will in fact emulate the Busby Babes. *A tear slowly rolls down the wrinkled cheek of Sir Bobby* I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be like this. *Sir Bobby pulls out a handkerchief and dabs his eyes, while wiping away the wetness on his cheek.* But yes, I aim to emulate the Babes success and commemorate them with one of the best football teams the world has ever seen.

PS – Thank you very much Sir Bobby. I wish you the very best of luck with this team. You are certainly the man to do so, and I can’t wait to be here in 10 years’ time, seeing you with the Premier League Trophy. And if you are, I’ll buy you a drink!

Bobby got up out of his chair, looked around, thanked everyone for coming and quickly left through the back door. He was confronted, and comforted by the directors. Praise was passed around for a fine interview, and then Bobby clocked Norma, out of the corner of his watery eye. “You did great Bobby, they all loved ya,” she exclaimed.

But Bobby knew otherwise. Millions of people were watching, and he broke down, and cried. That’s not what they know Sir Bobby for. Maybe they would think he isn’t the right man for the job now? But he was determined to come back stronger, more determined. Anyway, he had more important things to think about. Like a manager.
Great Interview! Maradona, bless 'im and his Big Macs! :D . Keep up the work, Kane - this is great so far.
Good detail, going well so far, can't wait to see my player :D
At least Maradona is off the meow meow ;) Although his big mac addiction may need checking at some point before it gets out of hand!
Top start :D
N'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :P
i hope that I am still an board :-p

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