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FM Scout United - Here We Go Again!

The attempted revival of FM Scout United
Started on 10 July 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 19 July 2013 by Kane
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Wait, why is there a panda on the badge? There's more than one actually.... there's TWO!
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Managerial Discussions

Once again, Sir Bobby Charlton was sitting, waiting. However, this time he wasn’t sitting above screaming kids, with foods around their mouths, shouting their heads off like a bunch of yobs. This certainly wasn’t McDonalds. This was Rosso. One of the finest restaurants in all of Manchester, and the surrounding area. It was owned by Rio Ferdinand, a good friend of Sir Bobby. This was the sort of place where Bobby didn’t see disguises. Everyone here was well known, and wouldn’t freak over seeing one person. Rosso is a restaurant where a salad costs more than most people earn in a year, and stands proudly at the top of Manchester's prestigious King Street. Nevertheless, the ex-Manchester United director could afford all this luxury, as could the man he was about to meet. He entered, suit fitted to perfection, hair, for one, styled perfectly too. It beats the odd dodgy design he had during his playing days. He sat down next to Bobby, exchanged a brief Hello, and while tucking into his pasta, listened eagerly to what was about to come.

BC – Bobby Charlton
G – Guest

BC - Let’s cut the small talk crap, and get down to business. I want you to be my manager. You’ve seen the interviews and all that, you know what the team is like. The contracts and details will come later, but right now I need to know if you are up for this. This is a one-time offer, as I have plenty of other people begging for this job, this opportunity.

G – Wow. This is a shock. I didn’t think you’d offer me a role like this. I am definitely up for this, it seems like a wonderful opportunity. I promise I will bring this team success, and I will be here for many years, that is if you still want me. I am honoured you have asked me, thank you.

BC – Excellent. I would also like to thank you for flying over here today. I understand 12 hours is a long time, but I hope you can do it again, to stay here permanently. I will be happy to personally find you an excellent location to live in for the time being. Count it as part of your contract.

G – Brilliant. Thanks.

BC – Before I finalise my thoughts on this managerial position, I need to ask you a few questions. What is your understanding of English football like?

G – I know I haven’t played in England, but being in Europe for many years helped me get to see what English football is like, having played against it many times. I have an extensive knowledge of football in general, and I know I can adapt to the English game. I know it.

BC – Ah, I know you’re the right man for this, I don’t need to ask any more questions. I know who I want, and I want you. Thank you for coming, and I hope we can get these details sorted very soon. Just one more thing. Before you leave. Go and speak to Rio, he’s in the back. He wanted to have a few words with you.

And with that, the man got up to leave, shaking the hand of Sir Bobby with a smile from cheek to cheek, and went to find Rio. Bobby laid back in his chair, a regular occurrence it seems now, and mulled over the landmark he had just created. This was it. FM Scout United meant business.
I really wanna know who it is... My first guess what Solskjaer, but they've not played in England... This is really gonna annoy me - you better update it soon :P
2013-07-11 16:27#119389 Nick : I really wanna know who it is... My first guess what Solskjaer, but they've not played in England... This is really gonna annoy me - you better update it soon :P

The next update will be who the manager is. I will probably do it in 2 hours, unless it gets a lot of comments now...
lol, salad's cost more than one man's yearly salary, I wonder what the main courses cost?
Hmmmmm I wonder who it could be? :/
"went to find Rio" is that a clue :D
2013-07-11 16:50#119395 Van Persie : "went to find Rio" is that a clue :D

Well, that's for you to decide...
Tell us, great writing so far !
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The Manager Announcement

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, or Ronaldo as he is commonly known. The Brazilian striker, regarded as a legend, a footballing great, had achieved what many players could only dream of. Playing for the likes of Barcelona, Inter Milan and Real Madrid, leading one of the best national sides in the world, and winning multiple trophies, Ronaldo was seen by all as one of the best strikers ever. To cap his wonderful playing career, he won the World Cup twice, in both 1994 and 2002, while also finishing as running up in 1998. Ronaldo has lived the dream, but still wants more.

And Ronaldo was about to get more. Following a very successful meeting with Sir Bobby Charlton, he was ready to become a manager. FM Scout United had found their manager, and he would be Ronaldo. Ronaldo is respected by all football fans, and being in the same club as legends such as Diego Maradona, Eusebio and Zico would be perfect for him. Ronaldo was sitting in his car, palms sweaty, hands shaking. He had spoken to many journalists as a player, but never as a manager. But he was determined to not let Sir Bobby down, after he had put all his faith in the Brazilian.

He was going to take the team from League Two to the Premier League, and into Europe, he knew it. Then, while thoughts dashed through his mind about what could become a possible outcome after this interview, he saw his agent jogging over to the car. It was time. He unfastened his seat belt, grabbed a chewing gum, and was ready to take on the world.

“Thank you all for coming today, I promise you won’t be disappointed.” Bobby had put all thoughts behind and was totally ready for the next hour. “This has been the best kept secret of the month, but now, I can finally announce to you the news I am absolutely delighted about. You all know we have been searching for the perfect manager, and have now found him. Please welcome the first ever manager of FM Scout United, the Brazilian legend, Ronaldooo!” Sir Bobby was certainly happy about this, and he welcomed Ronaldo to the stage full of glee.

R – Ronaldo
BJ – Beth Jones (Journalist)
JT – Jacob Turner (Journalist)

BJ – So Ronaldo, after a fine playing career, and a few years out of action, how does it feel to become the first manager of FM Scout United?

R – It feels fantastic! I am certainly privileged to be representing Sir Charlton, the directors, and the club. I will put my heart and soul into this club, and will do everything necessary to retain and improve the club’s situation over time. Sir Bobby is a man admired by everyone, so I will be leading, and winning, for him.

JT - Obviously, questions will be asked about whether you have the experience to undertake such a job with no previous experience as a manager? Do you think you can prove critics wrong and have a career as successful as your playing career?

R – Of course, some will think that I am not ready for this. But they are an extra incentive for me to do the best I can. I can certainly prove them wrong, because, within my year out of action from football, I found a new love in my life. Football Manager. The game has helped me learn everything about managing a team, and I hope this can help me be the best Football Manager. After all, I did take Wrexham all the way to Europe, and won the Champions League with them.. twice.

*Everyone in the room laughs, with Sir Bobby letting out a little smile*

BJ – So Ronaldo, finally, what do you hope to achieve throughout your time at the club?

R – Well, everything. I want to win everything, and I won’t leave until I have done so.

Silence fell across the room. Sir Bobby then stood up applauding, soon followed by the rest of the room. Ronaldo was relieved, but Bobby knew he had done more than enough. They both left, Bobby congratulating Ronaldo on his fine first interview. Now it had really sunk it. He was manager of a football team, and the pressure was all on him. He returned to his limo, holding a Big Mac, given to him by Diego Maradona himself, and let out a sigh. This was his life now.
Yay! Fat Ronaldo I love you man!
EDIT: I like the name of one of those journalists.....JT obviously....gawd.
Great stuff mate! Eu es muito grande
Awesome appointment, this team is going to be unstoppable!
Viva Ronaldo :p

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