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FM Scout United - Here We Go Again!

The attempted revival of FM Scout United
Started on 10 July 2013 by Kane
Latest Reply on 19 July 2013 by Kane
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Did you bump his stats to obscenities... or just give him a CA of 200?
2013-07-11 19:50#119440 tbendis : Did you bump his stats to obscenities... or just give him a CA of 200?

Whose stats?
Kane's avatar Group Kane
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Club Information

Sir Bobby sat down around the table for one last time before the club was ready. Maradona, still with a Big Mac in hand, was sitting, spinning in the chair, saying he was a purple fairy, but still able to comment on how the office was much nicer than McDonalds (even if the food wasn't as good). Eusebio was sitting there with no expression, but displaying a kind and gentle nature, similar to that of Morgan Freeman. Di Stefano was asleep, in a state where he looked unconscious, but would occasionally sit up, as if alerted by something, shout "I'm alive!" and fall back into a slump. Zinedine Zidane was also behaving in a different manner. Zidane was standing in the corner of the room, constantly heading the statue of a head. Bobby Charlton's head. However, Charlton wasn't alert enough to realise what was happening, as he sat there, writing Potato Skins as the answer for every question in his crossword. Then there was Zico. Zico was simply sitting there bewildered, unsure of what was happening around him.

Just one hour before the directors gathered to discuss the club information, the cleaners had been in. The cleaners visited his office everyday, at 9am sharp. They would polish, hoover, wipe, and then turn on a special machine for just 30 seconds. When used for 30 seconds, it would feel the air with a pleasant smell, while also killing all unwanted bugs and animals that had entered through the large, slightly darkened windows. However, when the cleaners had left, rushing to get out to the high street sales, they had left the unknown machine on. It had filled the room for far too long, effecting the directors, and for all the wrong reasons. It was almost as if they had all been drugged.

Nevertheless, they got down to business, and with Zico the only one actually able to put pen to paper, began discussing possibilities for club information. The badge, the kits, the nickname. It all had to be covered. Charlton was determined to get the nickname first. He claimed he had the perfect name. The Pandas. The rest of the men looked confused, but Bobby, just able to put words together into a sentence, gave a few reasons. "We are a black and white club, and need a black and white animal. Pandas are black and white. Also, Pandas are almost extinct, yet we are hoping to bring them together more and help them out. I am also nearly extinct, but this club can change me. We shall be the Pandas, alright?" Discussions continued, and finally, the ideas were collected together, and the job was done, however poorly and unprofessional.

Name: FM Scout United

Year Founded: 2012
Club Colours: Black and White
Nickname: The Pandas
Ticket Price: £15
Season Ticket Price: £100
Affiliated Clubs: Limerick FC

Pink kits were something they were sure to regret, as respected footballing legends, whose reputation may have dropped a bit. Nevertheless, The Pandas looked ready for action, with just the staff and players left. Zico decided though, that it would be in the best interest in all if staff and players were decided when they could all think sensibly, possibly back in McDonalds.
Great update, was kinda expecting us to be sponsored by mcdonalds but i suppose it really had to be fmscout :P
Not bad at all, keep it up! Also enjoyed the comparison between Eusebio and Morgan Freeman :')
Good stuff Kane... Although i would have prefered white tigers over pandas :p
2013-07-11 22:14#119447 Kane :
2013-07-11 19:50#119440 tbendis : Did you bump his stats to obscenities... or just give him a CA of 200?

Whose stats?

2013-07-12 01:34#119469 tbendis :
2013-07-11 22:14#119447 Kane :
2013-07-11 19:50#119440 tbendis : Did you bump his stats to obscenities... or just give him a CA of 200?

Whose stats?


I'm playing as him so don't get control of the CA and PA etc.
2013-07-12 02:37#119471 Kane :
2013-07-12 01:34#119469 tbendis :
2013-07-11 22:14#119447 Kane :
2013-07-11 19:50#119440 tbendis : Did you bump his stats to obscenities... or just give him a CA of 200?

Whose stats?


I'm playing as him so don't get control of the CA and PA etc.

Ah that... forgot

The Staff

"Thank you all for being here today yet again, to find out the new chapter of the FM Scout United saga." Bobby was in high spirits, and the unveiling of the staff today would only improve that. "The board of directors and myself have worked hard to ensure we bring the best quality coaches, scouts and physios that we can, and I'm sure you will agree they will work wonders for the club." Sir Bobby had been up all night before the big interview, but for this interview he had the perfect nights sleep. That made him realise he was suitable for this job, and finally realised this club could become the best in England. "So here they are, the staff of FM Scout United." All the journalists rose their feet, applauding the newest members of the FM Scout Team.

Stamatis Kritikos. Assistant Manager. Stam is the creator of FM Scout, the site that has helped us a lot, in terms of sponsorship and providing players. As a result of this fabulous link, Stam was offered the role of Assistant to Ronaldo himself, and accepted the offer. Stam is known for his excellent man management and motivation.

Robbie Fowler. Head of Youth Development. Fowler played out most of his career with Liverpool, becoming a club legend. Fowler made almost 500 appearances in a playing career lasting 20 years, in which he scored over 180 goals! Robbie then stated he wanted to stay in football, so eagerly accepted the offer of Head of Youth Development.

Gary Lineker. Coach. A former England international, Lineker had a very successful career spanning throughout Leicester, Barcelona and Tottenham. Gary then rose to fame even more through his work on BBC show Match of the Day, and becoming the starring face of Walkers Crisps. Lineker was delighted to be able to finally get his hands dirty as a coach.

Alan Shearer. Coach. Toon legend Shearer scored over 275 goals throughout his career, and after becoming the key striker at Southampton, Blackburn and Newcastle, tried management, taking over Newcastle United. Alan soon decided it wasn't for him, and wanted a more behind the scenes role, becoming a first team coach.

Gary Neville. Coach. Neville terminated his contract with the England National Team to become a coach for FM Scout United, a job he took after a 20 year career with Premier League giants Manchester United. Neville's Premier League experience could be vital for the boys in a few years, and will be a great addition to the staff.

David Seaman. Goalkeeping Coach. Seaman became known for his excellent shot stopping for both club and country, but it was at Arsenal were he really became a great. Since leaving Manchester City Seaman has had no involvement in football, and was thrilled to be given the opportunity.

Roy Keane. Fitness Coach. Former player and manager Roy Keane will use his discipline and determination to spur the boys on, and will play a vital role in the training for the upcoming season. Keane had managed at both Sunderland and Ipswich, but decided a coaching role would be better to fit in with his family life.

Beth Whittaker. Physio. Beth is known very well to some players of the side, particularly Mike Hunt and Moe Lester. Beth has had a lot of experience within hospitals and treatment, but this will be the 18 year old's first job within football.

Heidi. Physio. Similar to Beth, Heidi also has a few contacts with players, a key reason to why she got the job of Physio. Heidi has had some experience in football, playing for the junior sides of top london women's teams, but this will also be her first time as a staff member.

Emma Watson. Physio. Watson first rose to fame in the Harry Potter films, but after some controversy with player Michael De La Parra, hit the headlines everywhere. Being in the same team as Michael could be a risky option, but Emma has stated she will commit 100% to the job, and wants to get down and dirty.

David Beckham. Scout. David Beckham has become somewhat of an icon in football, and following his recent retirement as a player, he snapped at the opportunity to become a scout. The 37 year old will also be able to use his experience from the big leagues to help out the players as they develop over time.

Tony Adams. Scout. Finally, Tony Adams has also joined the team. The Arsenal great played out his whole career in the red side of London, and tried his hand at many different roles, including coach, assistant manager and even manager. However, Adams will not take a new approach to football by becoming a club scout.

"I would like to welcome every staff member into the team, and wish them all the best of luck," continued Bobby. "I am sure they will be brilliant aspects to the team, and together can take them a long way. Thank you all for coming." The staff discussed a few matters between themselves, and then took their seats to answer the firing questions about their roles.
Gooooooood staff man .
Beckham, , Fowler, Gary Neville nice people .

Good luck .
2013-07-12 09:40#119500 tbendis : DIBS ON EMMA!!!!


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