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The Terry/Suarez Challenge

Dare you read this?
Started on 12 July 2013 by Ziechael
Latest Reply on 2 January 2020 by winstoncdavis
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Please note that the opinions in this challenge in no way reflect upon the opinions of the poster and should be taken as intended, tongue in cheek and offensive only to racist morons (Terry and Suarez primarily)

Ok, so here is the challenge. You play as a white supremacist, lets call him... I dunno, Ted Terry... while managing you can only employ white people in your squad, staff etc... any youth intake of ethnic origin must be immediately dismissed regardless of potential. You can't even sell them, it would take too long... get rid!

The challenge is, can racists operate a football club and still succeed?

Hopefully the answer is no as racists are dumb and racism is pointless... dare you try it?

For the sake of balance you could also try a black supremacist or asian supremacist challenge... even a yellow supremacist if you only want to employ people with defective livers <-- not such an easy challenge that one.

Disclaimer 2:
I actually feel dirty just typing this, apologies to everyone that reads it!
Interesting idea. And in today's standards, unacceptable idea. Butwho reallly cares? ;)
2013-07-12 15:50#119571 Louis O. : Interesting idea. And in today's standards, unacceptable idea. Butwho reallly cares? ;)
Hence the disclaimers and alternatives :P
Yeah, but does white Brazilians qualify? Are players like Kaka okay, or is there any rule regarding 'whites'?
It is completely at the users discretion... if you would like to undertake an all hispanic challenge and decide to use any player from essex (due to the excessive spray tanning) then that would up to you ;)
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