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PSV Eindhoven, 5 Years is too long

Regaining the Dutch powers
Started on 17 July 2013 by Michael
Latest Reply on 15 September 2013 by Stocke
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Not sure if I've commented on this... but Iv'e been following eagerly since the beginning. This is a unique story to say the least :)
Great story

Transferupdate January

We needed at least 1 back-up goalie, so I picked up Slovanian youthinternational Jan Oblak as my 2nd goalie, whilst making an offer of 0€ for parttimer Joe van der Sar (Son of), which was accepted, and both has come into my ranks. Oblak at 2-10-12, Van der Sar at 1.1.2013. Manuel Gulde en Roderick Miranda (both CD's) are brought in as back-ups, both on a free. They signed both within 2 weeks from eachother, 17-9 and 30-9.

We still had quite a shortage in attacking and central midfielders, so halfway December I already decided to sign Matias Delgado (AMC/AML) for 2.2M euro

With the amount of goals still conceded, and trying to get a younger squad, Coach Michael de la Parra began looking to some defensive reinforcements for next season. So some freebie-shopping with Bosman-rulings.

From Feyenoord: Dutch International Bruno Martins Indi (DC/DL). Bosman Ruling, joins 1.7.2013
From Feyenoord: Dutch International Daryl Janmaat (DR/WBR). Bosman Ruling, joins 1.7.2013
From Independiente: Argentinan Defender Leonel Galeano (DC). Bosman Ruling, joins 1.7.2013
From Palermo: Serbian youth-international Milan Milanovic (DC). Bosman Ruling, joins 1.7.2013

There were also loads of transfers going out. Manuel Gulde, unhappy with the low amount of playingtime, got loaned out for a fee of 1k per month to Frankfurt. Karim Ait Fana was blocking my 3 youthplayers, so he was getting loaned out to Lyonnais, for 100k a month. Abel Tamata, 3rd leftback, was send on loan to Genk, for 28k a week. Matias "Zanka" Jorgensen is loaned out to Stuttgard for 90k a month. These loans brought me around 1.3m in my fault.

There were loads of free loans too:
Libor Kozak to Gladbach
Marcel Ritzmaier to Volendam
Jorrit Hendrix to FC Utrecht
Ruben Betancourt to Zwolle
Menno Koch to FC Eindhoven

And last but not least: 3rd goalie Przemyslaw Tyton went to PAOK for a fee of 1.9M.

Next Update: Plottwist
Some great signings Mike! Martins Indi on a free is superb!
I can't wait for the plot twist, if it is as dark and humorous as the rest of this story i'll be hooked :)

Nice work in the league/CL too, that last match to guarantee qualification was a real battle by the looks of it, great win!

Vijandelijke vesting is gevangen

Enemy fortress has been captured!

Ajax fans are currently PSV fans, stadium and staff captive at the Phillips Stadion, following the teams 4-1 victory over NEC. The Lancers released footage from inside the Stadium asking the owners of PSV to pay a ransom of 300 million euros, or else they would not only kill all the players, staff and fans but bomb the stadium too!

In an Eredivisie fixture, which saw NEC thumped 4-1 and PSV extend their lead at the top of the table, the NEC fans were spotted leaving the stadium early in a hurry. Obviously, the Boeren (PSV supporters) didn't sense there was anything wrong, as they continued chanting and supporting their team till the final whistle. As the final whistle finally went, the NEC players snubbed many PSV players and raced off the pitch, much to the shock and dismay of the PSV coaching staff and players.

What happened next is truly astonishing. The lights went out in the stadium and a loud collective gasp could be heard. After about 5 minutes after darkness, a few bits of red light were seen and next chants began, flares were lit and players, fans and coaching staff were attacked. It was like a scene from Green Street Hooligan. The Ajax fans showed passion as they went into their enemies fortress to launch a heroic attack.

Anyone who tried to escape from the stadium was beaten to pulp. There were many delusional PSV fans who tried fighting back, however this lead to them ending up motionless on the floor. Body parts were found all over the place, the pitch was no longer green but red, not because of the light from the flares, but because of the amount of blood that had been shed.

In the video Ajax fans are heard to say (translated into English):

"The owners of PSV better be listening. We have your stadium in our hands, the hands of Ajax football club. Now you have two choices, you pay the club 300 million Euros, or this lovely stadium of yours will become a war zone and a graveyard. Actually there will be no stadium, we will destroy this stadium. We have bombs planted all around the stadium, and they can be detonated in a matter of seconds. How can a club survive with no stadium, players, fans or staff? It can't. Ajax will rule Netherlands once again and your club will pay for what your manager has done to the club, the pain it has inflicted to the club. You have 48 hours to pay the money, or else, PSV Eindhoven will be extinct! Goodbye."

At this particular moment, PSV have no option but to pay the ransom. Whether they pay it or not, the damage has been done and the PSV players will most likely be killed alongside with the fans and staff. Ajax will be the kings of Netherlands once again!
Don't give the money to fuck**g Ajax!!!!
Michael's avatar Group Michael
9 yearsEdited

January February update

The biggest upset was the 3-3 draw against huge underdogs RKC. Tossing Ajax out of the cup is very nice too, and so is the 2-0 homewin against the Leverkusen. But after that 4-1, something happened.

Breach the Seal, Make the Deal, Have the Feel, Everything Real!

"OK Guys," started the assistant coach Faber, "We are in the only situation I never thought that needed some preparations. I'll even doubt our National Security Agency would have a plan for this. We need to think logical now. Our Boss is captured with the bunch of pricks upstairs, we have just 5 with guns in front of the door. We need a logical plan, and we will need it quick."

Meanwhile, The General of the Dutch Army was busy calling a few squadrons, whilst ordering by Skypecalls for Helicopters, a no-fly zone, and jamming-equipment. "Goddamnit, you son's of Bitches. Every person who has shown any affection towards Ajax should be stripped from their weapons, and be held imprisoned. I don't care that you don't like it. Do IT. I want whole Eindhoven who can handle a gun to have one, and all PSV-supporters in our Army should be brought to Eindhoven within 16 hours. No matter the fucking costs!"

50 kilometers north of Eindhoven, in the headquarters of the Dutch division Palestinan Special Vorces (Abbriviation is well known as PSV), the leaders were busy tracking down information about the Hiërarchy of the group, which kidnapped the 31.000 PSV-fans in Philips Stadion. "We have singled out these 3 man as the leaders, let's grab their family's"

Back in the dressingrooms at the PSV Stadium, the plan was worked out. "Willems, you always hide your stuff here in the dressing room, didn't ya?" asked the assistant. "Whatever you need, boss, as long as we get out of here alive." was Willems' reply. "The Bong, weed and GHB please. Yeah the whole bottle." Whilst putting the GHB in the bong, and cleaning the tubes. Willems made a meter-joint, plus a few small ones, from the weed he grinded in the PSV grinder. "Willems, Locadia, Bruma, Zoet. Hit those 4 joints as fast as you can, for the plan!"

At the same moment, 3 cars driving throughout Amsterdam stop simoultaniously at the 3 houses. Out of each car we're stepping 4 guys, with heavy artillery, and were kidnapping the families inside. They were no match for the trained terrorists Cells.

"Man, I feel Highhhhhhhh." Said Zoet. "Amen Brotha." was Locadia's response. "GODDAMNIT, GIMME MY WEED!" screamed Willems, which was part of the plan. The door slammed open, and 5 heavily armed man, who were standing outside, came gun first inside, seeing multiple people sitting around the bong. "What the hell is going on here?", said the biggest bully. "Com'n, we'll probably dead within 40 hours, let's make it a sick party here." was the response from the obviously high Bruma. "Come do it with us, you'll wont live long either with those heli's outside, sit with us, have at least a good time." 4 of the high sat down, and took the biggest hit of their life. Knocked out by the GHB, the guys were laying motionless on the floor. Before guard number 5 knew what was going on, he got a right hook on his jaw from Rekik, whilst Schaars kicked his kneecap in 2. Knocked out from the pain. Part 1 of the plan worked.

"Squadron One. Westside entrances. Squadron Two, Eastside. Squadron Three and Four. Nobody can come out of the Northern Entrances. Squadron Five, Six and Seven, Southside for you. Heli 1, keep overwatch, Heli 2, look or suspicious behaviour in the crowd. Find those leaders, NOW. And where is that Fucking Bombsquad, I ordered it 5 minutes ago!" The General was on fire. His Country, His beautiful country, kidnapped by a few idiots, because they don't like the club. He will get his revenge.

In the stadium at meanwhile, Michael was held captive on a chair, already beaten once by the leaders, which lead him to have bruised jaw, and some cuts. Sitting on a chair, the Leaders said to him: "We wont have to beat you anymore. You will die, together with your happy little stadium, and this shitclub." Then the phone rang. Boss no.1 picked up heard what was saying. Michael tried to listen with and could hear some words: --------something downstairs---- ----some noises--- ---people angry---- ----almost attacks----. Good, was what Michael was thinking, At least we still show the fighting spirit. The Boss put down the phone, and laughed. They still think they can go away...

Downstairs, almost at the bottom floor, some fan got a call. Quickly accepting it, and listening to what was said, he heard: "Yo Roman, Abel here, I need you to start a riot. They wont shoot this early now they are still good awake, but we need time. We can make it to the outer walls, but we need to grab this passage. Do it. NOW." Without thinking, Roman started shouting at one of the guards, and a few fans started with him. After a few seconds, around 30 people were shouting at the guards standing there, who were getting quite scared of the mass before them. Behind the guards, the whole crew from PSV ran through the hall towards the main bar. "We are safe here, for now, and we are at the outer walls. Be prepared for surviving. Schaars, Marcellis and Oblak take the first guardshift.

Around 10 meters higher, the phone rang again. Annoyed by the second call within minutes, he put the phone up speaker, and yelled with a loud voice: "Yeah?". A dark heavy computer distorted voice came out of the speaker. "Do we speak with the bosses, Or do I need to say Marco, Johan and John. Yeah we know everyone of you guys, and we know everything we need to know. Like what a beautiful Lila painting on the wall, made by your little daughter. They grow old so quickly, don't they Marco?" Shocked by the information that his wife is kidnapped, Marco is shouting at the phone, enraged by his loss of control. "You filthy cocksucking pinguinrapist, let my wife go!". "Calm down Marco. Johan's wife Danny isn't looking that good either. Seems she is a little bit shocked of it all. And John, keep your mouth shut please too, Danielle sees a little white," was the only response from the computervoice. "The demands are as simple as they get. Michael has to fight for his life, in a fair way, against you three. We will be watching with all the hacked camera's. If he wins, he walks, and you stay. If he loses, he is even more near death than he is now. If you don't accept it, they yeah, maybe you'd like to say a goodbye wish first?" "We accept it, but he won't bring it out of here alive!"

Downstairs again, Willems gave the phone to Schaars. "Here, you make the call." Schaars picked up the phone, and called the number. "1-1-2, Emergency Services, what do you need, Ambulance, Police, or Fire Department?" Schaars, calm as never before: "I think the General which is outside the stadium will do. Im talking for the squad which is captured inside, and we may would like to get outside." "Holy Mother of Maria, wait a second, putting you through."

"All the rest outside this room, and leave the Northexit free. Anyone who blocks those stairs will seal the fate of the family's", was what the computervoice said again. "You may start the fight." And with that John jumped forward, trying to land a fist on the already bruised jaw. Michael, backing away, began to laugh. Not a normal laugh, like a dafuq-did-you-even-try laugh, but a laugh of a man with a sealed fate, of a man with nothing to lose. And with that laugh he stepped forward, and with 1 headbutt broke the nose of John. Marco and Johan, both seeking the more man advantage stepped forward at the same time. Michael stepped aside, grabbed the chair still standing, and hit the legs of the incoming Johan, leaving him to trip down on the floor, with a screw from the chair still in his lowerleg. Marco, which still came in, aimed with left on the head of Michael, who barely blocked it. Marco, still in the attacking motion aimed the right at the left-kidney of Michael, but hit the lowest rib, causing both to have loads of pain.

Meanwhile, downstairs was Schaars talking on the phone with the General. "General, I will need you to trace this call to the room precise. After that, you will need to have explosives ready for the outside of the room. We need to blow away the wall, so we can get away safely. After that, you can go in for the assault. Michael told us to give him up, but that the club should live through." "We shall do that, meanwhile, you should make quite an extra barrier, as the debris will fly anywhere with the only explosives we have now."

Upstairs again, John has gotten his sight back, after the headbutt on his nose, and is standing right in front of Michael. Whilst Michael is backing down, he sees Marco coming from his left, trying to hit a blow again. Without even a hint of hesitating Michael kicks again the kneecap of Marco, causing him to fall forward. Before Marco reaches the ground, Michael places an elbow on the back of him, causing Marco to slam chest on the ground. While John is trying to exploit the space to hit Michael in the head, Michael is stepping back again, having John's fist hitting air instead of the nose of Michael. Not having watched what the fallen down Johan has done, Michael does one stap back, right into the arms of Johan, which does a double Nelson on Michael, Locking his shoulders. John, still standing walks towards Michael, and hits him full on the stomach. Right on the kidney, left on the liver, right on the jaw, which breaks with a loud crack. "Not laughing much this time, don't we," says Marco, standing up, holding his back. Michael is trying to find a way back, and when Marco is trying to hit him, he kicks towards the screw still in Johans leg. Screaming in pain, he lets Michael loose, who ducks below the fist reaching for his face. Whilst Marco's fist knocks Johan out, Michael goes up again, and lands a devestating blow with right on the solar plexus of John, which causes him to gasp to air. Without waiting Michael brings up his knee, straight onto the face of John, with such a force that he's standing straight again, followed by another blow on the face, which let's John fall down backwards, knocked out cold. When the body of John hits the floor, a big blow comes through the stadium.

"We're through, We're through." It are the first words the PSV staff and selection hear after the militairy blew the wall away with C4-explosives. "GUYS, OUT, NOW." Screams the assistant-trainer, whils the 7 squadrons enter the Stadium. Shooting with live rounds, the captors get killed one by one. Getting a few alive, 1 commander asks: "Where's the Trainer?". "Upstairs, fighting for his life", says the guy before he get's knocked out by the commander. "SQUADRON 3, FOLLOW ME, You have permission to shoot everything which stands in the way. We need to reach that topfloor NOW."

Michael and Marco are standing right in front of eachother. "So, this will end it this time? I think not." said Marco, whilst grabbing a gun. With a quick reach Michael grabbed the wrists of Marco, trying to get the gun out of his hands. Marco, trying to get the gun aimed, pulled the trigger, which caused 2 large bangs.

Outside, below the stairs, Squadron 3 heard the shots too. "Double-time it guys, he's in danger." Whilst sprinting up the stairs in full gear, 2 more shots were heard.

Michael and Marco, still struggeling for the gun, managed to empty 2 more rounds, before Marco did a lowlevel kick to the balls of Michael. When the Door swang open, the Commander of Squadron 3 saw that Michael was on his knees, a gun pointed at his head. "Drop the weapons or I'll drop him." The Commander, looking at Michael for his reaction. "DROP THE FUCKING WEAPONS!!!", Screamed Marco. Michael nodded, almost invisible. "Weapons down, lads", said the commander. On the moment the first weapon hit the ground, Michael backed down his head, full into the manhood of Marco, causing him to fire the last 2 shots, landing between the legs of Michael. Michael, Standing up, with Marco on his shoulder, does 1 step forward, let's himself fall forward, whilst the commander sprints forward, and delivers an uppercut on the chin of the falling Marco, causing it to break.

"MEDIC," is the first word the commander screams, whilst helping Michael to his feet, "You fight one hell of battle." "Without you, I may not have made it." was Michael's response, whilst blacking out.

When he wakes up, still dizzy, he sees the complete squad. "Get better first boss, we'll wait here untill you get better, to give you the presscoverage. And away to dreamland again.....
This, my mate, is class! Go on, Go on! Also you better kidnap Ajax and kill them, or I will do it myself. Cheers!
My favorite part was the bit with everyone taking drugs. It took what was a stressful situation and lightened it up, I thought it was hilarious.
Wow, 2 massive updates! But 2 great updates none the less :D
Sorry, I didn't have time to comment this night :P
But last update flew just right at the top of my "Top 100 All time best updates on FM Scout!" ;) I just can't to see what will come next!
The last update represents how much you hate Ajax, looks like you only hate them a little bit :P
Incredible-Amazing-Epic-Heskey update, I have never seen an update like this!!
Waiting for the next update.
So much to read :O

End of season 1 update

Dutch Cup:

Simple FC Zwolle didn't prove to be that simple. We conceded early, and fought for that Final Spot. In the Final we met FC Twente. Who else than Hernandez kicked us with a Hattrick to the First Cup in this career.

Objective Aquired: Win the Dutch Cup

Dutch League:

Enough wins to the end to secure the League, which ended against Ajax (how Ironically :D)

Objective Aquired: Win the Dutch League

Champions League:

After winning the first Match against Leverkusen, the Escape game was on. It was like using Escape ropes in a Cave filled with Zubats. Losing 3-1 away against P$G is not that bad, At Home Hernandez wasn't happy and scored 3. After losing 2-0 away against Juventsus, I came home with almost 0 hope, Hernandez took the team, and scored 5 on his hometurf.

And than the absolute Epic Finale:

Rooney send of after 2 Schwalbes, coming 2-0 in front, they push back to 2-2, and a scored penalty in the 94th minute, by Hernandez, with his 3 hattrick in 5 matches (and his 12th goal in total)

Objective Aquired: Win the Champions League

PSV Rightful owners of the Treble

"I dedicate this up to all the PSV-Fans worldwide." The first words since the terrorist-attack on the Philips Stadium were spoken by the still from his ribinjury recovering headcoach. "We Came, We Saw, We Came some More, and We Won everything we could have won this season, and those basterd there won Nothing."

Headcoach Michael de la Parra, Idolized by his fans, PSV fans, and fans of attractive attacking football worldwide, masterminded a young PSV team this year to a famous Treble, like they have never seen in Amsterdam. After the almost devestating attack on the Philips Stadium, Now just 3 months ago, They worked hard, to ensure that they are as a team better than 11 individuals of PSV.

With in the Aftermath a pointdeduction of 1 point, a Claim of 1.2 billion dollar for "Scaring the crap out of me with even trying to attack my club", and a fine of 2.4 billion dollars, Ajax will have a lot of time to recover. Whilst still renting the Olympic Stadium, the rebuild of the Ajax Arena has already began, mostly for Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez concerts.

You are reading "PSV Eindhoven, 5 Years is too long".

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