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PSV Eindhoven, 5 Years is too long

Regaining the Dutch powers
Started on 17 July 2013 by Michael
Latest Reply on 15 September 2013 by Stocke
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You should have got someone to do the job Mikey! But great story it is

PSV-Manager to Jail

After some stunning accusations, and some incredible action in the courtroom, current PSV-Head Coach Michael de la Parra is sentenced to 12 months of jailtime, for resisting to arrest, assaulting 4 police officers, and lying under oath. The prosecutor needed to drop the charges on 52.000 potential attempts to murder, The posession of illegal arms, participation in terrorist attacks, and the 25 counts of aggrevated assault, due to the fact that none of the charges could be proven.

Due to only resisting by his arrest, whereas he knocked out 3 agents, severely injuring number, before being taken out by a bystander with a tasergun, and lying under oath about his alibi, to try to have his ass to not wanting to tell about the Bunga Bunga parties in the Philips Stadion, Manager Michael de la Parra will not have to miss PSV for 1 season. With the current date for his release currently set at the 1st of April, Michael will be able to coach his team in the Semifinals of the cup and the Champions League, considering the assistant coach will get to this stage of the competition.

His current club has said they wont appoint a new manager and will be waiting for the current maneger to get out of jail, as he is "unreplaceable, with his mentality, his tactical knowledge, and his ability to do business on a level seldom seen in the world."
*Gasps at surprise news* Be careful in those prison showers;)
Fantastic Update Mike! Superbly written! Can't wait for the next one!!
Keeps getting even more exciting every update
What an update! Although I'd think the sentence for 52,000 counts of attempted murder would be a little bit longer than that, but oh well, you're MDLP and you do what you want :P

De la Parra in Jail, In meanwhile: Results!

Whilst current Headmanager and teenidol Michael de la Parra is in jail for his magnificent fighting skills (and the unproved attempts to murder on his rival), assistant Beggi needs toi handle these updates. Of course I wont be nearly as good as the big Boss, but hey, with his instructions I can make any team win. He's just that good. Even Barcelona wont stand a chance, even if he would play with a team like Killymoon.

The league, Season 2, the endpart:

Of Course we became champions, PSV is a team which should always win it, even the loss against FC Groningen didn't change that.

The Cup, Season 2, The endpart:

We got our revenge against Groningen, on the moment where it did count the most. The Boss had given the team the right instructions from jail :)

The CL, Season 2, after the break:

The matches were played in the weeks he got arrested, so everyone was jumpy. 2 losses and we were out.

Winter transfers

We got some big names in, With Bender and Nem being the biggest

But also some big out, which gave us some moneys to spend.

Season 3, before the break:

Dutch Supercup:

Easy win on the other Northern topteam.

Dutch Cup:

Talking about easy pickings

Dutch League:

All wins, but Groningen doesnt break.......

Champions League:

The CL group was never this easy

PSV - Manager headed for early exit?

With 2/3rd of his jailtime done, current PSV-Manager Michael de la Parra can be send home early, if he's proved to have shown the right wanted behaviour. With no current complaints against him it is most likely that the manager can go home on the 12th of January, but rumours within the prisonwalls go that Michael raped at least 16 other prisoners, but those are to scared or internally damaged to file any complaint against him.

Other unconfirmed rumours are Bunga Bunga parties within the walls, having a certain Englishman under the codename 510 bringing in some of his transsexual prostitues, codenamed Nick and Rab, to seduce the prison wardens for more freedom within the prison walls, and some extra electronics for the weedplantage in cell 43. Whilst the weed is getting harvested at the moment, the prosecutor is trying to make his case, so Michael de la Parra will saty in prison for those last 4 months too.
Cracking Update, absolutely superb! 12-0 and 6-1 v Herenveen and Ajax respectively?!!? Crazy Results!

I am shocked, deeply disturbed and.....well, I guess you have a point. *flees the scene*

I'm a pimp! :))

Rab: Someone dropped by and would like to hire a hoe. Are you available? :P
Ajax 'till I die :))

Now that I said that, you're going to come to my house and murder me.

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