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PSV Eindhoven, 5 Years is too long

Regaining the Dutch powers
Started on 17 July 2013 by Michael
Latest Reply on 15 September 2013 by Stocke
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Congrats on winning the treble :)
Congrats bitc...Michael!
I thought you were going to relegate them, a treble with such a bad team must be your best achievement! naah joke :) well done michael, waiting for the next season

Summer Transfers

This summer were a lot of transfers.

Incoming freebies and regens:

4 quite nice playrs, plus a regen which wanted a contract with /me, Neyzinho looks quite promising.

Both Smid and Velder will need a lot of training before the first team, but they promising, both with a PA of 170+


These are all small sales, or loans, of players who needed to play matches, or just are a surplus. Only exception is Tate, but he is sold due to his age (and I made a profit).

Still 6 small ones, but losing my CAM and Striker for a whopping 104.5M £ and selling my LAM for almost another 20 makes some room for a few good signings

Getting Millions means spending Millions. Bought myself a new central defence (Shawcross/Zouma), 2 new wingers (Florenzi and Draxler), a new CAM (Jovetic) and 2 central midfielders (Clasie and Verratti.

I think I did quite well on the transfermarket.
You did superbly on the transfermarket! Great signings and a lot of money in.
Congratulations on the fantastic treble, 7-0 against Juventus...Epic ;)
Michael's avatar Group Michael
9 yearsEdited

August-September-Oktober update

The Friendly's

Quite some big names, and 1 familiair name, Only one I am very unhappy with is the loss against FC Twente

Le European Supercup

Rubin Kazan was left without a prize.

And the Dutch Supercup

poor little AZ, 2nd prize for me.

The Dutch Cup

Helmond Sport was tougher than needed, Genemuiden just was easy (and my former club*)

The Dutch League

Destroyed RKC and Sparta, won a high scoring game vs NAC, but all wins so far.

Champions League

So far 3 easy wins

PSV voted to World's Most Symphatetic Organisation

PSV is voted to the World's Most Symphatetic Organisation, according to a vote held under people who have watched at least 1 episode of Oprah where she has a give-away. With a staggering 23% of the 1.3 billion votes, PSV won the competition, whilst former winners Unicef and The Red Cross became 2nd and 3rd. On the other end of the scale, the only participating organisation with no votes was AFC Ajax, with many people giving comments about how the organisation should give up their status and go further as a non-professional non-profit organisation.

The biggest winners of the election were the Harvard Gospel Club, which increased a staggering 3500 places. The 5 worst Organisation besides Ajax where Al-Qaeda, Westboro Baptist Church, BP, The Greek National Bank, and TLC.
Fantastic results. Also nice bit of Ajax hate thrown in there, lol.
Love the comparison between Ajax and Al-Quida. That's is if you meant Al-Qaeda :P
Really nice work Mike, keep it up!

November - December update

Dutch Cup

Easy Match against a small club.

Dutch League

Slaughtered Ajax, Defeated Feyenoord. Only sad that FC Groningen managed to defeat me.

Champions League

Possibly one of the easiest I've ever gone through.


Most annoying 1-0 in my entire life. 23-10 chances, a missed penalty, and my 2nd striker subbed in scored from a corner in the 81th minute. The 3-0 against Sao Paolo was easy, and we are the World Champions with the team!

Trail versus The Kidnapping Clowns has begun

The trial against the Kidnapping has begun this morning, with as main point of the day the guilty pleading of all three the perpetrators to the 31.000 acts of kidnapping, Illegal possession of militairy equipment, 691 counts of assault, 44 attempts to murder, illegal gunpossession, and 147 unpaid speedingtickets. Highlight was however the confession of still in plaster Marco van Basten, admitting and pleading guilty to first degree murder on Philip Cocu.

Van Basten, still in plaster with 2 broken ankles, a broken lowerleg, 2 fractured kneecaps, a broken wrist, and 3 broken ribs, injuries he accordingly to statements made by the General and his squadrin got during the fistfight with the current PSV coach, admitted to have killed Philip Cocu, as he couldn't stand the symphaty he got from the crowd, whilst he with his former club SC Heerenveen had no backing at all.

The trial has a supposed lenght of 14 months, to ensure all needed witnesses can be interviewed, and all the information could be gathered. Former advocate Bram Moszkowitz has offered the Kidnapping Clowns free help.
Loving the story and you seem to be having a lot of success with the club as well. I can see this story going a long way, provided you have enough ideas for your plot;)
WOW What an update. You managed to keep me entertained even though it was very very very very very very very long :P One of the best updates I have ever read on this site :D
^. Great writing Mike, just awesome
I refuse to comment!

Pandemonium at Amsterdam Arena; Ajax Mascot Arrested

What started as a normal home match would go on to become absolute havoc for Ajax and their fans. After going in at half time 3-0 up against Roda JC, the Ajax players walked out onto the pitch for the second half - unknowing that their water had been spiked.

Around the 60 minute mark, the players began to look dazed and tired, and a few minutes later the real chaos began. Christian Eriksen fell to the ground and started licking the grass, while Kenneth Vermeer simply passed out in the net. Ajax manager Frank de Boer started streaking across the pitch, to the horror of fans and the Roda players. Other players began screaming and making generally horrible noises, some ran around in circles as if trying to get away from someone, or something.

To the fans amazement, the referee did not stop the match at this point; he himself looked like he was hallucinating and was running around the dugouts kissing everyone in sight. The other three officials were all passed out on the pitch, and so the match played on, with a lifeless Ajax conceding 31 goals in the second half to eventually lose 31-3.

Incredibly, the Roda players seemed in the exact same state and were all able to carry on playing, eventually stealing the win. An investigation into the events of the match is currently underway, with detectives earlier concluding that the Ajax players’ drinks had been spiked with the GHB drug. The Ajax mascot was seen leaving the stadium in handcuffs later in the day and is now said to be detained in custody.

The policed vowed to keep the man’s identity disclosed, but he is believed by many to be the PSV manager Michael de la Parra. He is due to be formally charged soon, and is also suspected of several terrorism attacks on the Amsterdam club. Twenty five people, including several officials, were taken to hospital after the match following an emergency call from a fan. This incident merely continues the immense rivalry between Ajax and PSV.
Very, very odd side-story but great nonetheless.

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