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Bologna - Under New Management

Started on 24 July 2013 by Nic
Latest Reply on 29 July 2013 by Nic
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Oooh a Bologna story, my Italian team! :D Best of luck with the season ahead :)
Thank you. I'll try and make you proud :D
Bologna Announce New Kits

Bolonga Football Club are delighted to announce a new partnership with Christian Vieri's label Sweet Years. Our Kits for the upcoming season is

The kits are beyond our expectations and we hope the fans love them as much as we do.

I must thank Suso30 for this marvelous job! He took time out of the day to make this happen Thank you very much!

Bologna FC Set To Sell

Bologna FC are set to sell high profile names according to the club, The top of the list of players to go are Henry Gimenez & György Garics due to high wages and not fitting the vision of Christian Vieri plan for the club. With teams lining up to swoop for the two we don't expect the two to be there by the season opener Gimenez is reportedly set to sign with Russian side FC Krasnodar for a reported fee of 3.5 Million. But more importantly release 15k a week wages will be free'd up. The international player has said he is leaving Bologna FC with a heavy heart but wishes his former manager and team mates all the best moving forward
György Garics Is reportedly set to sign with Greek side Olympiakos for around about 2.5 Million and 18k a week wages. The wing back was deemed a surplus to requirements and was thus quickly sold. The Austrian international is said to be leaving the club with mixed feelings. One one hand he's unhappy about leaving without much of a chance to prove himself and delighted to pLy to trade in Greece.

New Signings

New manager Christian Vieri has made his mark on Bologna with two new signings. Bologna FC have signed free agent striker and GK Nuno Gomes & Boy Waterman
Both players have made significant experience and will help any team they join.
There wages are a combined 18k a week.

Nuno Gomes is said to be delighted to be returning to football with such a well supported club.

Boy Waterman Has said he is looking forward to first team oppurtunitys ahead of next years world cup.

good luck, not seen many serie a stories so will definitely read :)

Welcome to this weeks podcast Christian Vieri, " You're Bologna's new manager, what makes you think you're ready for such job?"
Question #1

"I'm not sure you're ever ready for management and especially such a project like this but I have got many experienced figures to guide me. I'll never be alone to make decisions hence the job is made somewhat easier."

Question #2

"Who will you turn to when the going gets tough?"

"I have a few people i'm able to turn to but Giovanni Trapattoni is at the top of the list, he is the manager I learnt the most from and a lot of what I will teach my players will come from his techniques"

Question #3

"So what tactics should we expect to see you ploy?"

"Without giving to much away i'll have 2 separate tactics. One for counter attacking and another for control, with each being used for different situations"

Question #4

"Lastly what should we expect from Bologna this season? What position do you expect to finish on the table?"

"Firstly our main goal is to avoid relegation, with our team that should be possible, and from there? well we'll take it one week at a time, soon as you start thinking ahead you've already lost"

"Thank you Mr Vieri for your time, we know you've got a hectic schedule, any time you can spare is well worth it."

"No worries, thanks for having me."


In Bologna's only friendly they had a lot to do in a short amount of time, the game finished 3-2 against Argentina side River Plate the game showed strike power with a lacking defense, thankfully it was only pre season and with a few weeks to go until the season opener they have a lot of time to work on there defensive krptonite.

Season Opener!


The Rossoblù season has started with an appearance at the Italian Cup Round 3, unfortunately a rusty Rossoblù were unable to shake the cobwebs and were shown up by the Serie B team.

With a dominate possession game by the Rossoblù they just had a inability to convert chances, with a 60% of possesion you would have figured they would score but Padova hit them on the counter attack at the 75 minute, thus shutting up shop and eliminating the rossoblù, according to Christian Vieri he was bitterly disappointing to lose his first official game but said the competition wasn't his focus thus not very upset about being eliminated.

Vieri Notes

Passing was distrubted by Saphir Taider who had 50 of his 60 passes completed. Whilst running 12 KM over the course of the game. However many passes were pointless with players running to the wrong position and not playing any effective 1-2's
Our Striker Nuno Gomes made his debut and was clearly rusty with making no precise runs and getting caught offside twice. With 3 shots off target I may need to change our movement paterns in order to make the above more effective.

Our Back 4 were brilliant helping in attack whilst remaining responsible down back, if it wasn't for a counter attack that caught us out we'd of been fine, our back 4 are gelling well as a group and will be solid in a few more rounds.

Some nice updates here and some good signings too :D
Final Transfers

These full transfer are beneficial now and the future, they are all under 26 years of age and with a lot of potential, the club is delighted to have them apart of the team. They all bring something different to the table and are buying into the system Christian Vieri is demanding from the players.

Players who have signed on loan for the remainder of the season are Thorgan Hazard from Chelsea the younger brother of Eden, his playing style is similar to his brothers which is down to help!

Our other signed player on loan is Bruma from Sporting Portugal. The young winger will get a lot of match practice and will benefit in the long term under guidance from the coaches of Bologna!


Round 1

The day we've all been waiting for, the return of Serie A! It's 12:30 pm Sunday the 26th of August the weather is warm the sun is shining and boy is the crowd out in force! 16,000 people at Atalanta's home game. Fan's are hopeful this is there year. The kids are with there grand parents getting memory's they'll hold for a life time, this is someones last opening day and someones first.

Atalanta's fans are singing there hearts out, trying to intimidate Vieri's men as they run out for there warm up, but you can see in there eyes they're there to win not listen to a bad singing, the players are with there respective groups the forwards are talking to the coaches and the defenders and the goal keeper are getting on the same page, a really professional line up today, lets see how they perform!

The referee's blow the whistle for the first time at Atleti Azzurri d'italia for the new season and the roar is deafening for 16,000 fans it sounds like 50,000!. To start the game the Rossoblù control possesion despite being heavy under dogs they show they aren't afraid, Alessandro Diamanti scores Rossoblù first goal of the season at the 27th minute mark. Atalanta's fan attempt to boo as loud as there lungs can handle but it doesn't make a difference the goal stands! Rossoblù enter the half time break with a well earned 1-0 lead

The 2nd Half starts and the Atalanta fans are sending off a vibe of anxiety the atmosphere is vastly different from the start of the game, can they overturn the deficit? sit down and find out! The start is like the end of the 1st half with rossoblù dominating possession with 60% of the possession going their way it would be safe to assume they can run out winners but the referee's decided they want to make headlines giving Atalanta 2 penalty's the first is saved by Boy Waterman but the second one was not saved and the game finished 1-1 although the underdog status Bologna showed they're no pushovers and look like a force to be reckoned with in the future a lot of positives for Bologna moving forward after there horrid off season.

Vieri's Notes

Once again we dominated possession but had a inability to convert chances. Over the next few weeks we'll be able to fix our shooting and be able to stop other teams thinking they have a chance.
Our defending was a highlight, they showed passion to want to fight to win, maybe overly so gifting the opposition two penalty's so we must lower our aggresion in the box but other than that the defense is brilliant.

Our midfield were dominant in all terms stopping the opposing side making effective moves in there half and setting up many chances for our strikers, they're using our game plan to a tee and it'll start to pay dividends hopefully in the near future.
Nice update there mate :P
Nice update, not too bad for a first game I suppose :) Great signings too!


It's round 2 in Serie A and Bologna are up against Cagliari the side is projected to finish in the top half of the table and an great way to springboard them to the top half is an away win against Bologna, although Vieri's men are out for redemption, redemption after round 1's defeat in which was a game they shouldn't have lost.

Media predictions have Bologna losing this game by a considerable amount of goals, although according to Christian Vieri he wants the media to keep saying they can't win as it spurs his team on to prove everyone wrong

Renato Dall'Ara is a packed house for their first home game of the season with over 23,000 in the stadium the atmosphere is electric and talking to captain Nico Pulzetti he is saying he has not felt so much positive atmosphere at this stadium since he arrived beginning for last season. The game is not far away now lets see how the first half starts

The referee blows his whistle and the game is under way, the crowd let out a huge round of applause, the most loyal of fans for the rossoblù are letting our huge rounds of applause after great movements of play which seems to be happening as often as every 5 minutes I wouldn't be surprised if they scored a few goals this half with the way they're playing, the rossoblù are on fire! Bologna lost all there momentum just after the half hour after a horrendous tackle by Jelle Vossen, honestly surprised it was only a yellow the first half finishes 0-0.

After a dissapointing scoreless first half, lets hope the goals come for the second half.
The game has resumed similar to the way it ended with Bologna in possession yet not doing anything with the ball, making no significant challenges on the opposing GK. Christian Vieri seems to want to get out there with the strikers inability to shoot, the strikers keep letting his team down, they'll need a sub to make some changes on the pitch.

Jelle Vossen is taken off for Nuno Gomes although nothing has changed, Cagliari are shutting up shop, Bologna have had 62% of possession but only had 8 shots on goal. A change of tactics is needed to infiltrate Cagliari's goal.

With no time left the game has finished a drab draw, it looks like Christian Vieri and his staff need to go back to the drawing board.

At the conclusion of round 2 Bologna are sitting pretty at 11th on the table. With some rivalry games it'll be interesting to see where they end up.

Vieri's Notes
The lads played well, finishing the game with 62% of possession against a quality team can't be denied as nice football, if we can start to score we'll be great, for future preparation i'll set the team up with attacking movement to ensure more quality chances.

The Midfield is getting stronger every game, that is being personified by our quality ball possesion although we may need to be a bit more creative in the future to get through brick defense's

Defense, defense these guys are champions, they provide great ball out of defense to the mids, whilst remaining responsible down back, not making silly mistakes taking limited risks, you can't fault the lads for their performances.

What to expect in future from the team is simple, better attacking movement, that's our primary focus.

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