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Bologna - Under New Management

Started on 24 July 2013 by Nic
Latest Reply on 29 July 2013 by Nic
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@Wellsy thanks for your kind words, helps give motivation to keep updating :P.

@Rablador cheers mate, the signing's are paying off their fee now, with some quality performances. Our performances in other games to are getting much better, when I update you'll be smiling to see your Italian team playing well :)
Great story so far! Keep it up

Rivalry Round

Rivalry,It's not just a game, it's what makes the game


Parma F.C. v Bologna

A Brief History of our most fiercest rivals
The rivalry spurns from the fact they're the two largest city's in there area, they match up with each other in almost every catagory, with titles won etc, who ever wins this game has bragging rights, and as of now, Bologna own bragging rights!

The rivalry between Bologna and Parma was reignited in Parma, the game was at night and the air was cold but the fans were on fire, the passion on either sides was intense, the spectacle was not only on the pitch but in the stands, never have you seen such a crowd want to have one over there opponents, the players were feeding off the fire churning between there respective fans.

The match was clearly dominated by bologna from start to finish, Parma never had a chance. Santiago Garcia scored his first goal for the club in our biggest game yet, the goal proved to be the winner yet if it wasn't for 3 posters and a missed penalty this game would have been over by half time, the players showed immense quality throughout the night the game.

The game showed passion throughout the game, especially by manager Christian Vieri, he was jubilant and was unable to hide his happiness from the camera, embracing everyone at the end of the game it just showed how much it meant for all involved.

Vieri's Notes

The game showed how effective we are when we're on, we held 52% of possession but created 7 shots with 4 on target we simply dominated, was not the quantity of possesion but the quality, and our quality was class.

Our Midfield showed that they're no pushovers on the defensive side of the ball which was rather suprising due to the fact we only have 1 natural defensive midfielder in our line up. They stood up which we can only be proud of.

Our defense is showing to be quite stingy, just doesn't put out unfortunately for the guys on the other team, an average rating of 7.30 on our back 4 is great and those ratings just prove it.

For future games we'll be focusing on team cohesion and ball control to ensure we don't slack off over our fortnight off for international friendly's.
Bring on the New Year!

Bologna had a brilliant start to the season, the club proved to everyone they're no pushovers. After a shaky start the results started flowing and became a start to be reckoned with in the Serie A.

The club started playing a decisive style of football, it would was so effective that despite opposing teams knowing how they'll play they still could't stop it.

The first two months of football went as so.
Bologna FC 1 - Atalanta 1

Bologna FC 0 - Cagliari 0

Bologna FC 1 - Parma 0

Bologna FC 0 - Livorno 1

It may seem as so an bad start for the club but they still were in the top 10 of the table.

October Bologna had 3 matches. The matches went as so.

Bologna 3 - Verona 1

Bologna 0 - Sampdoria 1

Bologna 2 - Roma 1

A great October if not for our loss against Sampdoria.

We finished the month still at the mid table

November was another average month for the team.
Bologna 1 - Torino 2

Bologna 2 - Catania 1

Bologna 1 - Inter 1

Bologna 1 - Sassuolo 0

Bologna 2 - Udinese 0

The month was neither great nor terrible, average month once again finished 8th spot

December oh December dare I say our toughest month?

Bologna 1 - Napoli 1

Bologna 2 - Chievo 2

Bologna 2 - Genoa 1

Bologna 1 - Lazio 0

The month may not seem hard but all 4 are in the top 8 on the table. So the games were tough and the results were great with our major injury crisis and suspensions.

The end of December has us 5th on the table, so steadily we're moving up!

Bring on the new Year!

The month of January, It’s the dawn of a New Year, people set their New Year resolutions despite knowing deep down they won’t do it. Only the special can succeed with their resolutions Christian Vieri and his men are currently exceeding every media pundits expectations of Bologna, A team that was expected to finish 16th in Serie A is currently sitting in 5th place after the first half of the season.

The question on everyone’s lips is – Was this performance a fluke or are they the real deal?
Bologna are set for mass departures from the first team and according to sources close to the situation the team is set to target for the future and fill the void left by the recent departures

The first test of the New Year is against table leaders Juventus they are flying in the league with a 10 point gap over 2nd place. Bologna never stood a chance incapable of playing as an unit which they were known for all season, whilst playing the wrong passes constantly in the final half of the ground resulted in a 2-0 loss.

The red card in the 37th minute to Michele Pazienza helped Juventus further control the game.
Juventus scored both goals between 70-80th minute 1 to Carlos Tevez and Paolo De Ceglie which sealed signed and delivered the points to Juventus

Vieri's Notes
You simply can’t fault the lads, a red card so early in the match put us on the backfoot we held them goalless for over an hour of play before the floodgates of many opposition players forward meant goals came thick and fast, It also showed a brilliant defence due to the fact they held the table leaders to no goals for such a long time.
After a disappointing loss to start the season pundits are saying they expect Bologna to slide down the table but Vieri is claiming they aren’t the first nor the last to lose to Juventus so don’t read too much into it!

Another Test Who Will Win?

The second match of the New Year is against AC Milan who is tough to play no matter when you play them but this is a new Bologna side they show belief in them, confidence is flying in the dressing room and outside the stadium, Renato Dall’Ara seat sales are at a season high with 32,000 people in the stands for the game. The players clearly want to put in a performance for the most loyal fans in Serie A.

The game starts and it’s like a boxing match throwing feeler punches out with no major movements on either of their respective opponents half. You can say the first half of the match was a drab until the 30th minute mark when Robert Aquafresca scored his 5th goal of the season.
Bologna went in the break with a well-earned 1-0 lead against AC Milan.

The second half began with AC Milan attempting to pressure Bologna into a mistake but to no avail Bologna have clearly practiced this type of pressure in practice and it’s like a drill not until the 57th minute do they get there first attempt of the half and it was a nice goal! By AC Milan's Right back Luca Antonini, as with any Own Goal it drained the spirit of the players and Bologna simply controlled the game until the final whistle, Bologna first home game of the New Year finished with another major scalp for Bologna! 2-0

Vieri’s notes
Honestly It was a brilliant performance Robert is a quality number 9 he became my under study when I arrived and now he is reaping the rewards don’t be surprised if he keeps scoring!
The midfield kept control of the midfield and showed composure in the most vital of moments which ultimately helped us win this incredibly important match for our already remarkable season.

Defense they are quite remarkable aren't they? Stopping elite attackers and supporting our midfield by playing out of the back. It’s like every week at least one defender is in the best 11 for the week!
great win against Milan, Europa League for next season maybe?

Sometimes it's about the points
A night with constant hail didn’t stop the loyal fans of Bologna turning up, but it did stop the Atalanta players from turning up! A quick fire double in the first half hour for Bologna sealed the victory; Jelle Vossen won MOTM with his 5th goal of the season and a complete performance.

It was a calculated performance by Bologna; they killed their opponent’s tactics then used their own to completely destroy any hope of a comeback.

Vieri Notes
Simply a great performance by the entire unit, lead from the 3rd minute mark and finished the 90 minutes with the lead, not much more to say with such a performance

Thriller In Cagliari

Bologna’s final match of the first month of the New Year was a thriller against Cagliari.
Bologna went into the match heavy favourites and had a game which rewarded anyone who watched the game 6 goals in the game was a delight. Nicolo Cherubin opened the scoring from a corner on the 10th minute. Wing back Santiago Garcia scored again before the half time break at the 36th minute mark from a run down the flank.

Robert Aquafresca scored his first goal of the game 2 minutes before half time with a wonderful strike from 30 yards out.

The second half showed a rather laid back performance by Bologna. They took what the opposition gave them and stayed responsible down back. Robert scored his second goal of the game at the 67th minute mark by finishing off a play from the midfield.

The 4 nil lead though went to 2 goals within 10 minutes with 2 quick-fire goals by Cagliari at the 78 and 87th minute mark. It proved to be just a consolation with the game finishing 4-2.

Vieri Notes
What a joy to watch! We played well and scored, our players played their roles and played well with no player playing bad, I didn’t want to make any substitutions but I did, the game finished not as great as I’d hope but we still won and got the points so I won’t complain!

January Transfer's

Other minor players to leave add up to a further £3m

Incoming Transfers

Eyong Enoh was signed as my new first team DM due to a change in play style due to a abundance of injury's I signed him. His fee was £2M

I didn't go on a spending spree deciding to develop youngsters. I'll be making more transfer's during the off season. Eyong was the perfect player to bring in and be effective from the get go.

Bologna FC can proudly announce record breaking sales in all significant area’s ticket sales are at a record high shirt sales are through the roof and they’re turning a major profit on each monthly update. With such a great performance by the team we are well on the way to being one of the richest clubs in the country which after recording lows for the past 10 years this is a sight we all are happy to see.

You cannot go to a game at Renato Stadio Dall'Ara without seeing a sea of Bologna's first team home kit, Sales are equal highest in Italy with Juventus, everyone loves the underdog and these sales just confirm it.

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