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Walsall - Out With The Old In With The New!!

Started on 31 July 2013 by Walsall_Craig
Latest Reply on 16 August 2013 by Walsall_Craig
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2013-08-02 14:10#124715 BaggiesJames : Nice update mate! I knew something was going to happen regarding a takeover

well something better could be happening soon enough, those consortiums who you heard were rumoured, wait and see :P

p.s this story has been writing over the past few months ;) so if i post so quick its because i've already wrote it out :P
Ownership of Walsall Football Club

January 2012 -

Walsall Chairman and Owner Jeff Bonser has reiterrated his intentions of not selling Walsall Football Club, we caught up with Mr.Bonser at the club he had this to say:
" As you have heard in the papers and media that I have came out that I do not want to sell Walsall Football Club, I have been at this club along time and I was Chairman when we moved in to the Bescot Stadium in 1990. I have put millions into this club and got this club out of debt many times, I know alot of fans have wanted me out over the years but I want to stay at this club and want to be here for many years to come, I have had offers from many consortiums to acquire this club! I declined an offer from Ex-Villa Owner Doug Ellis, as you saw reports he offered £14million and I had to turned it down because I honestly think that this club is atleast worth in the region of £20million plus. If someone comes out and offers me this I will have a long hard think of what I want to do. "

May 2012 -

Breaking News: Walsall F.C can confirm that their has been another offer from Mr. Doug Ellis, he offered the amount of £17.5million to aquire the Ownership of the club, Mr.Ellis knows this part of the midlands due to be ex-owner of Premier League side Aston Villa. As we have heard in the past that Mr.Ellis wants to stay in the Midlands and wishes to aquire a club nearby as its not far to commute. We will hear the full story shortly...

Nick Mashiter's Interview with Doug Ellis:
Mashiter: We sit here today with Sir Doug Ellis, who has been rumoured to be interested in buyng Walsall Football Club, we have heard he did have a bid turned down in January when he bidded in the region of £14million.

Doug Ellis: Thank you, Nick! I have seen all the rumours in the papers and media of my interested in purchasing this club, Well all I can say that those rumours are TRUE, I am very interested in having this club in the grasp of my hands! As you know me personally I
was ex-Villa Chairman and Owner.

Mashiter: You must of heard the news that Mr.Bonser has come out and said that he doesn't want to sell the club. But has said your offer of £14million wasnt enough to acquire the services of getting this club. He said that he would only listen to offers of £20million.

Doug Ellis: Well personally I didn't know. I have my own personal live and other businesses to deal with, and I don't like being in the middle of a media frenzy. I honestly thought that £14million was enough to get his club as you can get Championship clubs for over £15million like Brighton,Bristol City and Millwall respectively. But I am willing to offer at most of £18million as this is a very good offer for a srtuggling Npower League One side. I am waiting to hear back from Mr.Bonser if this offer is good enough, I would be willing to offer another £2million if Walsall get promoted to the Premier League.

Mashiter: Well Mr.Ellis this club is also waiting to hear from Mr.Bonser for his response to your new offer of the club.

Doug Ellis: Your Welcome, Nick! I just want to put out their I am very interested in buying this club and I think it would be a good investment!

May 2012 -
Mr Bonser speaks out to the Express and Star telling us that he recieved Mr.Ellis's offer of £18million and also heard that he was willing to offer another £2million if he got them into the PREMIER LEAGUE.He has said that he thinks this is a good offer but will have to sadly rejected his offer as he wants the £20million upfront.

Mr.Ellis has come out and said that he doesn't think that the club is worth £20million and he thinks that the £18million he offered for the club was a respectable one, and he thinks it was fair that he would of gave Mr.Bonser another £2million if he got Walsall into the PREMIER LEAGUE.
Ooh, ownership transfer saga. Hopefully it gets completed soon!
another update shortly about the Ownership of Walsall F.C
Breaking News

This is Sky Sports News, we have some breaking news just coming in from Walsall F.C about the Ownership of the club.

We have just heard that Mr.Bonser has rejected the offer from former Villa Chairman Mr.Doug Ellis, who had reportedly offered £18million upfront and a further £2million after promotion.

But as you heard from todays breaking news that we have a public announcement from Multi-Millionaire and Apprentice star Sir Alan Sugar has came out and said he is very interested in purchasing his first football club, and also said that he doesn't want to buy a big club and wants to buy a small club and build upon them making them a force...but he has said if he is able to purchase Walsall Football Club he will not make them go into Administration like others in league football e.g Portsmouth,Coventry,Port Vale for example.

We will see what Sir Alan has instore for the fans of Walsall F.C will he make a big enough offer to finally get Mr.Bonser out.
Very interesting which chairman will win :)
Outside Walsall F.C

and inside the ground during pre-season

I have heard that Mr.Ellis has also put in an offer for Walsall FC, As this looks like its going to be a bidding war for this League One Colub, But I'm 100% sure that I will win the purchase of this club, As you've seen me on The Apprentice I am very stern and want people to learn off me about how to run things right, as I have had alot of letters from Walsall fans telling me they would love for me to buy the club and finally get it out of the grubby hands of Mr.Bonser, so I will be coming up with a big offer for this club to get what I want!!!

I have just heard the comments from Sir Alan about purchasing Walsall F.C and he thinks he will win this battle for the right of the club, I also want to purchase this club and do great things for this club and take them to the Premiership, Yes! I know that I have already had a bid turned down from the current Chairman but I am willing to do battle with the other consortium and am going to increase my offer for this club.. I will win this war!!

I have just heard the Interviews with the two consortiums who want to buy this club and I will listen to both offers aslong as they are over the £25million evaluation of this club! Anything less than this and I won't be listening to their offers so they need to listen to what I say and NO! I won't be wanting money if this club is promoted in the next leagues I want the money upfront and that's the end of it!
June 2012

25th June 2012 - SkySportsNews - Breaking News
Hi, we have just heard here at SkySportsNews that an audious bid has came in for Npower League One side Walsall Football Club. We aren't sure who this mystery buyer is, we aren't sure whether its a consortium or just a single person.

Jeff Shreeves:
Thank you! Jeff Shreeves here at Walsall F.C waiting to see who has put in this audious bid for this struggling Npower League One side. Its been quiet here so far, Oh hold on a second a car has just pulled into the carpark here, we can't see who was in the car due to the *tinted windows*. We are now going over to see who or whom will be coming out of this Rolls Royce.
Wow! you want believe this we have just saw wealthy businessman Sir Alan Sugar get out of this car. We all know he doesnt usually deal with anything in Sports its more in Commercial or Property. We also know that he is worth £770million.We still don't know what this sum of money is that he has offered for the club. We should hear in the next few hours the outcome of this meeting.

Few hours later.....

Jeff Shreeves:
Breaking News:
We have just seen Sir Alan Sugar leave the Bonser Suite after indepth discussion with current Owner Jeff Bonser. He seems to be a very happy chappy with a big smile on his face

Jeff Shreeves:
Excuse me, Sir Alan! We are from SkySportsNews and it is rumoured you're the guy that put in this audious bid for the club!

Sir Alan Sugar:
Yes you are correct, I was that unknown businessman that put in the audious bid for this club. I knew this club was up for sale for £20million plus, I was interested getting into the Sports World and acquiring a club.

Jeff Shreeves:
We would like to know how much you have bidded for this club for Mr.Bonser to contact you for a meeting into getting the Ownership of Walsall Football Club.

Sir Alan Sugar:
Yes, I'm willing to tell what my offer was....
The bid that I enclosed to Mr.Bonser was £25million, and he has gladly accepted as he thinks this is a fantastic offer. He said it was too much to reject as he thinks its good for the club! I am happy that the discussions have gone well they were very indepth and he liked what I had to bring to the club in the future plans. If we get to where we want I have agreed to give Mr.Bonser an extra £5million for getting to the Premier League.


Mr Bonser, I'm Jeff Shreeves from SkySportsNews and we had a little interview with Sir Alan,
we hear you were in deep discussions with Sir Alan.

Hi, Jeff! Yes you heard correctly that we were in deep, thorough discussions in teh sale of this club, I have gladly accepted his offer that he put forward and I also liked his ambitions for this club with his future plans and putting money into this club. I wish Sir Alan and Walsall Football Club all the success in the future.

Well there you go we have heard from both parties at The Bescot Stadium of the changing hands of Walsall Football Club and that now Sir Alan Sugar is now the new Owner of the
League One outfit and Mr.Bonser has left the club at the end of the weekend.
Breaking News$

Sir Alan Sugar has held interviews the with people that where in the running, even though he does like experience to be the key, he is willing to give anyone a chance..

So today he is set to announce the New Manager for Walsall is

Mr Craig Blick

I feel this will be a good appointment for the club as this young man has supported the club all his life and knows the ins and outs of the club, and has been a season ticket holder all his life also...

So I feel he is the right man for the job!

Sir Alan Sugar's response to Craig Blicks appointment of Manager of Walsall FC
Good start, hope this story will become as good as your City story.
Interview between Sugar,Blick and Club Captain Butler

Good Morning, Mr.Blick! I have called you to this meeting to discuss the upcoming season for us, I am excited as this will be my first season at this club and I hope to bring success to this club! We will be discussing contracts and what you will be given to spend in this Summers Transfer Window!

Good Morning Sir Alan!

You may of heard in the news that I wanted you incharge of this club Mr.Blick I saw that you had major interest of this club as you've been a fan, I know I might of been mad just going off you CV of achievements you've done on the game called "Football Manager" I have had alot of negativity from the press and also other managers by giving you this chance! But I just had a good positive feeling about appointing you the new manager of this club!

I just want to say thank you for this honour of managing my local club! I have alot of knowledge of this club like past players and managers and history of this club! Yes I was surprised that you got back intouch with me to come for an interview at this club as I saw in the bookies that ex-International Manager, Current u'21 boss and ex- manchester united legend! But I was very positive that I could bring alot to this club and use my knowledge off the game to bring into the Walsall team.

Well I was impressed what you had given me during the interview, I do see what you mean when you was telling me about the history of this club about the giant-killing wins against Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal so on and so forth! I feel you could be good for this club as you know the club inside out unlike other manages. I do admit I had more experience managers in my sights as you know.

Well now I want to discuss the contract of you taking over, yo uwill be on £3,000 a week upto 2013!

I understand you only giving me til the end of the season to see what I can do, If I do well during this current season I would be willing to discuss a extension in my contract!

Yes I would be willing to discuss an extension if you perform well enough come the end of the season, Now I want to discuss the Transfer Budget and Wage Budget for this current season ahead.

Okay boss! What did you have in mind for the Transfer Budget and Wage Budget?

Well I am willing to give you £10million for spending on players and £40,000 on wages for the future players you sign. I want to know what you look to do with the money Mr.Blick?

Well i will be looking for experience heads to bring into this young squad and also some youngsters to strengthen the youth squad! Will also look to bring in some young players from a Feeder Club that we set up with. I want to do a mixture of experience and youth into this squad, as the experienced players can help nuture the young players to play within the first-team this season.

Well that sounds like an excellent plan, I look forward to see who you will be bringing into the new Walsall Squad this season, I do see what you mean that we have a very young squad and would need more experience players to make the team
Alfie Potter, Sam Deering, Onimor Bhasera?
Nice start to the story, will be reading and good luck :)

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