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Football Manager Randomizer Challenge

Started on 21 August 2013 by Stocke
Latest Reply on 21 August 2013 by Stocke
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This is a challenge I came up with a week or two ago*, and I decided to share it. The goal of the challenge is to win the top divisions in every country the game has selected.

How to start the challenge:

Step 1: Start a new game with all leagues loaded.

Step 2: Pick one team at random, the chosen team will be the starting team for the challenge.

Step 3: Pick four other teams at random, the divisions those teams are in will be the other leagues enabled. (Ex. Inter Milan = Serie A, Leeds = League Championship, etc.)

IMPORTANT: If teams from the same country are chosen, no redoes. This will, however, make the challenge easier in the long run.

Step 4: Load up a new game with the five (or less) countries that were selected, down to the leagues of the teams chosen. Start as the first team chosen by the randomizer.

Your long term goal is, again, to win every top division of each country. As an added challenge, you can choose more leagues, as well as setting your reputation to "Sunday League" and not leaving the first team chosen until you either win the top division or are sacked.

Scoring: 100 minus the number of in-game years past by the time you finish the challenge will be your score. An additional point will be given for each player in the first-team that is home-grown, as well as 8 points for every league promotion and -8 for relegation.

Feel free to update on your progress on this thread. Once you are finished with the challenge, PM me with your save file in a zip folder. I will add your score up once this is completed.

Good luck

*I am sure that someone somewhere has come up with this challenge long before I did, but not under this name.

If you have a way to improve this challenge, comment it!

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