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FM Genie Scout 2008 Bugs and Workarounds

Started on 3 December 2007 by Stam
Latest Reply on 9 August 2011 by slammerinho
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Stam's avatar Administrators Stam
16 yearsEdited
I don't think there is anyone who buys the game merely for getting his hands on a scout utility, even though I'm sure it's the first thing someone wishes that it will get released soon after the game is out (bought or not).

There's nothing we could or should do about Genie Scout. Everyone respects Eugene, even if there is anger/frustration/despair against him, due to the lack of trust that should have been emerged by the false alarm of release. Eugene is human like all of us, he made mistakes alright, but we won't judge him for them, because he's offering his program for free. And even if Genie Scout 2008 never gets a proper version, we still shouldn't get mad at him, because we remember and respect his work with Genie Scout 2007.

We, at, pay a lot each month to keep this place online and offer everything good around FM for free, from downloads to hints and tips. The reason of this topic was to help people, who encounter common problems by using the Genie Scout limited beta, find a way around it. We have clearly declared that anything we don't state in the first post, we simply don't know how to solve it.

Remember, that limited beta wasn't supposed to get released and you are using at your own risk. And please also keep in mind that by emailing us or Eugene with the errors you get will only delay the release of a proper Genie Scout version. Eugene is aware of all bugs and he is solving them, but his mailbox is full of duplicate bugs, which makes his work even harder.

To LLuD and all profane people, please be warned that I will actually ban you from posting to this site if you keep up this stupid fight. And I really don't care what teams you manage or how many trophies you won. When it comes to speaking at a public forum, everyone is equal to me and has to respect some rules (did you read about "honourable and courteous manner" in the terms of use?).

You know, I could also start spreading the word f**k in many variations in my posts, but that would mean the end for the member for whom the f**k words are going to, so stay calm because I had enough.
ocu ja da koristim engleski al jbg ne znam ga dobro.

LLuD tell me why do you play with Botev,you knew for them or you took a random club? ( i did not heard for them until now )

but listen,if you are so good there are ways to show that. ONLINE
here ,we are trying to develop our knowledge about the game, so it is not necessary to offend anyone.

anyway , it is possible that you won all that,but only after a couple of years(i mean on european competitions),hardly , but possible.
Well said Stam...
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Who cares about the war in iraq or starving people!

What really Gets on our tits is the fact the full working version of Genie scout isn't out yet =D
well it will be out soon.
i mean,it is not even necessary.

i care about starving people.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
with the scout i always try to have both statistics pretty high for a world class team, but with lower league clubs i go by a high % and a high PA not really worrying about CA, I like to make wonderkids through intensive training and often sell for huge profits this way.
leewright23 : with the scout i always try to have both statistics pretty high for a world class team, but with lower league clubs i go by a high % and a high PA not really worrying about CA, I like to make wonderkids through intensive training and often sell for huge profits this way.
good thing about lower league clubs is that you can sign players with low CA and high PA, that will actually play most games and reach their PA faster. and this happens because if you get a high PA player who has a low CA, it is very unlikely that you will play him often in your high profile team.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
So Posistioning Rating is better idea to watch or CA?
PA stands for Potential Ability and CA for Current Ability. It is good to see both and what is the difference between them. A high CA means that your player is already capable of doing great things and PA means how good your player can become.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
You don't understand...

I was asking for Posistioning Rating - not potencial ability ( pa)

now you see?

player A -> position 70% / ability 185
player B -> position 85% / ability 170

Simple question
- who is better?
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Well, the PA of a player can be 200, but if he is a CB and has poor stats for tackling, heading and marking. then his Positional Rating is going to be poor. You know?
Ah sorry mate.
Of course player B is better, and PA is never an accurate way to foretell if the player with higher PA will ever get higher rating than the player with lower PA.
For example, in FM2007 Sherman Cardenas could go over 80% with a PA of only 160 and be among the best 10 of the whole game. Similar examples you can find in FM2008 as well. Just do a quick search with any scout utility to see players with same CA, how different their ratings are.
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Its not always about their stats within Genie... Some players just play above themselves!
Deleted's avatar Deleted
sonytony : db_b83_TFMNonPlayer_10636_EFileCorruptError

try to advance a couple of days or weeks in the game than save again or make save as
it doesn't work for everybody, but it worked for a few, like me for example

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