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FM Genie Scout 2008 Bugs and Workarounds

Started on 3 December 2007 by Stam
Latest Reply on 9 August 2011 by slammerinho
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9th season with 13 hours?? :O only 1 league open or something :O
I finally got genie scout working again.
I had an error that would come up when people data would load.
''XLM data seems to be corrupt.''

Here is what i did:
1. I saved my game normally
2. I have resigned from my post as manager
3. I let couple of days to pass
4. I have retired my manager (I suppose that all human players must be retired)
5. I let another couple of days to pass
6. I created new save game file using ˝save as´ option

The scout now works with the new save game file, and when I play I load the game before i have retired.
This way I have operational scout in which player ability is updated to the date when I saved the game using this tactic.

*I am not sure why scout fails after some time but i have a theory about people errors. It usually fails after a season or two. Retiring seems to fix that so the logical conclusion is that human player is the cause of errors. I've notice that scout stops working about the time when I become favorite person in my club. It's possible that scout has trouble when human-club relation has been changed, or something like that.
This is just a theory, and it's quite possible that this wont fix scout if he has error loading player data.
I will conduct more test to support my theory and if come to any more information I will let you now.
well thanks for the tip mate.

i never thought of it in the way that i can continue on my game with my real manager. i always thought what is the point of retire when i wont be getting the same merit back.


but i dont need the scout in the game that the scout doesnt work for :( thats a good thing i suppose
i worked out a way to determine who my best players were in 2011

first of all i have a backed up save that still works on genie its 2008
i use fmm and copy allmy players data sets on 2011 then i load 2008 and load fmm again and overite all of the players data with the ones from 2011 then i save my football manager and load it in genie and now its updated to how my players look in 2011 the youngsters dont work tho less uve had them since 2008 lol is long way but helps me determine my best 11 hope this helps
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@myers1987: can u describe more detail please, how can we overite data sets???
open fmm load it up select players on right hand side list all players in top left then press on a player in list on left and at the bottom right u havea set data button press it and save it some were on comp then do that with every player u want to update then when u come to overwrite do the same but dont save replace with and choose the data that fits the player u wanting to overwrite
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Yes, as someone above me was saying, the solution is saving the game on another file, retiring the manager there, saving that game again, then it works loading in fmscout.
u dont retire in my method never worked for me that way the way i do it is long but does work 100% as long as wen u load an early game u saved that works dont continue in the game at all
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error loading entity number: 2752
File position: 10772249
database version:1143
Person data seems to be corrupt
totem have u read this thread?

i think it has been reposted that THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO!

this is how i solve it works if u just want to checkplayers that were in the game at the start youngster are more complicated to do reason why i upped this to rapidshare is it has pics for the people that dont know how to use fmm
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Bogdanovix : Yes, as someone above me was saying, the solution is saving the game on another file, retiring the manager there, saving that game again, then it works loading in fmscout.

Doesn´t work.
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16 yearsEdited
Creating a friendly CUP creates a corrupt savegame everytime witch causes a bug in FMGenie with several possible errormessages (ex.access violation,list out of bounds.,loading entity,etc) so data gets corrupt.
Before creating all is fine.the moment all 3 clubs accept & the cup gets planned its bugtime.Tried all foreign or different dates but just creating a cup does it everytime,so if you want to use FMGenie avoid the friendly cups.

Also 'Move to U21 Squad For Some Period' causes corruption ,just moving them to other squads without a timeframe is fine.
If you ever did that its too late,its corrupt,even after moving that player again without timeframe.

And finally creating bookmarks.Stay clear of those and you won't even have to go through the retire hassle.
FM Genie Scout 2008 public beta 1
Written by Eugene Tarabanovsky
Sunday, 13 April 2008
Some data loading errors are fixed. Scout doesn't work with compressed games still, only final release will be compatible with compressed save games.

Thank you for your understanding, patience and support.

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i got an xml error with the new scout, anybody else had this it doesn't seem to have a mention?

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