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Biggest Profit

Started on 9 January 2009 by Ivan_Campos_Hair
Latest Reply on 21 August 2009 by arsenalmatt
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on the last game i bought a great defensive midfielder called ever banega who is now at valencia in real life i paid 4 million and after 4 season real madrid made an enquiry n i sed 60 just hoping they would go away as i needed him but they ofered 60 and my board accepted i was portsmouth at the time so was quite pleased and then ourchased nearly a new squad which was good enuf to win the premielerague and chamions league
That is what its all about. I know many people who just reject enquires but i always tell them to negotiate and make it very big as you never know with some clubs on here. Hull are quite bad for going mad they paid 5mil for Stead once, and he only scored like 7 goals in a season. And worth all of about 400k
I have noticed that, teams like everton after 3/4 years are able to spend big
I'm Sheff Wed in 2016. In 2014 I signed Samir Carruthers (regen?) from Bolton for free, and a season later Pompey offered me 4.5mil plus a young striker called Tom Hunt, who was decent and seemed to have bags of potential.
Roll on a season and Carruthers hadn't played for Pompey. Hunt had played 22 times for me scoring only 3 goals, and was worth 2mil. Step in Man Utd with an enquiry, to which I answered 10mil, thinking they'd bugger off, as I wanted to keep him for a few more years to see how he developed. They bid 10mil, and I had made nearly 15mil from a crap midfielder and a young unproven striker.
start of my third new game,second season as city, united bought Veloso (who had only scored 5 for me) for 43M and i only paid 22M for him at the start of the game.... good stuff
here's something that those who played CM 01/02 could remember. if you did not load german league borussia dortmund would have enormous sum of money, and they bought a player for 400mil. pounds, it was some WC striker that i paid 30mil when he was 18.
-100 in cash
-100 after 6 mont.
.100 after 1 national team app.
-100 after 1st goal scored

and on 2007/2008 FM i received 90mil offer from real m. for kaka(milan) and he rejected it himself, because the board agreed to sell him there was nothing i could do. so it was a surprise that fm can sometimes be realistic!! :yes
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I'm playing parma at first season. got vaclav kadlev for free. I got $6.5 M for co-own from sampdoria. with future fee $ 18 m. real profit, isn't it?
Villa seem to always be loaded on mine. Not sure if its just because they get so much for Barry though?
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Joined from-juventus
Fee-9 MIl
Joined - jan 13 2010
Sold to-Inter
Fee-20 mil
Left - July 29 2010

Joined From-Real Madrid
Fee-15 Mill
Joined-Jan 31 st 2010
Sold to- Real Madrid
Fee-Real Madrid
Left 14 August 2010

Madrid are absolute idiots i brought him and set a price of 30 mill since i was so deep into the game and basicly every team was rich and well madrid offered HE IS S**T
Name: Giovanni dos Santos
Joined from: Tottenham
Fee Paid: 6.25 Million (€)
Date Joined: Jan 2010
Sold To: Real Madrid
Fee Recieved: 45.5 Million (€)
Date Left: July 2010

I didn't want to sell him at first but then I thought about the things I could do with over 40 million euros =D

Stupid money-wasting Madrid. :p

I was Espanyol btw and I finished 4th in the La Liga which I'm pretty proud of!
In FM 08 I was Man Utd and sold Tevez to Real Madrid for £87million.

In FM09 I'm playing as East Stirling and so far my biggest transfer fee recieved was about £24k.
Not quite a touch on your 87million then ;)
ok theres alot abullshitin goin on here but in fm09 i an bohemians and have had a player called gary deegan sicne i started and after 1 season recieved £5M a him from wigan and thats amazing cosidering da irish record transfer is 200k
This is profit where's u sold the players

how much money did u spend to bought players?
100M for juz a player?

i'm at Man Utd and totally spend 302.75M juz in five 5 years
i've got a lot of money because keep winning the trophies and make sure the player that i've had bought will give more income to my club such as increasing the merchandise sells

i always fight with Man City to buy a talented players,they've won it because they got huge wage budget & transfer budget while my club juz have huge transfer budget but juz got 1.9M wage budget for each season
stefan milojevic
in for 4k
from partizan
19 years old
sold him to barca in 5 season
for 27.5m

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