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Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

Started on 25 May 2013 by Toon
Latest Reply on 30 May 2013 by Stocke
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Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

Portsmouth Football Club were a relatively large club in the early 21st century, they had won an FA cup and cemented themselves in the Premier League, right from their promotion in 2002 up until their spectacular fall in 2009, when the club went in to administration, lost their key players and, not long after, succumbed to relegation to the Championship.

Following their fall to the second tier, they lost even more players and no longer looked like a club that once boasted names such as Kevin-Prince Boateng, David James, Peter Crouch and Glen Johnson. They looked like a club that would struggle in their league, and struggle they did, after a second season in the Championship, they dropped another level.

Now in nPower League 1, Portsmouth continue to suffer financially, whilst many suggest they could see their second consecutive relegation, but Pompey fans deny these claims. It seems like only a miracle can save this club from sinking without a trace.

I look forward to seeing how you do toon, up the pompy!!!
good luck with that mate :D

Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

James Hangs Up His Gloves

Goalkeeper David James announced his retirement from Professional football following a second season with Bristol City. The 42 year old may look in to coaching roles.

Bristol City Goalkeeper, David James, has announced that he will not play for a Professional club next season, revealing he is fully retiring. James spoke with a journalist in London after he was seen moving out of his Bristol apartment.

"I have had a long and amazing career." James began. "I've won cups, I've seen my teams through thick and thin, and I have enjoyed every second if it. I have no regrets." Oddly, James seemed more jubilant than most following retirement. It seemed as if he has looked over his career with glee. "It's come to a point, now, though, that I struggle to keep fit. Training is extremely hard and it just feels like a good time to call it a day."

James was linked to a role as Goalkeeper coach at Bristol City, but it seems he will not take up the post following his movement to London. Despite this, James has expressed his desire to take up some form of coaching role, particularity in the first team.

"I am actually quite interested in Management." James told Media on a separate occasion. "I have looked at the possibility for a while, and it seems like a perfect time now. Over the last few summers, instead of taking a nice long break I've been earning coaching badges. I just need to find the right club, but, I think I will try it at some point."

James is currently working as a pundit, having commentated on several of the UEFA Euro 2012 matches, though, this was before his official retirement. It is thought that he will continue as a pundit until a job vacancy that fits his fancy becomes available.
Looking forward to this story.
Great start..

Looking forward to it!
Great start mate!
Great start mate but what's going on with all the other stories you've started?

Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

Michael Appleton Sacked, Whittingham Appointed

Guy Wittingham has been appointed manager of Portsmouth FC following the sacking of Michael Appleton, which was announced after the club's relegation to League 1.

Despite being revealed of his managerial role at Portsmouth several weeks ago, Michael Appleton's departure was not declared until last night, when the new manager was revealed, Guy Wittingham, a man familiar with the club, having worked with the squad for several years as a member of the backroom staff as well as playing for them in his senior career.

"I am happy with this opportunity." Wittingham announced to public. "I hope I can lead this club back to the Premier League, the fans deserve it. It should not be too hard, though, as we are a team that should be in the Championship"

Wittingham has given Pompey fans high expectations with these comments, suggesting that the club who some saw as threatened by relegation in League 1 as a promotion candidate, though, he may have just made these comments as an attempt to boost morale.

Appleton refused to make comments to press when he was spotted in the streets, though it is believed he will continue management.

Wittingham will be looking at a tough season ahead, despite the Pompey facing weaker teams than they did last season, their squad has took hits meaning that they may not quite be ready for the oncoming storm that is the league season.
A good start to the story. Always wanted to do a Portsmouth story myself but I haven't got the patience. Good luck.
2013-05-25 20:25#104993 Jamesg237 : A good start to the story. Always wanted to do a Portsmouth story myself but I haven't got the patience. Good luck.
Has been a little frustrating so far, but yeah, I will keep going. Cheers :)
2013-05-25 19:22#104981 k1rups : Great start mate but what's going on with all the other stories you've started?
Prodigy is still going as planned. Taking it slow.
2013-05-25 18:04#104952 PaukerJ : Great start mate!
2013-05-25 17:52#104946 EdenHazard17 : Great start..

Looking forward to it!
2013-05-25 17:42#104937 patrick1 : Looking forward to this story.
2013-05-25 16:40#104909 Zogra : good luck with that mate :D
2013-05-25 15:57#104901 jasonvilla4ever : I look forward to seeing how you do toon, up the pompy!!!
Thanks lads.

Portsmouth : Play Up Pompey

Wittingham Makes Spectacular U-Turn

Only days after being named Portsmouth Manager, Wittingham has amazingly resigned from his post due to the 'financial stability' of the club.

Today Guy Wittingham met with press to elaborate on his decision to resign as head-coach at Portsmouth F.C., only a week after he was given the job by Chairman, Iain McInnes, who refused to make comments on the matter when he was spotted by media.

"I was given a false idea of the financial stability of the club when I was handed the roll of head-coach. I always knew Portsmouth was in a bad state, but McInnes failed to inform me that we've been deteriorating even more lately, with more debt." Wittingham's dig on the club Chairman had provoked an official statement from the club.

We regret to inform public that Guy Wittingham has left his post of manager here at Portsmouth. It was a mutual decision that we think will, in the long run, be positive for both parties. We wish him luck in the future with whatever he does. Thank you.

Wittingham angrily spouted his views on the statement at the press conference. "That's a load of lies, I can't believe they've said that. They did not want to lose me, and I left! Now they are saying it was 'mutual'? McInnes needs a lesson on how to run a club!"

It seems that Portsmouth will now search for another manager, who will likely join the club in the coming week, being Portsmouth's third in the fortnight.

Alex McLeish 5/1 | Uwe Rösler 7/1 | Gareth Southgate 10/1 | Steve Allen 10/1
Alan Knight 15/1 | Michael O'Neill 15/1 | Phil Parkinson 16/1 | John McDonnell 28/1
Steve Cotterill 28/1 | Lars Olsen 33/1 | David James 45/1 | Steve Davis 45/1
This is great. Very informative and an enjoyable read. I have so much love for Pompey, who were once I great club. Keep me updated Toon!
Just like Matt said... This is great!! Keep it up!
This is great! Love the header as well

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