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Ryker Jensen: The Dynasty Of Werder Bremen And Cameroon

Started on 11 May 2013 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 26 June 2013 by TheMS99
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Poor month for Bremen but doing well in Europe, and in Africa ;)

Superb Month Sees Ryker Go Unbeaten

After a very poor month last month with Werder Bremen I really needed to make sure the team stepped things up this month to make sure we are not left trailing to far away in the league and keep alive a good chance to get through in the Europa League. The German Cup second round is also this month so I am hoping for anohter good result there.

Werder Bremen

After a dissapointing month I sat the players down in the changing room after an intense training session. I let them know exactly how I felt about the previous month. How our results were not good enough for a team of our stature and I made it clear to them that we had to step up.

The League

A stunning month in the league which saw us pick up 10 from 4 matches. We were by far the better team in every game. We deserved to pick up all 12 points instead of 10 points but we have suddenly raced up the table.

Europa League

A very important victory away from home at CSKA Moscow has kept our dreams of Europa League qualifacation alive against all odds.

German Cup

A very nice victory against Hannover as has seen the defending champions go through to the next round. We suprised everyone yet again with this victory and possibly are on the way to another German Cup win. With Ryker at the helm anything is possible!

Player Of The Month

Williams has been on fire this month has shown the rest of the team the way. He has scored three goals, assisted for two and was a rock in the defensive side of our game as well. I can honestly saw with out Williams we would of lost many more games.

Goal Of The Month

Fullkrug scored a stunning goal in the Europa league this month. Andrada chested the ball down and vollyed it over his head to Fullkrug who first time smashed the ball into the far left corner to put us 1-0 up.


A one match month here we won a easy 2-0 victory against Burundi in which Kweuke scored twice yet again.

African Cup of Nations

A very easy group apart from a difficult fixture agaisnt Ivory Coast.

Sensational Month For Bremen!

We entered the month with out losing a single match the previous month and we were on fire in all competitions. The team was finally firing on all cylinders and key players were finally stepping up to the plate and helping us reach our goals I set before the start of the season. We had some important matches in the league coming up and the Europa League was soon to be decided within these two games.


After such a good previous month I allowed the players a little more freedom. I lowerd the intensity of their training sessions and spoke to many of them privately encouraging their every move. We had fianlly clicked and I was comfident things were going to take off for the better.


Nothing short of sensational month in the league with only match that we did not win and even that we managed to pick up a point with a last minute equaliser. It allowed us to pick up 13 points out of a possible 15 which I made sure to compliment the players on. We were finally storming away with games instead of struggling throughout the entire game. We were winning 3-0 and 5-0 and teams couldn't cope with us.

Europa League

Two huge matches coming up this month and we knew that if we didn't win these two games then we were as good as out. But it was not going to be easy a tough fixture agaisnt CSKA Moscow and Lazio away. Things were going to be very difficult but I was secretly comfident that we could do it. A easy 2-0 win agaisnt CSKA Moscow was followed by a very hard fought but vital 1-0 win agaisnt Lazio in Italy.

Player Of The Month

After a empahtic month Leonardo Sigali was our stand out player. He was a center back that also scored many goals from set-peices. He scored 4 goals in all competitions and was a rock at the back it was great month!

Goal Of The Month

The goal of the month has to won hands down by Pedro Brito. He dribbled from inside his own half and took on 5 seperate players then he flicked the ball over the keeper, chested the ball down and dragged it past the only remaining defender. He then tapped the ball into a empty net to start a 5-0 romp of Wolfsburg.


Only one match this month which we sadly lost to Ivory Coast 2-1.

My view

I am very proud with this months performance with Werder Bremen I was not expecting to win with Cameroon but to lose was very dissapointing.
Good work with Bremen, but unlucky with Cameroon ;)

Winter Break

Only a breif update since only one or two major things happend.


As you would expect in a friendly month I won all my games comfortably agaisnt weaker opposition.

Europa League knockout stages

A match I have much confidence in winning. It will be tough escpecially away from home but I beleive we can do it!

German Cup

A match we should definantly win! If we win this we will have a great chance of going all the way yet again!

Big Transfer!!

Key player Badji has joined PSG for a fee of £34 million making him my second midfielder in half a season to join the French giants.

Any suggestions on how to make my story more intresting will be great :)
Some tough draws but hopefully you can win! Got some big money from the sale, any replacements you're looking at?
2013-06-15 16:59#112595 neal09 : Some tough draws but hopefully you can win! Got some big money from the sale, any replacements you're looking at?
Not sure whether to sign a big player to really attack the league title or carry on with my youth policy!
Deleted's avatar Deleted
I have Fullkrug's tooth in my pocket and I'm not giving it back
2013-06-15 17:05#112598 KingPadster : I have Fullkrug's tooth in my pocket and I'm not giving it back
Haha! ;)

African Cup Of Nations Preview

Well it is nearly upon is this year. The African Cup of Nations which is famous for it's shock results and Cameroon manager Ryker Jensen will be looking to play on that as he looks to win yet another shock trophy in his so far suprsingly good career. As the match tournament approaches the bookies have establised Ghana and Ivory Coast as clear favourites to win the tournament with Ghana just sneaking in front of Ivory Coast. Ryker Jensen's side are fourth favourites to win the tournament meaning they will have to cause an upset or two if they are to win this title.

Cameroon's squad included a few suprises from Jensen who has received some criticsm for his decisions on who to keep in the squad.

Guy Roland Ndy Assembe
Carlos Kameni
Sammy Ndjock

Allan Nyom
Nicolas Nkoulou
Joel Matip
Benoit Assou-Ekotto
Aurelien Chedjou
Gaetan Bong
Stephane Mbia
Jean-Armel Kana-Biyik
Nester Herve Djengoue

Arnaud Sutchuin
Alex Song
Louise Parfait
Willie Overtoom
Aurelien Chedjou
Jean II Makoun
Georges Mandjeck
Cedric N'Koum

Yannick N'Djeng
Leonard Kweuke
Steve Leo Beleck

Ryker Jensen was interviewd by our African Football correspondent Mark Thompson.

MT= Mark Thompson
RJ= Ryker Jnesen

MT= Hi Ryker. The tournament is nearly here you must be feeling nervous?

RJ= (Laughs) Me nervous? You must not cover German football much then Mark!

MT= No I do not Ryker. So I can guess from your answer you are not nervous at all?

RJ= I never said that. I am apprehensive not nevrvous. More excited nervous than actually scared nevous. We have nothing to lose in this tournament we are not expected to win but yet we will give it a go more than every one else. The entire nation of Cameroon is ebhind us. I took a walk through the streets of Cameroon last week and I saw flags every where. Pictures of me and the team adorned every possible window. It was a great feeling and I will love to do it for them.

MT= That is good. Now then what about your squad choice?

RJ= Never realised I am not allowed to choose the best possible squad?

MT= Uhm ok. End of that question. What are your chances do you think?

RJ= I already explained that you really need to kepp up Mark...

MJ= Oh ok you did of course. Anything you want to say before we end this interview?

RJ= (Looking straight at the camera) This is to my players.
I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands! Let no man forget how menacing we are! We are lions! Do you know what's there, waiting beyond that beach? Immortality! Take it! It's yours!

(Walks out)

Last years winners Tunisia did not even qualify for the tournament so they will not be able to defend their corwn. It is sure to be an intresting tournment!
What's with Ryker and immortality? :))
2013-06-16 08:06#112803 Louis O. : What's with Ryker and immortality? :))
Haha he wants to become immortal in football like Fergie!
Some good results for Bremen and good luck with Cameroon :P
Deleted's avatar Deleted
Good luck at the AFCON
Cracking read from start to now, Love to know more about Ryker & his Journey to immortality!

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