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Ryker Jensen: The Dynasty Of Werder Bremen And Cameroon

Started on 11 May 2013 by BeanyUnited
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I have restarted becuase my laptop crashed and lost my original save so will do same manager and same starting team!

Earlier this week Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement from managerial capacity and he will be known as one of the best managers of all time if not the best. Even managers such as Kevin Keegan who is will known for having a huge riverly with Fergie but even he admites that he is the best all time. Now the footballing world has lost a great.

However in steps Ryker Jensen!

Ryker Jensen who is he?

Ryker Jensen is a 25 year old male from Copenhagen, Denmark. His name says it all about him translated into English his name means "Strong power; hardy power
to become rich." Ryker could of become the next best thing according to his ex-manager Axel Holm. Ryker joined Randers at the age of 18 and made 37 apperences for the side scoring 4 goals and 7 assists in the process. His career was taken away from him with a vicious knee injury, Ryker never played again. But at the advice of his friend Chris Kamara (Louis0 he decided to take up his coaching badges and got them to the lowest UEFA level allowing him to really get any job that he wanted in the lower divisions of Danish football.

The Challenge

In my opinion this is maybe the hardest ever challenge in FM to do just as well as the best ever manager (Only my opinion there maybe just as many difficult challenges that I have yet to see).

The challenge is simple but not easy. Firstly I will manage a team in the 2nd tier of Danish football and I aim to win the league to gain promotion just like Fergie did with St.Mirren.
Then I aim to go to another first tier club like Fergie did with Aberdeen and win 3 league titles, 5 domestic cups and do well in Europe by the clubs standards.
The biggest challange will be the 'United Era' recreation. I will join a big prem club in the relegation zone or nearing it and will aim to win as much as Fergie has and try to even stay longer and surpass his amount of trophies.

Due to the very difficult nature of this challange I will be happy with any comments positive or negative.

Enjoy reading :)

My Career So Far

I have edited this post for the sake of the people who have only just started reading my story. I started of with F.C. Vestjaelland and won instant promotion with a side that was expected to come mid-table. I then pulled of a shock and won the Danish Cup with the second tier side. That summer however I fell out with the chairmen and joined Superliga side Randers F.C. With the help of a large amount of funding I won back to back doubles to etch my name into Danish football folklore. I decided to part ways with Randers when Werder Bremen offered me the job. My story continues from here.....

Ryker Jensen Announces His Intention To Manage

Ex-footballer Ryker Jensen has announced that he has every intention to go into the world of management at the very early age of 25 after a career ending injury suffered in an training match several years ago. Ryker has already got badges up to the UEFA level after only three years.

Ryker has previously stated that he is the biggest fan of Sir Alex Ferguson and thinks it is not a coincidence that he is going into the world of management as soon as Sir Alex Ferguson has retired. He told the local press in Copenhagen this, " I honestly beleive this is an act of God. It is to coincidental to be otherwise. I honestly think I can become the next Sir Alex Ferguson and I would be honoured if I get to meet him later on in my career to discuss what I have done. Please don't call me arrogant I am the real special one!"

A very impressive statement by Ryker and if he honeslty beleives that he can do this then the world of football is going to be in for a great ride!

Ryker Jensen Joins First Division Side FC Vestsjaelland

Jensen has officially joined FC Vestsjaelland on a 1 year contract on £675 p/w. This is the first managerial move for Jensen who earlier stated he has the potential to be jsut as good as his hero Sir Alex Ferguson.

Who Are They?

FC Vestsjaelland are a team expected to come in the lower half of the First Division (2nd tier) of the Danish league. They have very little money and average facilities at best, but Ryker has came out all guns blazing. He stated on the club website, "It is an honour to be appointed manager of a club that has been around for 125 years and I hope to give them something to shout about at the end of the year!"

Why Them?

I have decided to be this side as this adds to the challenge I have foolishly decided to do! They are a distincly average side at best with no money, no facilities and like St. Mirren when Sir Alex Ferguson joined them all those years ago they were a lower half side and FC Vestjaelland are expected to finish 7th out of 11th. So this will be a difficult challenge but I think I that it will make things even funner!


The less said about this the better really......

First Press Conference And Team Report

Press Conference

Ryker Jansen has not done anything to dissuade football fans that he is not very, very arrogant. He stated in his first press conference, "I honeslty think I can lead this team to greatness! Give me 4 years and we will be in the Superliga I promise you all. It may not be pretty or easy but we will be there. I am that good!"

Ryker must be installing faith into his side thus far!!

Team Report

A very weak and small squad Ryker will have areal challenge in turning this tea into champions within 4 seasons no matter how arrogant he is!


A tactic that is specialized to to lower league management. It is stiff so players do not have to do to much work since they are not have that ability.
Good luck at Vestsjaelland Ryker! :))
A good start to the story. Keep it up :)


This transfer window was going as normal as Ryker expected and he was delighted that he had been able to get all the players he had. But then he received a phone call that shokced him and the Danish 2 tier.

The Phone call

MUFC= United manager Pellegrini

R= Ryker

C= Chairman

Ryker was slouched in his office and he looked at the clock 00:06. He was now only two days away from his managerial debut. The team was sorted, the tacitcs sorted all he wanted now was a nice easy start! Ryker jumped when he heard the phone on his desk ring, he decided to leave it for several seconds. But it carried on ringing and ringing and ringing he could tell it was important!

R: Hello, Ryker here. Who is this?

C: Hi Ryker it's me..... I am going to put you in a three way phone call with me and the United manager.

R: Uhmmm ok sir

Slight pause as the phones connect

MUFC: Hello is Ryker here?

R+C: Yes he is...

MUFC: Good now we can continue out talk on the transfer of Henrik then. As I wa......

R: What transfer!!!! I am not letting Henrik go! C what on earth are you doing!!1

C: I have agreed to negotiate a deal for Henrik Ryker.

R: WHAT!? YOU are having a f*c*ing aren't you?! He is our best player what do you think your doing? I refuse to sell him Pellegrini! No way!

MUFC: Uhmmm sorry Ryker but we have already agreed to negotiate for it now. We just wanted you to be involved so you don't feel like we went behind your back.

R: You have gone behind my back!

C: Ryker no more!

R: No sir I am not having this! I will not be part of these chats! I refuse to sell him myself. If you insist on doing so you are telling the fans that YOU sold him and not me!

C: Ryker watch your mouth!

R: Whatever sir..... (hangs up)

MUFC: Soooooooooooo £2million then??

C: Yeah of course nice doing business with you!

MUFC: Thank you sir.

Some hours later

Ryker sat on his desk nursing a scotch as he stared out of his window upon his slowly building empire. His family have told him several times not to get ahead of himself but he knew Rome was not built in a day and he knew he could be the new Ceaser of football and he had to start somewhere. His mobile phone buzzed once to indicate he had a text... but he already knew what was on this text and he dreaded it.
"I have sold Henrik for £2 million. You are not to spend any of it it is for the club and me, you should be lucky you still have a job."

Ryker had already faced the first problem of his career.

Unlucky you had to lose him but it gives you a nice bit of cash.

Pre-Season and First Month Leaves Ryker In Shock


Pre-season Review

Ryker entered the dugout for the first time this month and led his side to four victories and one draw which left the fans excited for the league and cup matches.

The League

Well uhmmmm... I'm not quite sure what to say about these results! I am honestly in shock about these results. Some of the scores suggest I play really attacking football but I score over 70% of my goals on the counter attack after soaking up pressure and then launching a long ball down field. It seems my strikers are very clinical if nothing else.... Honestly in shock!!


Good wins in both cup rounds sees Ryker lead his side to the 3rd round!

Ryker Awards

Player Of The Month:
Overgarrd has been in a word.... SENSATIONAL. He has scored 16 goals in 9 games which has given him a 8.67 rating.

Goal Of The Month:
Casper Henningsen who ran the length of the field and slotted the ball into the right corner.
Amazing results so far!

This story will definitely be interesting, going to be sure to follow it!

September Leaves Ryker Top Of The Tree!

Another good month for Ryker and his side but sadly the board sold star defender Neilsen.... To Bayern Munich which I do not understand why Munich wanted them especially for £16.5m..... But never mind!


Another very good month in the league which leaves me 5 points clear at the top! Sadly I suffered my first defeat as FC Vestsjaelland manager to title rivals Skive. More goals scored but again from a counter attacking style.


A huge 8-0 victory but agaisnt a team several leagues below me so won't be to over the top about.

Rykers Awards

Player Of The Month:
Has to be given to my young keeper Senild who is a top quality shot stopper at this level.

Goal of the month:
Well weridly this month I did not have many good goals as they were all either from counter attacks or set peices so I will give it to Overgaard who scored the only goal agaisnt Viborg from 12 yards out.
Great start Beany and great challenge, I'm definitely looking forward to your progression! Great results so far, I'm sure will achievements will dwarf Fergies! :)
2013-05-11 18:02#99812 The Madridista : Great start Beany and great challenge, I'm definitely looking forward to your progression! Great results so far, I'm sure will achievements will dwarf Fergies! :)
Thanks mate! :) I am still in shock that things are going so well

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