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Ryker Jensen: The Dynasty Of Werder Bremen And Cameroon

Started on 11 May 2013 by BeanyUnited
Latest Reply on 26 June 2013 by TheMS99
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A pretty decent start there to your new life in Germany Ryker. Good result against Dortmund and definitely a platform to build on!
Some decent results :) Bremen made the right choice!
k1rups: Thanks mate I am quite happy with the results as well :)

Louis.: Cheers buddy not a bad start if I say so myself :)
Northwood's avatar Group Northwood
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2013-05-27 11:26#105510 BeanyUnited :

The Squad and Tactics

Was this the formation you also used with the Danish teams?
I tend to get overrun on the flanks when trying to play this formation.
Louis O.'s avatar Group Louis O.
10 yearsEdited
Super messed up page :/ And that looks like a nice tactic :D

A Decent October For Bremen

The league

A decent month in the league in which I won one, drew two and lost two. On the face of it this sounds like a poor month. But if you take into account I had to play teams such as Leverkusen and Munich. Wins were not really expected and for a team that is expected to be fighting relegation the constant pick up of points is good enough and we are slowly distancing ourselves from the bottom two teams by a good amount.

German Cup

A very strong victory against a weaker team. We outplayed the opposition from start to finish for 90 minutes the opposition may of been from a few leagues below but I am still impressed with how good the players were.

Overview Of The Month

A month that I thought before it started I would barely pick up any points from the tough games escpecially Munich and Leverkusen. But I installed faith into my players and they were not going to go down without a fight this month. Everyday I watched them on the training field they look more and more commited with each passing month, they seemed to feed of my desire to take Bremen to the top and I admire them for that. They all knew that my plan was to use youth to become the best team in Germany and by doing this they knew full well the chances are only a few of them will still be here when we eventually win something but they fought for the club and I couldn't ask for more from them. Escpecially after such a poor season the year before which saw them escpare relegation by the skin off their teeth these were truly admirable players.

Player Of The Month

I am very impressed with two players in particular this month they both stood out on opposite sides of the pitch. The two nominees are Mielitz who has been a machine in goal this month with many point blank saves. On the other side of the field I have also nominated Ekici who tore defences to peices with his pace and dribbling ability. Unfortunantly he didn't quite have the end product or the strikers didn't finish many of his amazingly worked possible assists but he stood out for being a main man for our side. But I will have to give this months player of the month to Mielitz who kpt us in both the games we drew which secured us another two points. So he wins the award this month.

Goal Of The Month

I will give this months goal of the month to Wurtz who scored in the final few minutes against Leverkusen to get us a vital point. It was a well crafted goal in which he beat his defender with a 'shimmy' to the right, he then played a neat one-two with Ekici which put him one on one with the keeper. Wurtz didn't dissapoint as he slotted the ball into the bottom right corner. A very well worked goal at a important time.
Just been reading over this and you've progressed a lot! I recommend you put an Index at the start or at least some sort of career overview that shows the clubs you've been to, the trophies you have won.
Some really good results there Beany. You lost points to some good teams so it doesn't matter too much.
Nice results, loving the new style :D
Some good results there mate and you're holding on to mid table comfortably! Ryker keeps churning out the results!

Werder Bremen Ties Down Seven Main Players

A huge statement of intent by Ryker Jensen and Werder Bremen. He has tied down seven of his main players to long term contracts that will see all of them stay at the club for at least anohter four years.
Toon: Cheers mate I will consider it!

The Special one: Thanks buddy :)

Louis O: Cheers for the comment mate will stick to the new style :)

k1rups: Because Ryker is a machine!! ;)
Good progress! Keep it up
2013-05-28 13:12#105906 Mickzter97 : Good progress! Keep it up
Thanks mate! We have got better as time has gone on :)

Ranieri Blasts Ryker

Ryker Jensen has made it clear over the last few days how much he rates former player Tom Cairney who he brang to Randers while he was a manager there. Ryker has delibrately gone out of his way to compliment his former player making it very apparent that Ryker wants Cairney on his side this January.

But Claudio Ranieri set up a press conference all about Ryker Jensen. He only said one thing in the press conference but what a statement it was.

"He is a disgrace to football! He does not deserve to be a manager and this sort of behaviour is totally disgraceful. I will lodge a complaint to UEFA nd FIFA to make sure they strip Ryker of his rights to manage at any club. He is not good enough to even say he has the same job as me!!! Let alone try and buy Tom Cairney back... So we may not be doing well but Cairney is staying I tell you staying!!"

With that Ranieri stormed out of the press room and declared he will not do anohter press conference for the next few days.

Ryker Shrugs Off Ranieri

"Why should he bother me? I manage in Germany him in France. He has soent loads of money on first team players and is failing miserably. I brought youngsters and only two first team players and we are fighting for a top half position that last season no fans would expect us to fight for in under a years time. We are enjoying our football he is not. I feel sorry for him to be honest."

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