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Tiburones Rojos(Red Sharks) More Strong Than Ever

Started on 6 July 2013 by kamotero
Latest Reply on 10 July 2013 by wellsy1498
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More Strong Than Ever

I'll give a little introduction to the team so you guys know about it more

Club Deportivo Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, commonly known as Tiburones Rojos de Veracruz, is a Mexican professional football club. Veracruz was founded in 1943, and plays in the Liga MX(in FM plays in Liga de Ascenso 2nd division) of Mexico. Their nickname "Tiburones Rojos" means red sharks

The club was founded around April 1943 under the name of Club Deportivo Veracruz after two clubs from the city state of Veracruz, Iberia de Córdoba and Veracruz Sporting Club, merged in order to join the Mexican Primera División

The Golden Era
In the 1947-48 Copa México tournament, with the departure of the club's best players (the Argentine Jorge Enrico along with other good players such as Lazcano and Pachuco Durán, and maybe the club's most important trainer, Palomini) the still club managed to win its first Copa México. The final was played against C.D. Guadalajara with a final score of 3-1 under the management of the Spaniard Joaquin Urquiaga. That is the only cup to date the club has won, finishing runner-up 3 times: in 1949–50, 1967–68 and 1994–95.

In the 1949-50 tournament the club managed to win its last Mexican Primera División title till date. The club started off that year with a rejuvenated squad led by Juan Luque de Serrallonga who had just come from a stay with the Mexico national football team the year before. This year is also remembered because the club had its first goal scoring champion: the Peruvian Julio Ayllon, also known as El Negro, black promotional football players in Mexico being uncommon at that time; Julio went on to score 30 goals that year.

Stadium Luis "Pirata" De la Fuente
Luis de la Fuente is the best player that city of veracruz had, he also played for racing de santander in 1940's

This are the top scorers of this club

This looks really interesting! I'll defiantly be followin'. Good luck! :D
This team is "real" or did you created it? I'm asking because I might be coaching in mexico somewhere in the future in my save ;) Good luck :D
Good luck :)
2013-07-06 14:06#118430 jpms666 : This team is "real" or did you created it? I'm asking because I might be coaching in mexico somewhere in the future in my save ;) Good luck :D
is real, you can check in fm 2nd division in mexico and there is going to be tiburones rojos :)


Owner, Fidel kuri ended contract of daniel guzman with a fee of 20m mexican pesos, Kuri said Daniel Guzman wasnt able to make good things at the team but we wish the best to his future career
Red - Fidel Kuri (owner of team)
Blue - Unknown Guest

"Right, so I want you to manage my football team, i want to the team into first division and i hope your able to do that i'll give you a good transfer budget and wage budget, but i want to promote, you hear?

"Yes kuri, i know you want that and its not easy and you said but i will do the best to put tiburones rojos into first division and make them champions, but let me sign without restriction this is a restructuration of the team"

"Ok, im happy Just a few questions before I end this conversation, i know you never trained a professional team you always train youth teams so its a risky descision, you feel able to do this project?"

"Yes I do. I know everything football from any division as i trained before the youth teams of this club i know perflectly how to manage the motivation and make them hungry of titles"

"Okay, good!, i want you to work into future too, not only buying old players we want a team that give results and gets a brilliant future"

"Yes as i told you im very good training youths, so be confident that i will make good job in this team "

"Great, can you tell me about your tactics into game?"

"Of course, i like to play with possession of ball to be able to create spaces into the midfield and attack by the sides

"I like how you think about tactics, i hope they bring results."

"You will see my friend, just wait some time and i'll bring results in the club"

"i'll give you the oportunity to manage my club but dont use too many time you're adviced...."

The Guest leave the room and went to his house, Owner fidel kuri was happy with the results of the conversation, hoping to say next week whos the new manager
2013-07-06 19:10#118433 kamotero :
is real, you can check in fm 2nd division in mexico and there is going to be tiburones rojos :)

I'll definitely take look at it when I finish my "Asian conquer" ;) But I might be coaching one of Tiburones Rojos's rivals :P
Love the banner mate keep this up.
Great start, this will be interesting. I'll be following, good luck! :D


The new manager has been apointed, the name, Jorge Comas, one of the best scorers in tiburones rojos history and former youth team trainer, he said when presented: "Im here to win titles, i'll motivate my players to win", lets see what Comas can bring to tiurones rojos as his first professional team experience.
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9 yearsEdited

*brings some bait for the sharks*
Great signings mate, Romario and Simoes should make an instant impact! Good Luck in the mexican league. :)

Veracruz has had bad results, that left them out of the playoff to reach the final, the press full pressure to the manager Jorge Comas, and the boardroom assist the manager but was already notified him that if you can't get results things can go wrong

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