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Nathan Limior Takes on Everton and the Premier League

Started on 6 July 2013 by shylax
Latest Reply on 1 September 2013 by Walter
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CONCACAF Champions League Quarterfinal

First Leg: San Jose Earthquakes 0 - 2 Portland Timbers
Surprisingly, San Jose had the run of play, but some emergency defending from Portland saved the day. Will Johnson and Darlington Nagbe scored goals by exploiting gaps in the San Jose defense. Portland is in great position for the second leg!
Player of the Match: Andrew Jean-Baptiste (Portland)

Second Leg: Portland Timbers 0 - 3 (2 - 3 on aggregate) San Jose Earthquakes
...wait, what the [redacted]? Are you [bleep]ing me? San Jose dominated on the set piece goals, and Mica got himself double booked, and I'm still not sure how this happened, except that screw CONCACAF for scheduling this two days after a MLS game.
OOO Nice small rant there. Unlucky on the result.
Really unlucky there mate with that result, not a nice way to go out. Enjoyed your rant too, and quite frankly, I would have been worse :P
Also, I just noticed, one of them adboards is for the Fifa U20 World Cup Turkey 2013, yet on your game it's 2014 :D

March 2014

Injury Update

March 7: Giorgi Makaridze has suffered a chest injury while weight training, he will be out 3-4 weeks. This is a huge blow to Portland at the beginning because now they only have one goalkeeper left. On the bright side, it gets Castano some time facing live fire.

FC Dallas 1 - 3 Portland Timbers
FC Dallas played one of our formations, the 4-1-4-1, but when someone goes defensive like that, I like to deploy an ultra-attacking formation, the 3-1-2-2-2. It was a great choice on this day, as Dallas had too many attacking options to deal with. They were tough to break down, but soon enough Nagbe found valencia in the box with a cross from the right wing to take the lead, and it would be named the MLS Goal of the Week. Dallas responded when Hassli beat Jean-Baptiste for a header to score the equalizer. Kevin Barmby found space in the box, and soon the ball, for a debut goal that re-took the lead. Nagbe and Valencia were an unbeatable pair today, with Nagbe finding Valencia with his free kick, who powered it into goal to put it away.
Player of the Match: Jose Adolfo Valencia

San Jose Earthquakes 0 - 0 Portland Timbers
This is the absolute first time I've seen a match with both teams having zero shots on target. Obviously, I would trade this result for the Champions League one every day and twice on Sunday. Not much of note happened, we were still in a fitness crunch due to the Champions League match.
Player of the Match: Victor Bernardez

Portland Timbers 0 - 2 Vancouver Whitecaps
Even though their formation has four men pushed forward, I used the 3-4-1-2 in order to cut off their defensive mids from their attacking mids. It worked, too!...except even though they had fewer shots on goal, they scored on 2 of their 3 shots on goal.
Player of the Match: Diego Chara

Waiver Claim

Portland have won Colombian-American defensive midfielder Ruben Torres on waivers from New England. He will be on a developmental contract, and Andy Ramirez was waived to meet roster limits.

Toronto FC 1 - 1 Portland Timbers
They were the Eastern Conference finalists last season, and it was at their stadium, so it would be tough. Both teams were poor at build-up today, not creating many quality chances. Both goals scored today were off corner kicks.
Player of the Match: Edson

Injury Report

Fullback Jason Sampson suffered a twisted ankle and will miss 5-6 weeks. He is the captain of the team, but Portland will certainly be able to find leadership from vice-captain Diego Chara in the meantime.

Portland Timbers 6 - 0 Philadelphia Union
Will Johnson started this match with a 1st minute goal, but it was after Philadelphia's Josue Martinez got sent off for a two-footed tackle that Portland got off to the races. This match was 1st overall pick Kevin Barmby's breakthrough performance, getting his first MLS hat trick. Steward Ceus had an embarrassing own goal for Portland's sixth goal. It was just an all-around bad day at the office for them.
Player of the Match: Kevin Barmby

MLS Standings

For most teams, this would be a great start. For me, it's not good enough. With Giorgi Makaridze returning from injury soon, though, things should be even better.
eb, this is a great story that has had a lot of effort put into it! Well Done and good luck!
Nice results !
You score 10 goal nice !
Great 6-0, not such a good month otherwise. What the hell is a waiver? :P
Rablador, whenever a player is released by a MLS team, each other MLS team has a chance to put in a waiver claim. It originally goes in reverse order of standings, but once a team successfully makes a waiver claim, that team goes to the bottom of the order. If a waived player is picked up by another team, that team picks up the old contract. If the player isn't claimed, his old contract is ripped up (metaphorically) and any team (MLS or otherwise) is free to sign that player to a new contract.
2013-07-15 15:31#120186 ebEliminator : Rablador, whenever a player is released by a MLS team, each other MLS team has a chance to put in a waiver claim. It originally goes in reverse order of standings, but once a team successfully makes a waiver claim, that team goes to the bottom of the order. If a waived player is picked up by another team, that team picks up the old contract. If the player isn't claimed, his old contract is ripped up (metaphorically) and any team (MLS or otherwise) is free to sign that player to a new contract.
Ah, I....kinda get it :P The MLS league is confusing ;)
I do prefer the European model, since it helps me shape my roster to how I want it, and gives me room to build up serious depth, but the American system has its advantages, mainly, you can escape from bad contracts with minimal consequences (without depending on a transfer). It also balances player movement so that all the best players don't go to the biggest markets (but even then, New York and Los Angeles will be better at attracting free agents.)

April 2014

Injury Update

Ben Zemanski suffered a chest injury while training and will be out 3-4 weeks. That's the second blow Portland's midfielder corps has taken in a row.

Los Angeles Galaxy 0 - 0 Portland Timbers
Really unfortunate for a draw here, we had more possession and more chances, but poor finishing cost us. The defense played very well for such a risky formation, though.
Player of the Match: Omar Gonzalez (Los Angeles)

FC Dallas 2 - 0 Portland Timbers
The goals came early for FC Dallas as Portland struggled all day, and couldn't compete with FC Dallas on this day.
Player of the Match: Brian Kuntz (Dallas)

Colorado Rapids 1 - 2 Portland Timbers
Portland looked listless early, moving the ball sporadically, playing poor defense, and bottling their few chances. Colorado took the lead in the first half off a well placed shot off a cross. In the second half, Portland was a completely different team. Valencia still struggled in front of goal, but he was credited an assist to Kevin Barmby for Portland's first goal. Nagbe took the lead with a great free kick goal. Colorado made a late charge, but ex-Timber Jack Jewsbury made mistakes that ended Colorado's scoring chances, including an offside call. Wingers Nagbe and Herrera had injury scares, but thankfully they were both minor.
Player of the Match: Kevin Barmby (Portland)

Real Salt Lake 0 - 1 Portland Timbers
In the first half, nothing much happened, but Salt Lake had the better of the chances. In the second half, Portland found plenty of space in the wings, allowing Nagbe to find Kevin Barmby on a cross for a point blank shot for the game's only goal. Portland tried to double up soon afterwards, but Mica's cross for Rodriguez was picked out by Rimando, who is a very tough goalkeeper to beat.
Player of the Match: Nat Borchers (Real Salt Lake)

Portland Timbers 2 - 1 Seattle Sounders
With one point on the entire season, Seattle thought they had locked up their second point after Edson tried to defend a cross but kicked it into his own net, equalizing Valencia's goal off a cross which ended his long goal drought. However, it was Kyle Bekker who was the hero for Portland after Portland made a great team play, getting fed the ball in the box and powering the ball into the net.
Player of the Match: Kyle Bekker (Portland)

Portland Timbers 0 - 0 Sporting Kansas City
An unlucky match, Sporting Kansas City's attack and defense were both thoroughly defeated, but our finishing was poor so they come away with a point and steal two from us.
Player of the Match: Diego Chara (Portland)

MLS Standings

I'd like to believe that rumors of our demise, or at least struggling to get a Wild Card spot, are unfounded. However, we've played the most matches so far, so our position is not as good as it looks.
Good luck .
For now you have a good position, but the rest have fewer matches .

May 2014

Montreal Impact 0 - 1 Portland Timbers
Montreal pulled a tactical surprise today, playing 4-4-2 diamond instead of their 4-4-2 with two DMs that they usually play. Both teams were very tight at the back, but Portland were moreso. The few times Montreal players had good goalscoring chances they missed wide. Alonso Herrera scored the winning goal with an up-close effort. The Portland attack wasn't as effective, suffering from injury and fatigue. Still, Montreal Impact losing didn't give their head coach Ben Olsen a very happy birthday.
Player of the Match: Patrice Bernier (Montreal Impact)

Portland Timbers 2 - 1 Chicago Fire
In the first half, Kevin Barmby was both bane and boon for Portland as he conceded a penalty that gave Chicago the early lead, but came back up at the other end and scored a goal himself to equalize. In the second half, Portland seemed to live in Chicago's half of the field, but it wasn't until Leanderson found Alonso Herrera with a free kick that Portland took the lead.
Player of the Match: Leanderson (Portland)

New England Revolution 1 - 1 Portland Timbers
A result both sides can be unhappy with. Portland had to do much more last-ditch defending than they would have liked, although they got on the scoreboard with a great dispossession in New England's side of the pitch by Kyle Bekker, who fed the ball to Jose Valencia for a goal that I expected to be disallowed. New England's Saer Sene, who had a great match, got the ball in traffic in the penalty area and got the equalizer.
Player of the Match: Darrius Barnes (New England)

Portland Timbers 3 - 0 Real Salt Lake
Portland's youth served them well today. Young winger Alonso Herrera got Portland off to a good start by scoring with a header off of a cross. Real Salt Lake looked difficult to break down with Portland's patient, clockwork passing game, but in the second half Herrera added another goal and Barmby added a goal with excellent team moves. Barmby almost added a second goal for himself but it was deflected by the Salt Lake goalkeeper.
Player of the Match: Alonso Herrera (Portland)

Portland Timbers 5 - 0 Vancouver Whitecaps
Five goals in the second half! Jose Valencia started the scoring by gathering a hat trick. Kevin Barmby added to the insult by putting in a cross from Darlington Nagbe. Finally, Alonso Herrera added the icing on the cake. What a display against the second place team in MLS!
Player of the Match: Jose Adolfo Valencia (Portland)

Seattle Sounders 1 - 1 Portland Timbers
It was an unlucky match for Portland, they had so many shots, but few were on target, and only one went in goal. Both goals were scored thanks to great service in the wings.
Player of the Match: Edson (Portland)

US Open Cup Third Round
Tampa Bay Rowdies 1 - 4 Portland Timbers
Portland Timbers' movement and finishing were just too much for the Rowdies. They scored four goals in the first half, but were quiet the rest of the game. It didn't matter. Tampa Bay got a charity goal late in the game, but by that point they were thoroughly beaten.
Player of the Match: Jose Adolfo Valencia (Portland)

New York Red Bulls 1 - 1 Portland Timbers
Both offenses were well neutralized for the most part, although both teams got one good cross in that led to their goal.
Player of the Match: Connor Lade (New York)
Injury Update: Although Leanderson had a minor injury and will be back soon, Jose Adolfo Valencia suffered a twisted knee and will be out 3 to 4 weeks.

MLS Standings

With the high disparity of matches played, I'll hold off on commenting on the table this month.

June 2014

US Open Cup 4th Round
Fort Lauderdale Strikers 2 - 3 Portland Timbers after extra time
Maybe Portland was never going to lose this, but they made it a lot harder than they had to. Portland were the beneficiary of two penalties, which Nagbe bagged for a brace. Fort Lauderdale's first goal was scored when a cross found Aly Hassan with plenty of space. Their second goal was scored when Agbonifo made an ill-advised backpass, which Mark Anderson intercepted and converted into an easy goal, forcing Portland to suffer the ravages of extra time. It looked like the match would go to a penalty shootout, but German prospect Yannik Schulze found David Moreno in the box with a nice pass, and Moreno shot it into the net from the top of the box, giving Portland the much-arduous victory.
Player of the Match: Darlington Nagbe
Injury Update: Darlington Nagbe will miss 3 to 4 weeks with a twisted knee, a huge blow for Portland since he's their only right winger.

Carlos Rodriguez Traded to Philadelphia

June 6: Portland has announced that they have traded left back Carlos Rodriguez to the Philadelphia Union for their 2015 1st round Superdraft pick. This trade accomplishes three things: It gets value for a player that wasn't being used much, since Philadelphia is currently at the bottom of the table they have a good chance of having the 1st overall pick in 2015, which would give us that pick three years running, and the trade gets Rodriguez out of the Western Conference.

Bryan Constant signed by Portland

June 6: In what may be later described as a magnificent capture if all things go right, Portland have signed 20 year old OGC Nice right winger Bryan Constant on a free transfer. Since Constant is under 24, Portland has to pay Nice $1.6 million. Constant has been signed to a four year, $350,000 (maximum non-Designated Player) contract, and the transfer will go through June 27. Darlington Nagbe's injury has exposed the lack of depth in right wing in Portland, and this should help that.

Vancouver Whitecaps 1 - 1 Portland Timbers
It wasn't the greatest result, but with the squad weakened by injuries and international call-ups, it was a decent one. Kenny Miller's well-placed finished forced Portland to play from behind. Portland's movement looked lackluster, but they finally got something together late and Teal Bunbury had a nice well-timed close range finish to equalize.
Player of the Match: Edson (Portland)
Injury Update: Alonso Herrera suffered strained ankle ligaments and will be out 6-7 weeks. He has been placed on the disabled list, his roster spot is freed up and he will be unavailable for six matches.

Bjorn Kringe Loaned

Portland's Bjorn Kringe has been loaned to the Puerto Rico Islanders for the rest of the season.

Houston Dynamo 1 - 2 Portland Timbers
Portland has a 14 game unbeaten streak going, but Houston had an 11 game unbeaten streak of their own. Portland took the lead with great close-range finishes from Kevin Barmby and Teal Bunbury. Houston pulled one back when Giorgi Makaridze allowed Bobby Boswell to score a nice header off of a corner kick. In the 60th minute, Mica apparently fouled a Houston attacker in the box, but the referee said play on, disregarding Houston's protests.
Player of the Match: Teal Bunbury (Portland)

Teal Bunbury Injured

Portland striker Teal Bunbury suffered a groin strain while running during practice, he will be out for 3-4 weeks. The injuries are really piling up for Portland, but thankfully they're relatively minor.

Portland Timbers - FC Dallas
Despite Portland playing defense by possessing the ball over 70% of the time, they found FC Dallas's 4-1-4-1 incredibly hard to break down, until Kevin Barmby found a bit of space to knock away an 81st minute goal that proved to be the winner.
Player of the Match: Leanderson (Portland)
Injury Update: Will Johnson suffered a damaged elbow and will be out 2-3 weeks. Well, that's all our AMR depth obliterated, at least for the short term.

US Open Cup Quarterfinal
DC United 0 - 1 Portland Timbers
The pre-match predicted it would go to penalties, and it was a very defensive match. Conor Shanovsky's second yellow card after a foul in the attacking penalty area both stopped a potential DC attack and got him sent off, which might have been the nudge needed to give Portland the win in regulation. Jose Valencia got the late winner with a nice header off a corner kick.
Player of the Match: Timothy Agbonifo (Portland)

Chivas USA 1 - 2 Portland Timbers
Bobby Burling is usually a quality defender for Chivas USA, but he had a terrible performance against Portland. After Sammy Ochoa scored Chivas USA's first goal, Burling made a mistake that Kevin Barmby took advantage of for Portland's first goal. Jose Valencia got space in the penalty box and scored the 82nd minute goal to take the lead outright. Chivas USA had a corner kick, which Nagbe pulled down and ran free from extremely deep, Chivas USA having pulled all its men forward. Nagbe fluffed the finish though. Burling took a boneheaded red card in the 90th minute when committing a professional foul on Kevin Barmby.
Player of the Match: Jose Adolfo Valencia (Portland)

MLS Standings

Hail to the kings of MLS!
I hope he CONSTANTly performs for your side.

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