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Real Oviedo - Back From The Dead

Join me as I attempt to take Spanish third division club Real Oviedo to La Liga and beyond, with many inevitable failures along the way!
Started on 17 July 2013 by Rablador
Latest Reply on 13 October 2013 by Jer
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good luck!
Yay, a story from the mighty Rablador(I mean Labrador). One complaint I'm afraid, since when did Joma use Adidas' 3 stripes? :P
2013-07-18 15:25#120672 The Special one : Yay, a story from the mighty Rablador(I mean Labrador). One complaint I'm afraid, since when did Joma use Adidas' 3 stripes? :P
I had a feeling someone was going to notice that! To be honest, I just really wanted to use them Adidas templates, and also wanted Joma as the make because they're a Spanish company, but shush :P
2013-07-18 16:25#120682 Rablador :
2013-07-18 15:25#120672 The Special one : Yay, a story from the mighty Rablador(I mean Labrador). One complaint I'm afraid, since when did Joma use Adidas' 3 stripes? :P
I had a feeling someone was going to notice that! To be honest, I just really wanted to use them Adidas templates, and also wanted Joma as the make because they're a Spanish company, but shush :P

There is a way to use the adidas template but to get rid of the stripes at the same time.
Rablador's avatar Group Rablador
11 yearsEdited


With the squad sorted out, there was only one thing left to sort out before the season began – the tactics. I knew too well that a starting tactic can make or break a team, go too attacking and you’re left open at the back, go too defensive and you have little chance of scoring. I needed the perfect tactic, a tactic that could get us promoted.

So, after much deliberating and experimenting, I settled on a bit of a 4-3-3, with a slight twist of course. Instead of 3 central midfielders, I decided to use just two, with a defensive midfielder keeping both the defence and midfield in track. This was the result:
By choosing a counter-attacking style of play, I knew we could show our deadliness in attack while still remaining stable in defence, arguably the weakest area of our team but one that I simply didn’t have the budget to improve. Fluidity was always going to be an important aspect of our play, allowing the players more freedom in creating chances. Sure, it was risky, but it was a risk that I was willing to take.

Pre-Season Friendlies

I had been having so many sleepless nights, in between the day-to-day running of the club I was taking regular Spanish lessons, and with all this work I had forgotten one key aspect of pre-season – friendlies. Course, I wasn’t too concerned about friendlies, after all, they meant nothing in terms of competition, but even so, I was relishing the challenge. And so, it was time to play. I was excited; I couldn’t wait to see how our team could play.
Unfortunately, I got a big reality check, as we went the whole of pre-season without a single win. We started off with a friendly against the Paris Saint Germain Reserves. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw their line-up: Maxwell, Sissoko, Camara, Bodmer, Douchez...hardly the best team in Europe, but the quality of their team compared to ours was immense. Nevertheless, we rallied, we drew level early in the second half only for two late PSG goals to sink us. I was happy with that performance, though, even if the media somehow had us down as favourites.

Next up, we had the Bayern Reserves. Despite being the B team of the reigning European Champions, I honestly knew none of their players and expected a much better result. I was brought down to Earth, however, as two early Bayern goals sunk us, and though we pulled a goal back early in the second half and dominated in all aspects of the game other than the score, we just couldn’t get the equaliser. Great, another loss.

The next three friendlies were all against teams from our country. Racing, hotly tipped for promotion this season after two consecutive relegations, condemned us to a 1-1 draw, but I could have no complaints, we didn’t deserve anything more.

The next result was slightly concerning, however, as Palencia were even further below us in the domestic divisions. Despite us taking the lead, they equalised soon after, and after that it was way too close to call. Another 1-1 draw. Eurghhh.

And so, it was time to round off our pre-season with a game against recently-relegated Guadalajara. This match was even more boring than the last, with neither team creating any clear-cut opportunities and eventually culminating in a bore goalless draw.

What a pre-season. 0 wins, just 4 goals and not even an away game to save our blushes. The new season couldn’t come quick enough
Your link for your tactic picture is busted. Unfortunate friendly results, but thankfully they don't count. You'll make your mark on the team soon enough!
Sod pre-season! Can't wait to see the mighty Diego Cervero bang them on a regular for Oviedo :D
That tactic is just like my TSO special that I've used in every FM since I brought my first one. It worked wonders. Should do well for you too
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11 yearsEdited

Díaz: Gaffer Has Our Back

Real Oviedo striker Pepe Díaz has insisted that new boss Robert McLaren has the full backing of the team, and urged fans to do the same.
Striker Díaz felt enough was enough. PHOTO - GETTY IMAGES
The 32 year old told Marca “Everyone here at Oviedo fully supports the new gaffer, he’s been totally honest with us about who is playing this season and who isn’t, and we all consent. We support the board’s decision to hire him and the fans should too.”

However, for large amounts of fans that simply isn’t the case, with many fans claiming the board should never have hired McLaren, a manager with so little experience in any area of football.

”It’s nonsense!” claims one supporter, ”The man’s a fool, he thinks he can just waltz in to this club, with the best fans in the world and a proud history, and lead us to glory. Clearly, the board have been misled into his appointment, we know it. He must have tricked them somehow or lied to them, there’s no way they could ever be so foolish in appointing such an unproven manager.”

A fellow supporter went as far to question, ”Does he even know the rules?”

With news coming through that a group of around 100 fans staged a small protest outside the club’s training ground earlier, Díaz took matters into his own hands, saying, “These fans, they’re pathetic. The man hasn’t even played a competitive game yet, and they want him out? It’s incredible, these so-called fans, they need to just grow up or shut up,” before going on to say, “I can only apologise to our true fans for having to put up with this nonsense, it’s these kinds of supporters that put our club to shame."

A clearly frustrated Díaz chose not to take any further questions, simply exclaiming, “There’s nothing left to say. I hope this is the last time I ever have to do this.”

This incident comes just two days before McLaren prepares to lead his team out for their upcoming Copa del Rey first round tie.

Cheers to Harrison17 for the awesome Marca banner!
Big up my man Diaz!
Rablador's avatar Group Rablador
11 yearsEdited

Finally Getting Underway

It was time, pre-season was finally over and at last I was able to try my hand at some proper management. I was absolutely raring to go, but with just one match in August, coming in the Copa del Rey against minnows Yeclano. Safe to say the result was one to forget:

I could not believe it, I was raging at the boys as they came in through the tunnel. It was a match where we were dubbed hot favourites, and despite dominating for 90 minutes, we just couldn’t get a goal. So, unlike back home where this would force a replay, we went into extra time. I did everything I could, but with just 5 subs on the bench and only 3 allowed to be made, we tired. Fast. Yeclano scored 2 goals early in the first period of extra time, with Gonzalo bagging one in the 95th minute, and Buitrago adding to our misery in the 105th. And that was it, I told the lads to attack, attack, attack, but it was to no avail. We had lost our first game of the season, and more importantly, I had lost my first game in charge.

Nevertheless, I tried whatever I could to put that result aside, ignoring the media and their typically critical comments, and I gathered our players in the changing room before our first league match at the season. I told them that their performance last time out was simply diabolical, and that if they kept that level of standards up, there would be consequences. I think it worked, the lads seemed motivated, some even seemed angry, hungry even for results. I knew I would get a response.

Month Of September

And boy was I right. In our first match of the season, we played a mid-table team, Guijelo, and given our recent record I feared the worst. However the lads did not disappoint, with two goals in each half sealing the win.

Next, we came up against one of the promotion favourites, Salamanca, away from home. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t doubt the boys coming in to the match, but boy did they prove me wrong. We were always in control of this one, even when Salamanca pulled a goal back.

However, our loss at home to Getafe B was slightly disheartening, especially after we took the lead early on, but I can’t say we were unlucky as it was a very close game. Sergi Guardiola, no, not Pep, scored against us and impressed so much that he is now a regular for the full Getafe team.

Our next match was up against arguably the best team in the league, Murcia at home, and while we didn’t manage to get the win, a draw is certainly a pleasing result, especially as they did slightly edge us.

As expected, we then went on to thrash Sporting B, with Xavi More grabbing a hat trick and only being denied a 4th by the mercy of an own goal. A 4-1 away win is very pleasing indeed.

However, our loss away to Fuenlabrada was, simply put, awful. We took the lead again early on, and totally dominated in shots and shots on target, but it just seemed like every shot the opposition had went in, with Oviedo eventually succumbing to a 3-1 loss.

And that wrapped up September, a very mixed opening month; some fantastic results against top teams, but also some awful defeats against minnows. But, we pick ourselves up and move on to October!

Xavi was outstanding this month; he was unplayable against Sporting B and also played excellently against Murcia.

Month Of October

So, we kicked off October with a nice 3-2 win at home to Ourense, in what I dubbed ”The O Derby”. While it may look hard fought, we were always in control, with both Ourense’s goals coming after we had taken a two goal lead. Good result!

Next, we travelled to C.D. Marino, where we yet again took the lead early on. However, they equalised just a few minutes later, and literally, nothing happened after that. Even possession and even shots show you that this one was too close to call and no one deserved to win.

Our third match of the month was away to RSD Alcala, and once again, we took an early lead. After that though, they piled on the pressure, missing a first half penalty and finally equalising two thirds of the way into the game. We were not to be disheartened, however, as we immediately ran up the other end and scored through Diaz, sinking Alcala and picking up a lucky 3 points.

Finally, we went back home to play Rayo B, and honestly, this was one of the most boring matches I have ever witnessed in my life. The fans were “treated” to just one shot on target all match, and, try as we did, we just couldn’t create chances in this match. A disappointing end to the month.

So October was fairly average in all honesty, with 2 wins, 2 draws, and 8 more points on the board. Hoorah!

David had a very good month, collecting two Man of the Match awards, being a rock at the back and also helping us up front with a goal against Alcala.

So, you may be wondering where we are in the table. I wish I could show you, but as I am so far ahead, I am just trying to power through these games as fast as I can until I catch up. I promise you, in a few updates time you’ll get your table!
18 points from a possible 30. Not bad. Xavi More is looking promising :)
Some nice results so far, only 2 losses. I wouldn't be too disheartened by the Cup loss, you weren't going anywhere near the King's Cup and it lets you focus on the League, though I would be pissed about that too.
A great story so far excellent to catch up on mate!

Just one comment about making it easier to read - when you have paragraphs, separate them with a line in between instead of starting the new paragraph directly under the previous one. Makes it look a bit better too imo! Definitely going to be following this as I have been waiting for you to write a story :P
Good Story :) Keep it up

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