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Real Oviedo - Back From The Dead

Join me as I attempt to take Spanish third division club Real Oviedo to La Liga and beyond, with many inevitable failures along the way!
Started on 17 July 2013 by Rablador
Latest Reply on 13 October 2013 by Jer
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Bruce Banner!! :D My reporter. Good update, loads of detail for something so small. brilliant!
Great story so far Rab!, Will be good to try and get some talent in from Freiburg! Good Luck for the rest of the season, try to sign some players from the BPL
So, how much did the permanent transfer cost?
2013-08-10 23:24#126872 Pauker : So, how much did the permanent transfer cost?

Signed him on a bosman :)
Rablador's avatar Group Rablador
10 yearsEdited

The Play-Offs

They had finally arrived....10 months of hard work and dedication had taken us to this point – it was time for the play-offs to get underway. No-one, not even the favourites, was certain of promotion. These games would have nothing to do with seasonal form; it would entirely be how each team would play over the two legs.
I was incredibly nervous; more so than before my first game; more so than before the Federation Cup final. It was now or never – this, was for promotion. We all knew we would have to be at our very best to even stand a chance.

Second Phase Play-Off – First Round, First Leg


Live From Nuevo Carlos Tartiere

MW: Hello and welcome to the Nuevo Carlos Tartiere! I’m Matt Wells..

AR: *silence*

MW: *punches Ridgewell in the shoulder*

AR: Ooh ooh, and I’m Adam Ridgewell.....what were we talking about again?

MW: Oh for fu...Pete’s sake Adam, you’re live on bloody TV!

AR: I am!?!?!?! Hi mum, hi dad!

MW: I give up....anyway, welcome to Nuevo Carlos Tartiere, which will tonight play host to the Segunda Division B Second Phase Play-Off clash between Real Oviedo and Albacete Balompie. Oviedo, being the lower placed side, have been drawn at home for this first leg. What do you make of their chances for this match, and in the play-offs as a whole Adam?

AR: Well Matt, I think every neutral expects Albacete to come through the tie on aggregate, being the stronger side, but I wouldn’t ever doubt that Oviedo will put up a fight, having been somewhat of a surprise package throughout this season.

MW: You know Adam, for the first time in your life, I think you may be right....anyway, without further ado, let’s cross over to Paul Hewson who has the team news tonight. Paul.

PH: Thanks Adam and Matt. Oviedo manager Robert McLaren has selected his usual 4-2-3-1 tactic to play Albacete. Lucien Owona is preferred to David Alba, while the in-form Josep Sene starts at central attacking mid. Prolific striker Pepe Diaz is deployed at left wing ahead of Fode Mansare, while Diego Cervero, who has hit 19 goals so far in this calendar year, must also pose a threat.

Albacete’s Senegalese striker Martins has hit some 21 goals in all competitions so far this season, while his strike partner Antonio Calle will also cause some problems for the Oviedo back four. In goal, Alvaro Campos has been in superb form this season for Albacete, conceding less than a goal a game and keeping 11 clean sheets in the process. It really will take something special to beat him tonight!

MW: 1’ Cheers Paul, and WE’RE OFF!

AR: 2’ Corner for Oviedo....Xavi More whips it into the box. Is that a handball? Yes it is! Penalty to Oviedo! Matt, right call?

MW: Definitely Adam, but it’s a stupid decision from the Albacete defender. The balls going no-where, he really didn’t need to do that.

AR: Diego Cervero steps up...and scores! 1-0 Oviedo!

MW: 7’ Throw-in to Albacete...Noguerol’s been robbed by Xavi More. He feeds through Cervero, who finds Sene.....SENEEEEEE.....wide!

AR: Agonisingly close to a second there for Oviedo, Sene really should have scored.

MW: 8’ Corner for Albacete. Tete takes....headed away by Simon. Kike, Ortiz..ohh Nunez has missed the ball. Real chance for a counter here for Oviedo! Diaz plays through Cervero...that’s offside surely? No, not given, and Diego Cervero is through! CERVEROOO....good save by Campos. Still 1-0.

AR: 13’ Now Cervero. He passes to Simon...Mantovani, Cervero, Sene....this is great passing from Oviedo. Sene plays through Diaz...Diaz is through! Another great save by Campos! He really is keeping his side in this tie at the moment.

MW: 18’ Alvaro with the throw...finds Sene, nice one two. Now Simon...he crosses, it breaks to Xavi More! MOREEEEEEE! It’s 2-0 to Oviedo! They really are all over Albacete right now.

AR: Oh, it’s too easy. Oviedo two goals up on the night.

MW: 45’ Half time here, and Oviedo hold a comfortable 2-0 lead. Do you see any way back for Albacete in this match Paul?

PH: I certainly do, Matthew, but first, they really need to buck up their ideas. At the moment, they’re just not creating chances, and without Campos they could easily be 4 goals behind. However, as we so often see, one away goal changes everything.

AR: 47’ Goal kick to Oviedo....Casto sends the ball up field. Nogeuro wins it, it’ll break to Rocha now...he finds Calle, who finds Martins. MARTINS TRIES A SHOT! Off the bar! So close for Albacete, what a shot that was from Martins.

MW: 60’ Zurdo advances with the ball...that’s a neat pass to Kike. Kike whips it in, CALLE!!!!! Now Albacete have their goal back!

AR: That’s the last thing that Oviedo could have wanted, but it’s a vital away goal for Albacete. Brilliant run into the box by Calle, he was unmarked in the centre, 2-1!

MW: 63’ Owona hits it long...OOOH mistake by Noguerol and Cervero is through. CERVEROOOO...and it’s another brilliant save by Campos!

AR: The substitute Mansare takes the resulting corner. IS THAT ANOTHER HANDBALL!?!?! Yes it is! Another penalty given, and Oviedo have the chance to restore their two goal lead.

MW: Chaotic defending once again from Albacete, ad Cervero puts the ball on the spot. It’s Cervero against Campos....SCORES! Oviedo lead 3-1!

AR: 70’ Nunez...finds Ortiz. Now Calle, Llorente plays a great pass to Zurdo, who hits a first-time cross...CALLEEE! What a goal by Albacete, and now they have another goal back! 3-2, game on!

MW: 73’ Rocha passes to Ortiz, who gives it back to Rocha...plays it long to Zurdo, who crosses low into the box...MOLINA!!!! What a comeback! Albacete draw level, it’s 3-3!

AR: 85’ Oviedo sub Salva on the ball. Diaz, Cervero, Salva, Cerrajeria...this is lovely passing. Ohhh, Cerrajeria threads it through to Xavi More....SURELY NOT....YES! Oviedo have surely won it now, so late in the game. It’s 4-3!


AR: Matt, seriously! Apologies for the foul language, viewers.

MW: Shit, sorry everyo..fuck, I’ve done it aga.....Arse!

PH: What a truly stunning match that was, join us soon for the second leg, where we will see if Oviedo can protect their slender lead.

I was happy we’d got the win, but after shipping 3 away goals, I knew the tie was far but over. If Albacete could get a goal in the second leg, it’s all uphill from there. The nerves were not gone yet.

Second Phase Play-Off – First Round, Second Leg


Live From Carlos Belmonte

MW: Welcome to the Carlos Belmonte Stadium which tonight will host the second leg of this Segunda Division B play-off leg between Albacete and Oviedo. Oviedo hold a 4-3 lead from the first leg, but with Albacete gaining 4 away goals, it’s all to play for!

AR: Let’s hope this one’s just as thrilling! Over to Paul Hewson for the team news, Paul.

PH: Oviedo make two changes from the team that played in the first leg; Salva comes in for Gabriel Cerrajeria and David Alba starts ahead of Lucien Owona.

Albacete also make two changes, with Zurdo picked ahead of Kike at left back and Robin Lafarge, on loan from Getafe, replacing Mikel Santamaria at centre back.

MW: Thanks for that Paul. The referee blows to signal the start of the game, we’re underway here.

AR: 1’ Early chance for Albacete perhaps, as Nunez finds Martins. Now Calle, in the box, SHOOTS....blocked....oh but it’s come for TETE!!!!!!!!!!! 1-0 already, what a start for Albacete!

MW: Well it looks like Robert McLaren’s plans to well and truly park the bus have well and truly been blown to smithereens by this early goal. Game on, Albacete ahead on away goals.

AR: 12’ Tete collects the ball in his own half....he’s off on one here. Runs into the box, and SHOOTS....tame shot in the end, easy save for Casto. Still 1-0.

MW: Half Time here, it’s gone exactly how Albacete would have planned in a tight encounter; a game of very few chances. Thoughts, Paul?

PH: Whatever McLaren’s going to say to his boys at half time, it better be good. Oviedo look doomed at the moment.

AR: 46’ And we’re underway in the second half!

MW: 90+2’ Just seconds remaining here, in what has been a drab match. Oviedo look like they’ll be staying in this league next season. Can they fashion one more chance?

AR: It’s a throw in...Alvaro picks out Alba. Even the goalkeeper is forward here. Alba passes it back to Alvaro, Salva, Cerrajeria, now Alvaro again...the crowd are starting to get impatient here, they want the referee to blow for full time. Cerrajeria, Salva, CASTO...surely he’ll shoot? No, he’s passed it to SENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-1! Sensational stuff!


AR: Matt, please, no bias remember? Anyway, Oviedo have done it! Sene scores a dramatic late equaliser with just 12 seconds left on the clock! The fans go wild, McLaren is dancing around on the touchline! Oviedo are going through! Any final thoughts, Matt?

MW: Did Casto seriously just get an assist!?!?!?!?!?!

AR: Oh, never mind. What a finish to a brilliant tie, folks, we hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as we have! Until the next round, good night!

That....was....amazing. I couldn’t believe we had done it. A few second earlier I’d had my head in my hands, thinking we were bowing out of the competition, but I was wrong. Not in my wildest dreams could I have predicted a finish like that. But we were not promoted yet.

Our opponents in the next round.......Atletico Baleares.
Not bad at all.

A note from the author: I need your feedback and advice. Did you enjoy that style of update? Should I do this for all the play-off games? It took a little longer to write but was a lot of fun to do, so I really don't mind. Thanks for reading :)
Love it just love it. Comedic also :P
Congratulations on winning! Playoff matches always seem to be great matches, the first leg is no exception.
Great win mate and good stuff to see this back! Do that update for all big matches :P cup finals, play offs, major derbies...enjoyed reading it
@wellsy Glad to see you're enjoying it :D
@eb Yeah, they were two intense matches, I didn't even include all the key highlights :P
@krups Thanks for the feedback, will do :)
Really liked that update! Good to see you're through, good luck vs. Atletico Baleares!
Great win, great update, you managed to get the serious bit of the actual scoring across along with the comedic stuff :D Brilliant
Great Update :) 1st game was an absolute thriller

A Quick Announcement

(Highly inaccurate representation of what actually happened)

Some of you may know of the big problems I've been having with my computer lately (perhaps due to my constant winging about it on GC), and recently took it to a shop to get it fixed. Well, it kinda worked...for a few weeks I was problem-less and all seemed good. Then the issues started again. For a while it remained usable, but with regular, unexpected sudden crashes (one of which resulted in the earlier issue I had with this story, when it crashed during a save and I was forced to backtrack quite a bit.

Then today, I got home and went to go on my computer, only to find it would crash a minute or so after logging on, everytime. It did this four times in a row, during which time I attempted to fix it, but to no avail, and I eventually just gave up. I will have to take it to get fixed again, and might even need to buy a new laptop.

What does that have to do with this story, perhaps you're thinking? Well, as frustrating as it is, I can't play the save anymore, so this story is again on sort of a hiatus until I can fix my problems. It may not be returning this time, we'll just have to see. I'm currently using a different computer which does not have Steam, or indeed FM, installed, so I can really do nothing.

So yeah, I'm really sorry about this guys; I was enjoying the save and writing this for you, so I'm massively gutted. Hopefully we can sort this out and return with this story, but if not, I'll see you for FM14 :)

That's terrible. Hopefully you can get a new computer or get it fixed soon, so you can continue showing FM Scout how a story is supposed to be!
Hope you can fix it soon, and I hope that you can continue this story afterwards :D

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