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Wayne Rooney gone to 2 and a half stars??

Started on 7 November 2011 by fifaface89
Latest Reply on 28 November 2011 by Jonny_Toon_Army
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I know that this is realistic and a great addition but why does it have to happen to my best player???

Right, im 4 weeks into my second season with Man Utd and Wayne Rooney goes down for 8-10 months with an anterior cruciate ligament injury, now there is no point cursing my luck so i carry on anticipating for his return next season,,, fast forward 1 year and he is back with a good pre-season and i have played him in most games and i am in December now and he was 3 stars when he came back and his stats had dropped significantly which is to be expected with that injury, but his stats have not picked back up as i thought they would with games and infact he has gone back to 2 and a half stars, Wayne Rooney was my best and favourite player and he is now 3rd choice striker and hasnt a good sale value now, in short that injury has effectively ruined his best years and he is on 180k a week,,, has this happened to anybody else??
same thing with pato for me....out for 8-10 months over two years and now he is still rated below a 33 yr old ibra
Yep happened to me in 2011. Gionluca Pagliari a regen when I was at Barca , he came into the team when he was 16 and immediatly made an impact scoring ten goals in his first season I knew he was something special. Tutored by Messi and earned the tag line 'the next messi' he won the world player of the year 3 years running before he was 21 and was top scorer each season from AM, also brought Italy to a world cup win....then he suffered an cruciate injury and missed 11 months of the year. Was never the same player when he came back, I had left Barca and they put him on the transfer list, I bought him back for ten million as I was at Juventus and felt I could get him back to his best.

His stats did pick back up a bit and he did well in my team over the years but that injury was re-occuring and he eventually retired aged 30.

He was my biggest case of what might have been, I really think he could have been the next Pele...damn you cruciate injurys!
Realistic bro.
I love it!!!!
not my player, but i once had a game where ronaldo got a torn cruciate ligament.
10 months out and it ended up hitting him twice more in that game.

it did mean i didnt have to face him in the champions league final though, which i cannot complain with.
Sounds Brutal! I had it happen last season fm11 a double break tibula and fibula in Rory Delap on my Dover game he retired before the injury healed!
Cheers lads, i love how realistic it makes the game on second thought,, just wanted to know if he will ever get back to where he was,,, im gonna try and sell him cos im not having a bench player on 180k per week!!
wow thats scarily realistic
Ive got major injury problems it seems every new FM is littered with ridiculous injuries!

Ive played 6 games (AC Milan) and i have got

Willan out for 4 months
Pato out for 4 months
Zlatan out for 3 months
Cassano out for 5 months
Nesta out for 3 weeks
Aquilani out for 1 month

None of these players got injured until i started competative football!

Ridiculous! There are definately issues with injuries, i have softened up my training a bit too try and provent it but all the injuries come in match!
Yeah it seems in every match i get an injury so you really have to pay attention to in match condition of your players, if it gets too low make a sub or if a slight injury comes up sub straight away cos its gonna get worse
got same injury with rooney. it's ridiculous. rooney it's a special player - a fighter. I don't think this could happend in real football.
#35913 claudease : got same injury with rooney. it's ridiculous. rooney it's a special player - a fighter. I don't think this could happend in real football.
maybe this is a bug. Hope that.
are your training schedules high? the worst injury ive had is 3 months. which didnt change their rating they are still quality players
my training schedules are medium - high i think. it's strange.
It's certainly a good thing that these injuries affect player stats but such a brutal drop is quite amazing. I can only say I'm glad it wasn't my player. I've never heard of such dramatic changes in stats due to injury, but have experienced the usual ones that you come to expect from lay-offs.

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