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Bullets from the Ashes: A different Arsenal Story

Started on 9 August 2012 by jimgooner
Latest Reply on 15 September 2012 by jimgooner
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You've all but won the league. You'll have to do a Man Utd to lose it from here.
#64172 Gurdit : You've all but won the league. You'll have to do a Man Utd to lose it from here.
haha yeah!

APRIL - The Final Hurdle

Geoff Keeling was anxious coming up to the final month. He was really feeling the pressure.

1.4.12 - Pat Rice gives some Advice

Pat Rice wanted to tell something to Geoff Keeling so they organised a meeting.


-Hello Pat, what brings you to my office today then?
-Hi Geoff, well, I've got something I want to tell you.
-Go on,
-I..I..I am going to retire at the end of this season, I feel my time is up.
-Well, I can't say I'm not bitterly disappointed, but I understand.
-Ok Thanks, I hope you can find my replacement easily!
-Haha. Pat, can I ask you for some advice?
-Sure, what is it?
-Well, I'm the pressure has been really getting to me recently.
-Ahhh, I see, lets go for a walk

The two walked out of Keeling's office and took a walk around the Emirates, neither uttering anything. They stopped at this point.

-Right ok here we are, now Geoff what do you see?
-I see Herbert Chapman, watching over the Stadium.
-Good now would you consider him to be the greatest ever manager?
-Of course, I'm a Gooner.
-Now, please tell me, how many titles did he win?
-Well, he won two league titles.
-Now, how long was he at Highbury for?
-9 years.
-See? He didn't win the league every year did he? Now my point is that it's not the end of the world if we slip up this month, we will just have to come back stronger next year. Look at the player's on the stadium, all Legends including me! No one of us on there won the title every year.
-I see your point Pat, thanks for this, I really appreciate it.
-No Problem, think of it as my leaving gift to you.
-I will give you a leaving gift Pat, The Premier League Trophy
-Don't Forget the Champions League and F.A. Cup!

4.4.12 - - Arsenal 2-0 Manchester City (3-2 Agg) - The Moon wasn't shining

Champions League

Yossi Benayoun

An entertaining brace from Yossi Benayoun gave the Gunners the result they needed, overturning the deficit. They marched on into the Semi Finals where they were given Barcelona.

7.4.12 - - Sunderland 0-1 Arsenal

Premier Division

Aaron Ramsey 71'

Nicolas Otamendi

11.4.12 - - Arsenal 3-1 Everton

Premier Division

Royson Drenthe 38'
Theo Walcott 45+1'
Jonathan Dos Santos (pen) 90'

Theo Walcott

With this win it meant that the Premier League could be won by the Gunners in their next game, at White Heart Lane!

14.4.12 - - Arsenal 2-2 Portsmouth (2-1 Pens)

FA Cup

Mapou Yanga Mbiwa 51'
Alex Oxlade Chamberlain 91'

A very disappointing result, however the Gunners did not have long to dwell on it as they had to travel to Barcelona soon.

18.4.12 - - Barcelona 1-2 Arsenal - Unbelievable!

Champions League

Well, well, What an incredible result! Unbelievable! The Gunners did know however that the Emirates would still be very tough, and they could still get beaten. However their minds quickly turned to their next match, at White Heart Lane...

21.4.12 - Spurs - Arsenal - Pre Match

Geoff Keeling woke up very early. He immediately felt butterflies in his stomach, he trudged around his house, trying to behave normally. He didn't know what to do with himself. He decided to go over what he was going to say to the players, and he cast his mind back that meeting he had with Pat Rice, and remembered Herbert Chapman. He was ready.

As the players made their way into the disgrace that Spurs called the Away Changing rooms Keeling gave his normal Team talk. After the talk he said

"Ok lads. We can all try and pretend that this is only a normal game - but it isn't. This could be one of the most important matches of your career. You will feel the pressure. However I would like to quote an Arsenal legend, Pat Rice. We were standing in front of the Herbert Chapman statue, he was giving me some advice.

"See? He didn't win the league every year did he? Now my point is that it's not the end of the world if we slip up this month, we will just have to come back stronger next year. Look at the player's, all Legends including me! No one of us on there won the title every year."

"That is it, Pat is a hero, and he will be leaving us at the end of season. But when you feel the pressure, or make a mistake, just remember Pat's words. You'll all be fine, now go out there and WIN US THIS LEAGUE!"

And with the word's of Pat Rice in the players head's, they walked out into the "Lion's Den"

- Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Arsenal - THEY DID IT!

Premier Division

Theo Walcott

THEY DID IT! THEY WON THE LEAGUE. Their was mass celebration in Holloway, Islington, Highbury,etc. They players delighted as they had won the league at the enemies' ground.

25.4.12. - Arsenal 1-1 Barcelona (3-2 Agg)

Premier Division

Carlos Puyol

Another Amazing Result! The Gunners got exactly what they needed and the draw was enough. They has to face the other Spanish Giants Real Madrid in the Final.

28.4.12 - Arsenal 1-0 Chelsea - One Last Hoorah

Premier Division

Shinji Kagawa

What a good way to end the season. They Gunners still had the Champions league final to play though.

Month Review

Well, the Gunners kept their nerve. What a way to end the season.

The Premier Division Table

N.B I will do a full season review after the champions league final!

The Champions League Final - Pre Match

Thanks to the way the Matches in the Premier League season were scheduled, Arsenal had a massive 21 days between their last league came and the Final. During this barren spell Geoff Keeling was bored out of his mind. He was kept busy by preparing for the match in the upcoming week, but he couldn't do that. He resorted to playing Football Manager for hours on end. He couldn't wait for the Final to be over and done with.

This was Pat's last match so Geoff wanted it to be special. It was.

The Champions League Final - - Arsenal 0-3 Real Madrid

The Gooners were distraught. They had been comprehensively beaten. However they realised that it was Pat Rice's Last game. All the Fans broke out into

"We Love you Pat, we do. We love Pat, we do. We love Pat, we do. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Pat we love you!"

for a whole ten minutes after the final whistle.

Mean while in the dressing room, Keeling was mulling over what he was going to say. As the exhausted players walked in they feared the wrath that was coming.

"Right Lads, I appreciated your efforts today. But I just think we let the occasion get to ourselves. We never stood a chance when Dede, went off. Oh yeah and that definitely wasn't worth a red. However we will all learn from this. We will also learn from the FA Cup Semi. As long as you learn from this I don't mind about today. However I will not be happy if you don't. Just think that it will be even more sweeter when we win it next year, ok? Right with that out the way I would like to thank Pat Rice for all the services to this great club. You are my hero. Thank you. Right, lads, get changed and let's go home."

Pat Rice - Arsenal Legend
Nice updates. :)

And finally, Arsenal win the league! :P
#64273 Gurdit : Nice updates. :)

And finally, Arsenal the league! :P
haha yeah:D

Domestic Season Review

This was a very successful season for Arsenal, especially after what they went through. However it is well known that it is easy to get to the top, but hard to stay there. This means that Arsenal will have to strengthen for the next season.

Premier League

League Table

Team Stats

Player Stats

Premier League Awards

Player of the Year

Player's Player Of The Year

Manager Of the Year

Golden Glove

Golden Boot

Team of Year

Goal Of The Season

[click on the link to see the goal]

3. Emmanuel Adeybayor

2. Wayne Rooney

1. Shane Long

League Cup


Team Stats

Player Stats

FA Cup


Team Stats

Player Stats

Finally A League Title!!! :D
Nice story BTW definitely Following :)
#64369 FMRegen27 : Finally A League Title!!! :D
Nice story BTW definitely Following :)

cheers mate, that means a lot since your story is awesome :D

European Season Reivew

The Gunners suffered Champions League heart break this season they will be itching to set the record straight.

Champions League


Golden Boot

Best Player

Dream Team

Other Leagues

Serie A


Ligue 1

La Liga

Euro 2012


Dream Team

So England actually got a final! But then they lost...
#64370 jimgooner : #64369 FMRegen27 :
Finally A League Title!!! :D
Nice story BTW definitely Following :)

cheers mate, that means a lot since your story is awesome :D
Thank You :)

The First update will be out later today!

30.6.12 - Keeling meets with Usmanov

Geoff Keeling woke up very late that morning. He had been playing Football Manager very late into the night. He dragged himself out of his bed and went to open the curtains in his room. The sun shone in and gave Geoff a surge of warmth. He walked back over to his bed and picked up his phone, which was casually left on the floor, as were a lot of things in his room.
He looked at his phone and it said that he had a missed call from Alisher Usmanov saying, " Hello Geoff, I would like you to meet me in my office at 11:00am today please, I have something very important to tell you."

He started to feel nervous, and he quickly rushed around his house looking for clothes to wear. He was delighted to find under a large mound of clothes his beloved Arsenal Tie, something he had cherished since he was a child. He quickly ate some breakfast and was on his way.

The Meeting


-Hello there Geoff, please do take a seat.
-Hello Alisher, sorry I missed your call, I had a late night.
-Oh that is quite alright, how are you?
-Oh yeah, I'm great, I'm still buzzing from the Spurs , yourself?
-Yes I am good thanks, should we get down to business then?
-Now Geoff, it has been a year since I bought the club, and I told myself "It will only be a short time, I will sell it again." But the club has just grown on me! I don't want to sell the club anymore.
-That's great!
-Yes, and since I am committing to club, I would like you to do the same, will you please sign a new contract?
-Well, I would be delighted to!
-Really, that's great! How much would you like?
-Give me a contract, and I'll sign it, I don't care how much I get.
-Well ok, how does £77k a week sound?
-Fantastic, I thinks that's all for today, thanks for coming to the meeting, Is there anything I can do for you?
-Well, there is one,
-Go on,
-There shouldn't be any sponsors on the home kit.
-I'll see what I can do!
-Ok thanks Alisher, I'll see you later.

10.7.12 Announce New Kits!

Surprisingly the Home Kit, doesn't have a sponsor. The Club said" We wanted to give the fans a special kit. We have them that. It is classic.

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