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Banzai Tiki-Taka (4-6-0)

The Finnish tactic which conquered the world!

By on Jan 27, 2013   82257 views   17 comments
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FM 2013 Tactics - Banzai Tiki-Taka (4-6-0)

Background Details

"I dreamed of making KuPS a fortress of invincibility. A team which everybody would fear and would crumble against."
This was my dream, something which I wanted to make a reality. I believed that I could take KuPS to the very top but I needed a tactic for the Finnish team.

I had originally been using a tactic which I have had for nine different Football Managers. It was ok but it had it's faults. I needed a tactic which would allow me to control the game and be strong attacking and defensively. I looked at why teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid were great. They had a contrast in styles but they had a similar core. This core was the short-passing made famous by the Spannish. I believed that it brought fluidity in to their football. This is what I wanted.

I built this tactic for my second league season and I remained unbeaten, aswell as winning the Cup and securing passage to the Champions League Group Stages. You might say that this was an impressive feat for a Finnish team. I considered it a great feat for the tactic which helped me beat teams that wee a class above.

The name of the tactic, Banzai Tiki-Taka, is from the tiki-taka and from a KuPS chant called "Banzai". They sing this when they are playing important cup matches or in Europe. It is quite emotional and I feel it fits the tactic.


As you can see it is a 4-6-0, also called the "False No.9" which Spain made famous in Euro 2012. With the technical midfielders that I had, I felt that I did not need a striker to score the goals. I have a flat back four, a defensive (deep) midfielder, two central midfielders, two wide attacking midfielders (wingers) and a central attacking midfielder.


Goalkeeper: The Sweeper 'Keeper performs a very important role as he is expected to rush out if a very long ball is played by the opposition. He is also very good on the ball and isn't afraid to pass the ball about. It is important that your Sweeper 'Keeper has descent Pace and descent Composure. He plays an important role.

Centre Backs: The Centre Backs (Ball Playing Defenders) very much add to the passing as they link up play when the ball must go backwards. One is a stopper who goes out to an incoming striker, while the other one covers for him. It is important for them to be good defenders but to have an okay First Touch and Passing attributes for the passing side of their game.

Full Backs: The Full Backs (Wing Backs) are deeper than original wing backs but this brings a lot of balance to the defence and still adds to our attacking play. It is important that they have good Pace and good Stamina as they must run up and down the flanks all game.

Defensive Midfield: We have a Deep Lying Playmaker in the DM position who will stay deep to remain as a passing option aswell as breaking down any opposing counter-attacks. This player must have good passing and tackling stats. High Creativity is also an important asset.

Centre Midfield: There is one plain Centre Midfielder accompanied by an Advanced Playmaker. The centre midfielder will do his role of defending and attacking. The Advanced Playmaker will look to get the ball around and make the killer passes. A very creative midfield, if you have the right players. Passing and Work Rate are important stats as these two midfielders should be running and passing all game long.

Wingers: The two Wingers play as Inside Forwards who swap sides often. They look to find a way around the opposing defenders by making manipulative runs and beating them when they have the ball. They are part of the front three and are expected to chip in with the goals. Good Dribbling, Flair and Creativity make for good Wingers.

Attacking Midfield: This is the Trequartista position, or the False No.9, which was made famous by Lionel Messi. The player is not an out-and-out striker but he leads the line in attack. The player uses his Dribbling and Creativity to make chances for himself and for others. He is part of the front three and will grab many goals and assissts. He should have good Dribbling, Flair, Creativity and Finishing is a nice bonus too.

Team Instructions

This tactic utilises a very fluid, controlling game. We achieve this through quick-tempo short passing and high creative freedom. This allows for free-flowing attacking moves.

Defensively, we push high up utilising the offside trap. We do not counter attack. We mark zonally so that fast strikers on the other team cannot catch us out.


These shouts mean we keep the ball at all costs. We very much focus on making gaps in the opposing defence and working the ball in to the box. Our fast-paced attacks pull defences one way and then another before breaching the gaps.


These are the first set of results with my tactic:

These results were from when we had a relatively injury-free squad. In these nineteen games, we won sixteen and drew three. We kept thirteen clean sheets from this set of games, which is a very good ratio. I found that we dominated most games and the three draws were down to a very tired squad or from a lot of injuries.

I highly recommend this tactic to those who have a very technical squad. Teams from Spain, Portugal, etc. will have a field day with this tactic. I hope that this tactic works as well for you as it did for me!

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Downloads: 13212 / Size: 1 B / Added: 2013-01-27
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Discussion: Banzai Tiki-Taka (4-6-0)

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • Chunky0585's avatar
    Just quick question team talk / player instructions ect is there anything specific you say or do you eave to AM?
  • Justice's avatar
    I have been playing Rookie's KuPS save and using his tactic along with it and I just got this result:

    This tactic is amazing!
  • scoot20's avatar
    it its working for me thanks alot
  • scoot20's avatar
    i dont think he would go outta his way making his blog if the tactic dint work.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    The best tactic that you can use !!!Especially if you want to relegate some club )))
  • Justice's avatar
    I really enjoy using this tactic. It works very well with Spannish and Portuguese teams.
  • The FM Rookie's avatar
    @Bullwyf, I have not tested this tactic on the new patch personally but I have heard some great things from other users of this tactic. :)
  • Bullwyf's avatar
    Is this tested for 13.2.3 patch?
  • Tellak's avatar
    Great tactic Nick. This almost resembles my tiki-taka tactic.:) Keep at it mate. Great results.
  • Fossey1990's avatar
    That probably explains alot more, shame as my usual tactic is slacking every now and then.
  • beeje13's avatar
    Ah, Zeman, probably the coach I respect the most, It's a pity he is not appreciated by everyone. No one is perfect.
  • The FM Rookie's avatar
    @Fossey1990, this tactic does not work with teams who do not have either fast defenders or very technically sound midfielders. If you are managing a club in England, the problem is probably down to the players being more physically-orientated rather than being good technically.
  • Fossey1990's avatar
    Doesn't work for me, cant stop losing with it :(
  • beckxlv's avatar
    I hate this tactic in real life football but it really works on FM!!!
  • Demefreitas's avatar
    wow! I also use a similar tactic!
  • DerAlte's avatar
    Me too, great tactic even lower league teams :)
  • Blue's avatar
    I can vouch for this tactic's reliability!
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