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Abid's 4-3-3 Verticality

Completed my first season with Bayern Munich on FM15 and won everything except the UCL using this tactic. I'm sharing it here for everyone.

By on Nov 30, 2014   19451 views   8 comments
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FM 2015 Tactics - Abid's 4-3-3 Verticality
This is my first tactic that I am submitting to this site.

I'd like to give credit to which I've used as reference to define player roles and duties.

Like the title suggests this tactic is based on 'Verticality. Now, what does that exactly mean??? It means to get the ball forward as quickly as possible with the help of precise, crisp passing and fast movements. The most important players in this tactic will be your inside forwards who will be providing bags of goals and assists if utilized properly. Consistent performances from your False Nine and CM (Attack) will also be key to your success. The Roaming Playmaker is probably the silent hero over here.

Anyway lets get into further details about Verticality. In FM terms it is very much similar with the team instruction 'More Direct Passing'. It is the basic philosophy of this concept. Some may argue that keeping the ball as much as possible is a more efficient way of winning matches but sometimes only ball possession is not enough. You need to have that killer instinct in your team to finish off the game in one swift, sublime move. As the game progresses you will eventually have more of the ball against weaker oppositions but most of the time you have to settle for a possession of around 50% or less. But this does not stop you from scoring goals and winning games.Let's have a look at some of the results below-

As you can see we finished with an impressive lead of 8 points over Dortmund and also a very good goal difference. Apart from this I also won the DFB-Pokal though it was a 2nd division team. Now to the most important players of this tactic and the actual tactical style and shape-

Well this screenshot is actually in my 2nd season that I have not started yet but I have not made any changes to the roles and shape of the team. As I mentioned above the most important players would be the three front men particularly the Inside Forwards who would look to score themselves as well as provide bags of assists for the False Nine. Apart from these two the CM (Attack) and RPM (Support) are also important. Gotze got the most assists in the league after I retrained him as a CM (Attack) and Romero was brilliant in the RPM after I signed him in January. Like it is mentioned by previous users he is a must buy for any team looking to play with an RPM (Support) or BBM (Support).

This is the team instructions for the tactic. As I said earlier, Verticality is all about getting the ball upfield as quick as possible hence the more direct style of passing. I also emplyed 'Play Out of Defense' to create a blend of passing and direct football. This makes the players pass the ball a lot quicker up the pitch with the 'Higher Tempo' and 'Be More Expressive'.Another instruction is to 'Run at Defense' to create confusion among the defenders regarding whether to look for a shot or a cross. At times I also used 'Shoot on Sight' agaisnt weaker teams looking for rebounds. I used 'Much Deeper Defensive Line' to create a solid defense and also employed 'Close Down Much More' (previously known as 'Hassle Opponents') and 'Stay on Feet' which has probably contributed to my good disciplinary record over the season.

Now we can move on to the player performance under this tactic. Two of the most successful and important players were Lewandowski (False Nine- Support)and Muller (AMR-Inside Forward-Attack).Both of them were joint top scorers in the league with Lewandowski bagging the top scorer award because of playing fewer games. Overall they scored 31 goals and 27 goals respectively. Muller also had 17 Assists to his name which helped him claim the German Player of the Year award. Apart from these two Gotze and Romero were also an integral part of the team.

Finally one thing you all may notice is the absence of both Ribery and Robben. Well Ribery was in top form until January and even got nominated for the 'Ballon D'Or and World Player of the Year awards but eventually came 2nd to Messi on both occassions. Surprisingly his performances started declining dramatically after this and it was so awful that I had to drop him and get Ayew which actually turned out to be a tactical masterstroke. I had signed him for around 10M Euros in the summer but could not give him much playing time and ultimately he came to me asking for more time on the pitch and promised to prove himself if given chance. I gave it to him because of Ribery's poor form and he delivered the goods, finishing off with 12 goals in 30 games and also some assists. Robben's case was also similar but it was more difficult to keep him out because of his natural runs cutting inside from the right. But his form was not great either and Muller was banging them in on a regular basis when given the chance. Both Robben and Ribery were also ravaged by injuries which made my decision easier.

I would like to finish off with the transfers I made
In: Andre Ayew, Seydou Doumbia, Lucas Romero
Out: None

I am about to start my 2nd season and this time around I am looking to employ a side tactic beside this one. I will give an update on it as soon as I test it out and get some good results. Cheers and enjoy playing FM 15 :D

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Downloads: 2911 / Size: 40.0 kB / Added: 2014-11-30
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Discussion: Abid's 4-3-3 Verticality

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • abid81726's avatar
    Yes I did lose a handful of games with this tactic, but I dont think that it is possible to create an invincible tactic with any team and not only Bayern! Out of the 5 games that u have pointed out 2 of them were prior to the creation of this tactic, right at the start of the season. Later I also had to shift to a 4-2-3-1 wide tactic because of injuries and declining form of some key players. However, I used the same instructions and training as this one. So, I might have lost one or two games during that period as well. Now I am into my 2nd season with Bayern and I am continuing with this tactic. So far the results have been good. I got 19 points in 8 games (6 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss) and I am 2 points behind league leaders Dortmund. I will update here with the results as I go on further
  • lpamic's avatar
    How is this a good tactic? You lost 5 games with BAYERN. That can't be good! Any other tactic could do the same.
  • abid81726's avatar
    Well I guess thats somewhat right. But then again it's not so easy to replicate the real life success of Bayern in game in the first season. You need to give the players some time to adjust to this tactic and during that time there maybe some ups and downs in the results. Now that you have pointed out that the results are not so good,I will once again look to use this tactic as my base tactic for the new season although I had a change in mind and also made some signings to match that. But now I would like to fit the new players to this one and look to improve the results
  • jmoreira's avatar
    And to be honest the results are not so good for bayern.
  • abid81726's avatar
    I do admit that playing with Bayern is not much of a challenge, but I have always liked to play with top clubs having better players and a good budget. So unless FM come up with a version where it is mandatory for u to start from the bottom and make ur way to the top (Lower leagues/ Reserve/Youth Teams of top clubs) I will probably continue playing with top clubs coz thats the way i am comfortable playing :) But I guess it will be interesting to see how this works if it is employed with a less stronger team. I would leave it upto the users to try it out and would like to check out the results. Who knows I might be encouraged to try it myself with a weaker team! Cheers people :D
  • abid81726's avatar
    Ok... I admit there are a few issues to iron out here and I am quite happy to answer all your queries.
    First of all , my experience with this tactic tells me that you need to test it with one of the top teams rather than a lower league team. It is immensely important for u to have the right set of players to succeed with this tactic,(quick Inside Forwards and a quality Finisher) otherwise you may not get the desired results. As far as player instructions is concerned I didnt really see a need to do that after I tested it in the first few games with no player instructions. You may employ some if u like and see what happens. Btw sorry about training...I actually forgot to mention about that. I will just describe it below-

    1. Fitness training with Very High intensity for the first 1-2 weeks.Later switch to Tactical Training with Very High intensity until u reach maximum fluidity level

    2. As for match training (the one before each match) I used Match Tactics for the most part and Attacking Movements against weaker oppositions to increase my goal tally
  • Dariio's avatar
    I'm going to test it and post results. :)

    Btw. why don't players have "player instructions"? How will this affect the tactic?
    And what about the training.
  • WolfGrid's avatar
    Playing with Bayern is not much a challenge
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