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FM21 Alternative Youth Rating + Game Importance and others v.1.1 by Daveincid (Updated 13.12.2020)

This file changes the National Youth Ratings, Game Importance and some State of development for each Nation based up on 30 parameters. A database for FM 2021 by Daveincid.

By Updated on Dec 13, 2020   35950 views   26 comments
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Downloads: 3887 / Size: 17.8 kB / Added: 2020-11-24
Football Manager 2021 Data Updates - FM21 Alternative Youth Rating + Game Importance and others v.1.1 by Daveincid (Updated 13.12.2020)
I started this project for myself because I never understood the values from the national youth rating in fm. So I decided to do some research and set new values which are important in my opinion.

I was really pleased with the result during long-term saves in FM19 and FM20.

The feedback for the file in FM20 was quite good and I enjoyed the work on it to try to make FM even more realistic (IMO)
Maybe some of you have as much fun as I do with the file!

What can you expect from the files:

- Less newgens with worldclass talent
- More worldwide diversification of talent
- Easier to improve smaller nations where football is popular in longterm-saves
- Fight for the biggest talents, so the AI tries to keep their talents at the club, because there are less of them

My ratings is based among other things:

- HDI (Human Development Index)
- Population of a Country
- How popular football is in the country
- Worldwide success national team
- Continental success national team
- Success U-natioal team
- Which Confederation they are in (ex. UEFA, CONCACAF)
- Value National Team
- Record attendance National Team
- Average league attendance from top league (as far as I could find them)

It generally gives more power to several Nations and reduces the current dominace of some.

Please keep in mind that the whole rating system is very complex, so it's not really worth to discuss why Nation A has a much lower rating as Nation B. It took me about 300 hours of adjusting, testing, research and comparing.  My goal was, replicate the current situation as good as possible, with some little speculation into the future, which I took from analyzing my personal excel-db-file.

Place the file in:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/editor data


Feel free to support my work

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Download Now
Downloads: 3887 / Size: 17.8 kB / Added: 2020-11-24
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Discussion: FM21 Alternative Youth Rating + Game Importance and others v.1.1 by Daveincid (Updated 13.12.2020)

26 comments have been posted so far.

  • bengaltygrysi's avatar
    @Daveincid do you have a file for fm 20?
  • Daveincid's avatar
    As I received some question via PM: It also works with the current update!
  • @Timo@'s avatar
  • Daveincid's avatar
    v1.1 is out
    Complete overhaul to give you a more realistic database in the future!
  • Daveincid's avatar
    as soon as SI released their update and I run a quick test, to check if my file still makes the game more realistic. SI-devs said, they make quiet a lot of changes about newgens with their fix. So maybe my file won't be necessary anymore.

  • arnoud1244's avatar
    when do you think there will be an update?
  • Daveincid's avatar

  • GfxJG's avatar
    @Daveincid: If you're interested, I can do a test run with a bunch of leagues loaded, to circumvent the issue as much as possible. I have a pretty beefy PC, so should be doable :-)

    Because honestly, based on SI's track record of fixing bugs, I don't have much confidence in a fix being shipped anytime soon :-P
  • Daveincid's avatar

    Aah now I understand! Thanks for the feedback! The "hard mode" is actually ready for release. Results are amazing IMO. In my test-save in year 2023 there was no "Future Messi" yet. No newgen has a PA over 190 yet, but quantity in the range 150-180 is excellent. In another test I had 1 player above a PA 195 after 15 years. This is exaclty what I want to achieve.
    I can't test it properly due the "newgens-bug", so I wait with the release to be 100% sure it works.
    I need to think about how to explain it to people that the highest rating would be 125 and they will get more realism with it. I already see the ****storm coming^^
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @Daveincid: Sorry, yes, both are with your file, but the "clean" version yours doesn't affect because no regens have been generated :-)

    In short no, I don't think there's an issue. The dominance of Spansih players is probably just due to leagues loaded, and I probably just notice the Brazilian's more because they often have unique names, perhaps? Drawing more attention... I would still like a version with the number tuned even further down though ;-)
  • Daveincid's avatar
    I don't exactly understand your post. So the save from 2028 is with my file?

    What's with the new one? So you think there is a problem or not?^^
  • GfxJG's avatar
    I just checked by save from 2028 vs a new save, looks as follows

    30/4/2028 - 170 newgens over 160+ PA, 15 are Brazilian, 30 spanish

    start anew - 524 players over 160+ PA, 69 are brazilian, 63 are spanish

    So if anything, it's Spain that's overtuned, at least in my one anecdotal piece of evidence lol. I'd love a "hard mode" version though!
  • Daveincid's avatar
    @GfxJG thank you! That would be helpful. I have just checked a save in 2025.
    There is no dominance of Brazilians at all. 79 newgens with a PA over 170 (Which is still too high IMO in total, but I work on a "hard version"):
    Spain: 9
    England: 7
    Germany: 3
    France: 5
    And a lot of other Nations.
    PA 184+ are:
    Brazil: 1
    England: 2
    Guinea: 1
    Argentina: 1

    Like I said, Brazil has a wide spread of players with high quality/quantity, but they won't dominate world football (At least in my scenario)
  • GfxJG's avatar
    @Daveincid: While I defintily think this file is a vast improvement on the default distribution, my impression is, like the other guy, also that there is a fairly high porportion of Brazilians. I'll send you a screenshot in a message a little later today (once I check that it's actually the case and not just a gut feeling lol)
  • Daveincid's avatar
    National Youth Rating has a high impact for quantity, not quality only.

    Is this what you think it happends with the file or is it actually happend? If that's the case please upload a screenshot of newgens with PA 160+. If there are mostly brazilians, then I need to tweak it, it just didn't happend in my scenarios.

  • LLovely's avatar

    It´s not about how many pro footballers coming from a country, its about how good they are... And brazil is not much better then netherlands, england, germany, spain, portugal, france and so on... they are almost all on the same level.

    ATM there is only one "world" class player from brazil = Neymar.... After a couple of years brazil players are dominating the world, which is not even close to real life.
  • Daveincid's avatar
    Just see the post below
  • boscolam1234's avatar
    USA had not even 90 Youth Ratings
  • Daveincid's avatar
    I don't do the ratings just because of a feeling. If you look only at the youth rating it's not looking that realistic. But there is much more than just this value. How many pro footballer come from brazil, how many from the netherlands? Brazil is indeed a special case, their talent-pool is almost limitless, which is represented in this file. I gave myself a range of about 5%, which includes my personal opinion in the db. so they need to have 157 at minimum. Maybe I will change it, maybe not. I will do an update at some point if it's necessary
  • vandeman's avatar
    So Netherlands have 102 youth rating and Brazil 165? How is that realistic?
  • Daveincid's avatar
    Yes, new save required.

    I don't think its possible to influence positions. This is down to the AI to hold the balance.

    Yes, there will be less Messis and CR7 in this file;) But keep in mind, value of a player is not directly connected to PA.

    Thank you!

  • Don Dapic's avatar
    Do I need to start a new save?

    And do you know how the position dustribution is? In last fm games there were tons of strikers with huge potential, so even e.g. Brighton had a striker with 80m value. Are there less annoying talented strikers in this fm? Or does your file maybe fix it?

    But your file sounds great, will try yours out! :)

  • Daveincid's avatar
    You are welcome!
  • GfxJG's avatar
    Sounds excellent, thank you!
  • Daveincid's avatar
    You won't get any obscure wonderkids, all from minor Nations. I try to replicate reality in fm21 better than it does by default. For example: The chances to get a wonderkid from Nepal haven't changed. It's almost 0%. But it could be possible that their "wonderkid" theoretically could play in the lower leagues in a European Nation. In my Tests, after 15 years ingame, there are almost twice as much players with a PA over 170. That won't happen anymore with this file.



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