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Around the World by Tenshi (FM24)

This is collection of realistic format of competitions, with realistic prize money, TV money, with youth leagues.

By on Nov 06, 2023   64082 views   117 comments
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Downloads: 8060 / Size: 2.9 MB / Added: 2023-11-06
Football Manager 2024 League Updates - Around the World by Tenshi (FM24)
Hello again everyone,

Here you can find all database that I created. They are based on three principles: 1.Compatibility, 2.Realism, 3.Functionality. All nation’s rules and formats were checked again. Added to all nations here was immersive transfer window + option to start season from 2024/25


When you create anything in pre-game editor, it creates new ID, but when you combine more databases that have created things it starts to have problems. Because when the database starts loading it will automotically change IDs of the second (third...) loaded database and for example graphics will not work, or regional cups, regional promotion will stop work properly. So that's why I don't create new clubs or competitions or anything else, I work only with the basic database, when I need new competition I am using extinct competitions from that nation. This way all my databases will always be compatible with any other database.


I'm always trying to create exact copy of the format of the league, not just the man's pyramid but youth pyramid too. So I always spend lots of time researching rules and formats of the leagues, so everything here is close as possible to reality.


I bet you know the feeling when you start playing and after first season you found out that the promotion/relegation doesn't work or that the history of competition is not saving or other things. I always test mine databases before I put them out, every time I simulate at least 6 seasons and than I check if everything works. So don't worry, every database here works fine.

List of the nations:

List of Nations

avaible only on Patreon: Patreon.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 8060 / Size: 2.9 MB / Added: 2023-11-06
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Discussion: Around the World by Tenshi (FM24)

117 comments have been posted so far.

  • Mahow's avatar
    The Japanese DB is broken. I won the 7th tier (prefecture) with Miyagi Sensei and I was promoted to the 6th tier but the new league never starts. I am in limbo.
  • RedArrows's avatar
    Donated too. look forward to receipt of the database.....
  • JohnH's avatar
    This is great work. I have played just over a year on the Saudi database. It’s early September 24 and I have noticed there have been very few transfers. Hardly any on the big clubs and none over a few million£. Has anyone else had anything similar?
  •'s avatar
    I sent you a message in your inbox.
  •'s avatar
    I donated
  • LJ Cool L's avatar
    @Tenshi, just donated for your pack to be sent my way. Looking forward to it. Thanks!
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @Mika04 through steam
  • Mika04's avatar
    Is there a way to doante the 5€ apart from paypal? im not able to create an paypal account for the next few weeks
  • Oxonian's avatar
    @Tenshi please can you kindly add the Pakistan Premier League (I am happy to donate to you to compensate) as it was one of the most popular leagues to play in previous years and is an especially interesting league to play in FM24 as Pakistan qualified for the next stage of the World Cup Qualifiers for the first time ever last month so it will be a cool challenge to play!
  • kjiiss's avatar
    I sent you a message in your inbox.
  • hasbulla's avatar
    Hello, could you add China lower divisions?

    Would do PayPal if needed :)

    Thanks for all your work
  • cousmeister's avatar
    Hi @Tenshi! If I'm reading correctly, I can't edit a club in this database in the pre-game editor?
  • Tenshi's avatar
    paypal link is , when you donate send me a message and I will send you a link
  • Nobnab's avatar
    Thats great news Tenshi, how can i donate the 5 euros?
    maybe via paypal?
  • Tenshi's avatar
    if you donate 5 euros, you will get all 58 nations:

    Afghanistan (D1)
    Algeria (D2)
    Andorra (D2)
    Armenia (D2)
    Bahrain (D2)
    Belize (D1)
    Bhutan (D2)
    Bolivia (D2)
    Botswana (D1)
    Burkina Faso (D2)
    Cambodia (D2)
    Central African Republic (D2)
    Chile (D5)
    Chinese Taipei (D2)
    Costa Rica (D3)
    Croatia (D4)
    Czech Republic (D8)
    Ecuador (D2)
    Egypt (D2)
    El Salvador (D2)
    Estonia (D3)
    Guatemala (D2)
    Guyana (D1)
    Honduras (D2)
    Iran (D3)
    Japan (D7)
    Kosovo (D3)
    Kyrgyzstan (D2)
    Laos (D1)
    Lebanon (D2)
    Lesotho (D2)
    Lithuania (D3)
    Luxembourg (D3)
    Macau (D3)
    Mali (D1)
    Mauritania (D1)
    Mongolia (D4)
    Montserrat (D1)
    Morocco (D3)
    Myanmar (D2)
    Namibia (D1)
    Netherlands (D5)
    Nicaragua (D3)
    North Korea (D3)
    Northern Mariana Islands (D2)
    Panama (D2)
    Paraguay (D3)
    Qatar (D2)
    Saudi Arabia (D4)
    Senegal (D3)
    South Korea (D4)
    Tajikistan (D2)
    Thailand (D4)
    Turkmenistan (D1)
    United Arab Emirates (D4)
    Uzbekistan (D3)
    Venezuela (D2)
    Zimbabwe (D1)
  • zeza101's avatar
    how to can I get full version
  • Peleng's avatar
    why when i click on the download i just got trial database?
  • tara's avatar
    Can I buy leagues from African countries here?
  • frankino77's avatar
    ragnartalleres pvt.
  • ragnartalleres's avatar
    Hi in steam workshops is egypt league but i have game pass microsoft, somebody can download and send me the db? Please
  • coolmilan1's avatar
    That's sad to hear because this game is nothing without mods and additional leagues
  • Tenshi's avatar
    I got the messages but I'm not creating anything anymore, so don't ask about that
  • AiZaK's avatar
    Tenshi we need you mate!! Please add Peru, Malta and Kuwait
  • Neca90's avatar
    I sent you a message in your inbox. I don't know if it arrived because the site is not working properly. :)
  • Tenshi's avatar
    @Neca90 Just contact me here through message

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