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Asymmetric Bulldozer - Unbeaten with Liverpool

A very offensive Football Manager 2015 tactic that is also very solid at defense.

By Updated on Jun 13, 2015   97431 views   87 comments
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FM 2015 Tactics - Asymmetric Bulldozer - Unbeaten with Liverpool
I am here to post my first tactic. I manage Liverpool, the team that I support. I used this tactic at the last past of first season and still using it on my second season. I would say briefly that this is a very offensive tactic but also very solid at defense.


Last Part of 1st Season Schedule

1st Season Transfers

2nd Season Schedule

2nd Season Transfers

2nd Season League Table

Match Stats

As you see, I've got great results and now I am currently unbeaten into the 2nd season.

Players to use

Let's talk a bit about the players and the critical points:

GK: I used Mingolet, good golkeper is always bonus but not necessarily you can use a standard one.

DR/DL: İn the 1st season I used Johnson-Clyne-Alex Sandro-Moreno. This kind of players are very good for this tactic.

DMC: This position is the safety valve of our tactic. Defensive attributes very important specially tackling, also if he is a technique player he will build games very effectively from back. For example, Emre Can-Lucas Romero-Leiva

MC: Defensive attributes very important for this position too. For example Handerson-Allen-Lucas Romero-Emre Can

ML: Bernard is very good for this position, also I use Alex Sandro-Markovic-Lallana-Coutinho

AMR: You should use right foot players for here. Sterling-Lallana-Markovic

ST: Balotelli-Sturridge-Fierro

Don't use Team Talk's Pre-Match and Half Time, let the Assistant handle that.

I would be glad if you share results, have a good game...

Download Now
Downloads: 21120 / Size: 39.7 kB / Added: 2014-12-07
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Discussion: Asymmetric Bulldozer - Unbeaten with Liverpool

87 comments have been posted so far.

  • alexshing's avatar
    Hi, still miss this tactic from you.
  • alexshing's avatar
    Hi. are you going to create a NEW Asymmetric Bulldozer - Unbeaten with Liverpool for FM2016. Tks
  • Isprayogi's avatar

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia, Sorry about my poor english
    I have problem if against teams use tactic 5 parallel defenders( example: West Ham ). What should I do?

  • alexshing's avatar
    Hi, May I know, are you going create a new Liverpool tactic for FM2016? This tactic works well in FM 2015. Thanks
  • jimbossy's avatar
    This is my favourite on FM15. I managed to import it when FM16 was at beta but now it doesn't allowed.

    Anyway, even when I tried it on FM16 it did quite work. Need your expertise to get us the winning formula please!!!
  • zeppi7's avatar
    Can you do an update for FM16 please? This is my fav tactic :)
  • daherlihy's avatar
    Will there be a re release of this for FM16?
  • blackduck's avatar
    What kind of trainning did you used?
  • marcus_moore's avatar
    DAMN awesome tactic mate, tested it with lot's of teams...
    1)Colchester/England won League 1, Championship and on my 4rth year the Premier,
    2)Dynamo Dresden/Germany won bundesliga 2 and Bundesliga on my 3rd year, HIGHLIGHT 5-3 Bayern
    3)Roma/Italy won 2 Serie A back to back HIGHLIGHT 8-0 Lazio
    4)Panileiakos/Greece won Division 2 and Superligue on my 3rd year
  • deutschland's avatar
    nice tactic. agree with soorusooru
  • Live For FM's avatar
    used it with LFC. look at this:

    recommend you to use this tactic with LFC.
  • Stam's avatar
    Updated download link to the .fmf version
  • akridas-4-'s avatar
    please someone to printscreen for player instructions!!
  • Titus07's avatar
    Hey tactic creator, been taking a look at this tactic for use in FM 2014 but when I try to import it, it doesn't work, so if you could post a screen shot of the team and player instructions and mentality and such that would be fantastic
  • h1rsty's avatar
    for those of you who cant get this to work, if you have used it on an old save then go back into that save file and in the tactics screen click save tactic and it will convert it to a fmf file and you can use it as normal again. if not pm me and I can email you my fmf version
  • sparta1122's avatar
    tried renaming and changing the format to fmf but still not showing while importing.. can you suggest some other method or any way
  • daveh5758's avatar
    With the new patch there is a problem with the file. You need to rename it (i chose Asymetric Bulldozer1)and then you need to use manage tactics by importing it as an FMF file and not a tac file.
    That should then make it able for you to reuse (it has for me)
  • dan1nn3r0's avatar
    Is anyone having problems or can rectify viewing this tactic in game since the new patch?
  • akridas-4-'s avatar
    this tactic is the best i've ever seen from fm 07! really good work and thanks!
    but i have a problem with all tactis which i used! the first year i am going very very well! but the second year the team with the same tactic going awful.. can you give me an advice about this situation?? this matter on all FM! (from fm10-fm15)..please help if you know something!.......sorry for my english
  • Dynamo79's avatar
    How are you doing with this tactic after the new patch (15.3)? I'm having trouble against big teams.
  • JotPe's avatar
    Hi I used your tactic but I can not see this tactic in game, why ? I put in here ....\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2015\tactics. I start game and nothing
  • kutay636's avatar
    Abi tam bir taktik dehasısın :)
  • Gaurav's avatar
    has anyone tried changing the role of the lone forward in this tactic like poacher or advanced forward?
  • Scheyltjens's avatar

    I've used your tactic first with Wolfsburg ( they have great players for this tactic!) Perisic was awesome as LM. Vieirinha superb as RW and ofcourse Belgian playmaker Kevin de Bruyne as AP. scored a cracking 16goals and 21 assist in my first season!
    But Bayern was outstanding finished second 9point behind Bayern.

    Now i'm Everton boss en the game is started fabulous for me!
    did only 2 transfer: Lulic from SS Lazio 9,5mil. And loaned Gimenez from Atletico

    10games won 9(7 times scored more than 4/game)

    I would have show pictures but dont know how to upload!

    THX 4 your tactic and sorry for my English. :)
  • Abuzerkadayif's avatar

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