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FM20 Beta Tactic: Broken 4-1-2-3

Winning every game 5-0

By Updated on Nov 09, 2019   433299 views   101 comments
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Downloads: 147155 / Size: 43.4 kB / Added: 2019-11-03
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - FM20 Beta Tactic: Broken 4-1-2-3
I believe this is broken can some people use it with different teams and tell me how it goes? This version is the LLM version, I've told you how to change it.

I Created this tactic with spurs, but it was a different variant of this tactic. Instead of an advance playmaker i had 2 attacking mezzalas and this is optional but you can put a dlp on defend to replace your cdm, i just prefer to use a dm on support as he provides extra support for the midfield where as a dlp stays back with the defence. I also had slightly more direct passing on instead of the shorter passing. Anyways, i was beating everyone by like 5-6 goals and even beat middlesborough 12-0. - Aston villa - unbeaten in 8 games - screenshot by Soulforge

Ignore the terrible results against chelsea, arsenal and liverpool. In the liverpool game i got 2 red cards and i got upset so went all out attack. Brang it back in the second leg: Won 5-0 and made it 7-6 on agg. Arsenal game was just a typical game of football manager. And the chelsea game wasnt any different, had 30 or so shots, dominated the whole game to concede a 40yarder to kovacic.

Also i'm currently working on a 3 striker formation. Would anyone be interested in testing the tactic for me with a various amount of teams? Dm if you're interested in it. I'm currently using it with napoli and this is how it's going so far

League Table -
The game i drew: ,

I just added it up and these are the total stats :
29 - games played
118- scored
22 - conceded

Keep morale high and get mezzalas with high finishing to get the most out of this tactic (Not required, i was getting ndombele to score 5 goals in a game with 8 finishing) and if you can get tall mezzals they will score alot of headers as well.

Download Now
Downloads: 147155 / Size: 43.4 kB / Added: 2019-11-03
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Discussion: FM20 Beta Tactic: Broken 4-1-2-3

101 comments have been posted so far.

  • Dobstern's avatar
    Works brilliantly even in FM 21 :O smashing everything
  • MoeLester's avatar
    "Broken" is the right title for this tactic. I've taken Maidenhead United, from Vanarama to Europa Champions in 13 seasons. I am consistently overachieving. Brilliant tactic.
  • Sito21's avatar
    works on 20.4
  • ence14dus's avatar
    I've tested this tactic with 20.4.4 and it works like a dream. Currently playing as Newcastle (so not the greatest team) and winning most games, plus great football to watch. Saint-maximim is a beast on the left.
  • moreclaws's avatar
    anyone knows is this still work in 20.4 ?
  • Rogy7's avatar
    Does this still work
  • Phoenix2400's avatar
    I tried this again with the Italian national team. WOW. Just WOW.

    2021: Nations League winners (won every game)

    2022: World Cup winners (won every game)

    2023: 2nd in Nations League group (lost 2-1 to England)

    2024: Euro winners (won every game)

    The best tactic, by far.
  • Phoenix2400's avatar
    I'm trying this tactic now with Real Madrid - so far, so good. As of 2 Dec 2019, I lie 1st in LaLiga with 13 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. I have also won 4 out of 5 Champions League group stage games (0-0 draw with Bayern.)

    Here are some of my favorite results: RMA 6-0 Eibar, Atletico Madrid 1-3 RMA, RMA 5-0 Lille and Lille 0-6 RMA.

    So, although it may not be as effective, it still remains a good tactic.
  • Johnnym871's avatar
    doesnt work, stop using this tactic
  • j_p_read's avatar
    Could somebody please post a pic of the tactic? I’m playing on iPad so can’t download it!
  • sjel's avatar
    training options? im testing rn
  • Telheiras's avatar
    The instructions for the team
  • valyp's avatar
    any update, work or not?
  • C0ST4's avatar
    Best Tactic I ever use in FM
  • ZION's avatar
    this tact doesnt work anymore for me, too many yellow and red cards, no more winning
  • SirDim's avatar
    I play this system for 4 seasons in the Greek national championship and it is good enough.he wants a good striker to make every opportunity goal as well as good central midfielders.
    the only downside is with the yellow cards but if you change the marking type its ok.
    I would put 4/5 on it
  • dioga's avatar
    well , its a good tactic but sometimes i win a game 5-0 and in the next game i draw 0-0 against weaker clubs , can u give me some tips? what to change
  • VaVa2712's avatar
    Can someone post screenshots of this tactic ?
    i cant download the formation :(
  • Dan Maloney's avatar
    Tactic is quality mate, used my own in my first season in the Prem with Hereford, finished 16th scored 34 conceded 75, 2nd season now using this tactic: 5th in the league after 19 games, scored 33 conceded 23, the better the players; I feel the better the tactic.

    One question though; any idea how to tone down the yellow and red cards, I'm constantly having players banned thru accumulation of yellows or straight reds.
  • FireSoul's avatar
    Testing this with a Romanian 2nd League team..It took me 2 months till the understood how the tactic works but wrecking stuff. My mezzalas only have max 10 shooting but since it's such a lower league it does wonders .
    In second league I saw that most of the Wingers can't play IF and I changed them to Wingers on Attack. But the AF hardly scores goals..what kind of stats do they need in order to be effective ? Also I could test your 3 Striker Tactic :) .
  • Hubby's avatar
    Latest version of FM and works great. Great tactic pal.
  • Mato1991's avatar
  • ZION's avatar
    great tactic, really winning
  • JimooFc's avatar
    Im 16 games into the premier leaue season and only conceaded 6 goals. Thats come in 3 games.Im playing as Stoke aswell :)
  • Johnnym871's avatar
    It works but i wouldnt say it was broken.

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