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Attacking Corners by LLV

Efficient way to grab goals from corners on FM 2019. The idea is to deliver to the far post for players to attack in numbers.

By on Nov 08, 2018   160641 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 65419 / Size: 72.9 kB / Added: 2018-11-08
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - Attacking Corners by LLV
Since implementing this routine, I've scored many corners, it applies a lot of pressure to the opposition defence resulting in own goals too. The idea is to deliver to the far post for players to attack in numbers.

The pack includes routine for both Left and Right sides.

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Downloads: 65419 / Size: 72.9 kB / Added: 2018-11-08
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Discussion: Attacking Corners by LLV

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • Gungner's avatar
    Yeah, this doesn't work at all. Thanks for your effort though :)
  • Gungner's avatar
    Thanks for sharing. Can't really say it works so far. No goals from corners in three matches. I hope it comes soon...
  • MDW300C's avatar
    I have gone from just about not being able to score from corners to bagging plenty. Thanks, Great help
  • NCPedro's avatar
    where i put this?
  • jakthalad69's avatar
    These corners work fantastic! Work much better in the lower leagues as they cause mayhem in the defences! Premier league not so effective but they're miles better than standard corners! Thanks
  • Mozes's avatar
    Hi @LovelyLudwigVan, another question. Since shown at your screenshots, is it favorable to use outside spin? a right foot from the right corner?
  • Damedius's avatar
    Seems good so far. Only used it for a few games but did get a couple goals. Lots of chances.

    I don't suppose you have a defensive version? I know, i'm greedy.

    Nice work.
  • LovelyLudwigVan's avatar
    @mozes, it should be on deliver to far post.

    @fnx, I'm not sure, in my saves the DM doesn't get many goals so maybe moving him into the box or putting him on the goalkeeper may help. But I think his late arrival into the box piles pressure on the defenders. The fact you've got penalties and an own goal suggests there's indeed pressure on the defence. I don't think any set piece will be successful all of the time, there's always going to be a number of fails, but the success rate is high here.

    That's the stats for a central defender who is successful from corners. 11 assists merely from heading back across goal.

    Here's the links again:

  • fnx's avatar
    @LovelyLudwigVan Thank you for your swift answer,

    However, you provided the same link for both L & R :D in your previous post.

    I have tried it few games, it seems that I had 2 penalties, 2 goal, 1 og in 5 matches. So that's pretty good indeed. But I've also noticed that most of the time one of their defender is saving the ball on the line. Any suggestion to press more that guy ? :)

    Thanks for the share anyway, that's interesting.
  • Mozes's avatar
    Thank you for sharing, I have a quick question: "The idea is to deliver to the far post for players to attack in numbers." After loading the order for the corner (taker? player? I dont play in english sry) is to deliver them diverse. Is this right? Or should the order be to aim at the far post?
  • LovelyLudwigVan's avatar
    @fnx, I also think the above screenshot is changed due to me assigning corner takers in my Palermo save. I would advise not assigning corner takers, but letting the wide players take them (as this provides better results). Or the AMC in narrow formations. Anyone using this would probably need to tinker a little depending on their tactics. The main thing is to have an isolated player at the back post with the crowd more congested to the near post allowing them to attack the ball if the isolated player decides to head back across goal.

    Here's a more recent screenshot, after 24 league games, 19 goals from corners, this does not include the penalties I got too.

    Also in the FA Cup, 5 goals in 8 games.

  • LovelyLudwigVan's avatar
    @fnx I'm sorry for that. As mentioned to tkbaby, I've had trouble loading them as is on Mac (they wouldn't load as saved), but seeing as this tactic was uploaded here during beta (or just after) the problem may not have been fixed at the time. So I'll provide links to new saves of the same corners.

    Corner Left
    Corner Right

    Please let me know if this is still not working properly.
  • fnx's avatar
    @LovelyLudwigVan I'm sorry but why your screen above shows a different tactic than in your comment ?
  • bellidne's avatar
    Brill. I'll give it a go. I have been doing something similar.
  • LovelyLudwigVan's avatar
    @tkbaby - I've also had issues on mac loading up tactics, so here's a screenshot from the set-up if needed, the delivery should be set to far post.

    @bellidne - sure, sorry it's only after nine games, that's my most recent save, but 7 scored from 9 games is not bad, especially as I've no one competent in corners or headers as I'm Whitehawk in National League South (6th tier English football).

    What happens with these corners is the taker delivers to the far post where the defender either attempts a header on goal or heads the ball back across the goal where the other players can pounce on it. It also causes the defence to score many own goals as the pressure is high in the surface. It also gets me penalties (3 in 9 games) as the defender on the far post is often fouled. I've used this across four saves now, with similar results.
  • bellidne's avatar
    Can you please show a screenshot of your stat for goals scored from corners?
  • tkbaby's avatar
    I see it shows now, never mind. Thank you. But on my side on the attack right, it has my RB as goalie. :)
  • tkbaby's avatar

    Thanks for sharing. For some reason it does not show up in Football Manager 2019 for Mac when I try load it. Any idea why? I think the .fmf extension is the same for both OS
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