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Autonomous Communities of Spain by Sangue Blu

Playable autonomies from Spain - 19 new countries with own leagues and national teams for FM16. The project is in beta version.

By on Jan 01, 2016   8112 views   7 comments
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Autonomous Communities of Spain - Beta version

1. Playable autonomies from Spain - 19 new countries with own leagues and national teams.
2. Large leagues - 20 teams in highest division, 24 teams in lower levels (if so many clubs exist).
3. Each league with 13 awards: player of the week, manager of the month, team of the season etc. down to 4th tier.
4. Two transfer windows, loaning throughout the year, 14 years old newgens.
5. No job permissions and restrictions, no winter/summer break, 3 of 9 substitutes, league sorting rules, four relegations and one play-off (usually).
6. 1/2/3 matches pause after series of 5/10/15 yellow cards and two pauses after 3 red cards.
7. Removed clubs which are second teams and restored non existing clubs.
8. Created leagues for reserves and U18 based and depended on major leagues.
9. TV broadcast for highest divisions, prices from TV and positions in league.
10. Added new languages, transfer preferences, rivals, missing cities to clubs and supplemented informations for cities.
11. Changed nationalities based on birthplace and removed dual citizenship for players which are not born in specific region in Spain (with some exceptions like Diego Costa).
12. Increased reputation of many clubs to reduce the gap between the best team and the rest of rates.
13. Added flags for countries and logos for associations (they are also assigned to the highest leagues).


Andalusia - 5 levels, 168 clubs
Aragon - 4 levels, 77 clubs
Asturias - 3 levels, 60 clubs
Balearic Islands - 3 levels, 60 clubs
Basque Country - 3 levels, 59 clubs
Canary Islands - 3 levels, 60 clubs
Cantabria - 2 levels, 45 clubs
Castile and León - 4 levels, 78 clubs
Castilla-La Mancha - 3 levels, 56 clubs
Catalonia - 3 levels, 73 clubs
Ceuta - 1 level, 4 clubs
Extremadura - 2 levels, 44 clubs
Galicia - 4 levels, 95 clubs
La Rioja - 2 levels, 38 clubs
Madrid - 3 levels, 74 clubs
Melilla - 1 level, 6 clubs
Murcia - 3 levels, 55 clubs
Navarre - 2 levels, 42 clubs
Valencia - 3 levels, 76 clubs

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FAQ, bugs and others

1. Why is this in beta version?
Because the additive contains several major bugs and lacks a few things that I assumed in the project. The first of these is the lack of trophy for all regions, the second erroneous qualification for European competitions for clubs and countries lack the qualifications to continental competitions. I have big problems with setting it all in the editor and looks like a lot of work with it. I need someone to me in helping me to fix it. Alternatively, I could use a guide to the advanced settings.

2. Why some Spanish players have English names and dark skin?
To create countries I had to replace any of the current. I chose mainly the countries of the Caribbean. Some newgens have English names and dark skin and it is not repairable in the ordinary editor. I created a forum topic but so far no response.

3. Cash prizes for positions in the league are very unbalanced. Is this normal?
Yes, because it is much closer to realism than an equal distribution of cash. Regional Competitions form clubs from the highest league and with a very low leagues so the normal distribution of cash would lead to that famous and rich clubs could have financial problems and small and unknown clubs would be too strong.

4. It has a few bugs. Why is released and when everything will be fixed?
I spent over a very long time and I wanted to finally move on with the ATW project. Any help in repairing bugs is welcome.

5. Where are the Caribbean countries and their championships?
Most of the Caribbean countries have been replaced with the new autonomies and the championship had to be removed because it caused a crash dump in June next season.

Follow my workshop on steam

1. It is not compatible with many other add-on's! If errors occur, clean the editor data folder and paste the files from this add-on. Also make sure that your FM is updated to latest version.

2. Also I recommend to use the following options at the start of the game:

- Do Not Use Real Fixtures
- Add Players to Playable Teams

Download Now
Downloads: 414 / Size: 7.1 MB / Added: 2016-01-01
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About Sangue Blu

The eternal dreamer and a big fan of football around the world. I play and constantly something I edit.

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Discussion: Autonomous Communities of Spain by Sangue Blu

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • ACDSHE45's avatar
    fm17 would be nice
  • jstzan's avatar
    Oh ok :) Thanks
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    Hi, I replaced existing countries from Caraibes.
  • jstzan's avatar
    Hi, can you tell me how did you create new countries?
  • Sangue Blu's avatar
    I don't have this problem, I can be a manager of national team and every club, no problems with signing. Did you selected option before start new game "add players to playable teams"?
    Or maybe you just did not have chosen the right size of database?
  • IsthmianCorinthian14's avatar
    Btw. it seems you have not put the basque nationality in the list of nationalities you can pick as a manager?
    I have tried to look for several words of the basque people in different languages too - but no luck.

    The same goes for me to pick a favorite team from the pasque country.

    I like the database though, and will be testing this part of it a bit.
  • IsthmianCorinthian14's avatar
    Just a curious question:
    Is the only Basque players rule hard coded in the game?
    Or have you been able to make it possible for Athletic Club to sign players from other regions and countries?
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